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A gothic metal doujin circle from Japan since 2011, Ariabl'eyeS is the triplicate talents of Lyse (producer, composer, lyricist, guitarist & bassist), and the vocal mastery of Luna (lyricist) and Rena. They have been a regular feature at Comiket and M3 throughout the life of their circle, gaining a keen reputation for their uniquely narrative-driven works and compelling sound.

Rising to fame in osu! as far back as 2016 with yf_bmp's collaborative set for Kegare Naki Bara Juuji and even in more modern times with Reform's collab set for the same song, Ariabl'eyeS straddles the divide between two subcultures of music both beloved by the community at large.

Mappers fond of strong Japanese vocals underscored with grandiose and expressive melodic leads with more traditional metal and rock instrumentation will find themselves perfectly at home among Ariabl'eyeS' sound, and with a huge amount of space to experiment with concept, form and patterning.