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Hailing from Australia and renowned for his hallmark mixture of anime and rave, S3RL is a name familiar to many. Making music since 2000, S3RL was inspired by the likes of Scott Brown, Breeze, Styles, Dougal, Gammer, Sharkey, Kevin Energy, Hixxy and many more. After being signed to New Energy Collective in 2005 with his track "Transformers", S3RL became the first DJ from Queensland to be signed to a major international hardcore label.

Since then, S3RL has toured and performed all around the world. His fanbase of people from all cultures continues to grow, united in their love of anime, gaming and pop culture.

High energy and woven with catchy synth lines, pounding, bouncy bass and sweeping vocals, S3RL's tracks offer a solid platform for beatmaps of just about any style and gamemode.