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Street is a Japanese electronic music producer and composer most widely renowned for his BMS-style works and musical explorations that fuse traditional Japanese musical elements with the quintessential modern rhythm gaming sound. He is an avid competitor in many big-name rhythm game music contests, such as BMS OF FIGHTERS, and has appeared as a guest artist on the widely loved lowiro title Arcaea, plus Applibot's SEVEN's CODE.

His piece Sakura Fubuki (from BOFU 2015) first became popular in osu! back during 2016 after it was mapped by Cherry Blossom. Street has also achieved considerable prominence in recent times with Mir's set for Maritime Police, which was showcased in the osu! World Cup 2018 map pool to widespread acclaim.

Fans of the Eastern foundation of rhythm gaming will find themselves well at home in Street's sound, with shorter form tracks made from the ground up with rhythm and evolution at the fore.