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Hailing from the Russian Federation, Receptor (also known as Mitya Veshchunov) is an electronic music producer renowned for his darker take on the classic drum-and-bass sound, weaving elements of his Slavic upbringing into his work. Inspired by names like Black Sun Empire, Noisia and more, Receptor later went on to join his idols in center stage, showcasing his unique penchant for aural mastery with his remixes for Dawn of a Dark Day and Alpha Centauri respectively, on top of a whole slew of well-received EP releases in Girls, Rhyno and more.

A natural match for the kind of music adored by mappers and players alike, Receptor's music has seen considerable coverage in osu! over the years, with notable instances like Natteke's 2013 marathon set for Dawn of a Dark Day, and fergas' aptly titled Glory set for Redstar back in 2014.

Mappers fond of drum-and-bass staples have no further to look - Receptor effortlessly weaves the scene's jungle beginnings with the EDM tinge of today, producing longer-form, high energy tracks with heavy percussive focus and a rhythmic structure that serves as the perfect framework for experimentations with pattern and form.