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Umeboshi Chazuke

Umeboshi Chazuke is a Japanese electronic music artist well-known for his sugary, fast-paced chiptune works. He is a regular face in the rhythm gaming world, particularly in the BEMANI area with many of his popular tracks featuring in the SOUND VOLTEX games, and his active presence in the Be-Music-Source producer scene. His work has also featured in other games like Rayark's VOEZ to considerable acclaim.

In osu!, Umeboshi Chazuke has grown to be a popular pick across all game modes, especially with his track Bison Charge attracting numerous collaborative sets in osu! hosted by Nao Tomori, osu!taiko hosted by Reficul and osu!mania hosted by _Asha.

Fans of the classic high-tempo chiptune rush have much to look forward to in Umeboshi Chazuke's work. His heavy rhythm gaming pedigree comes across strongly in his tracks, with many people likely to have encountered them before in other games all across the scene due to their considerable popularity.