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A member of the online composition community since 2012, Silentroom is a Japanese electronic musician born and raised in the rhythm gaming music scene. Widely loved by a huge variety of players, Silentroom's work has featured in numerous games like Arcaea, Lanota, CHUNITHM, maimai, SOUND VOLTEX and more, cementing his legacy as an instrumental part of the rhythm gaming world.

Continually honing his skills over the years, Silentroom rose to prominence with an outstanding victory in BOFU2017 -LEGENDA EST A MYTH- with his track Nhelv. In the osu! community, Nhelv was received in an explosively popular manner, the track spawning four unique mapsets across nearly every gamemode, hosted by Nyxa, Leniane, -Plus-, and Guilhermeziat respectively. Finixe has also seen similar levels of enthusiasm from the osu!mania community, with tailsdk's collaborative set becoming something of a cult classic.

An incomparable blend of wholly unique composition, Silentroom's work defies typical description save for obvious influences from rhythm gaming music as a whole. Fast and frantic, slow and pensive or anywhere in between, his work remains a fantastic choice for any mapper wishing to delve deeper into the melodic particulars of electronic music, though the complexity of his tracks is angled better towards more experienced mappers.