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Numtack05 (also known as Putin-P and Teihen-P) is a Japanese producer most well known for his experience with the widely popular VOCALOID series of vocal synthesisers during 2008-2012. His work is most famous for the wide number of genres and style that feature in his compositions, with his tracks at times fusing elements from rock, jazz, hip hop and more. Widely renowned among the Vocaloid fandom for his particularly unique and eclectic style, his work under the Putin-P alias formed a body of work titled the Putin-P series with 34 total songs in the catalogue, featuring a sprawling narrative chain that spans across all of them. He has also cited the American group A Tribe Called Quest as a big influence in his creations.

Brought to prominence mainly by Noffy's map of Genkaku Catastrophe in 2018, Numtack05 is a relative newcomer to the osu! music scene, but still sports a handful of dedicated mappers who are enthusiastic about bringing his work further into the eye of the community.

Fans of Vocaloid tracks and highly varied instrumentation will feel right at home in Numtack05's work, especially those who are interested in exploring broader pairings of their vocals with different genres of music.