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History of osu!

Records of osu!'s history, all in the osu! wiki.

Year Description
2007 Initial game build
2008 osu!taiko, osu!catch, more mods, and major improvements
2009 osu! iPhone, new multiplayer modes, kudosu system
2010 Wai-con 2010
2011 osu! wiki
2012 Five years of osu!, osu!mania, widescreen support, and visual settings
2013 UI overhaul, HD skins, improved widescreen support, osu!mania editor, in-game collections, introduction of moddingV2, Disqus, osu!api, accuracy overlays, Comic Fiesta 2013, unrestricted downloads, and osu!cuttingedge (osu!supporter-only)
2014 osu!mania BPM scrolling, in-game intro/outro sequences, osu!cuttingedge (for everyone)
2015 osu!web redesign, osu!weekly, and osu!coins
2016 scorev2, announcement of a new open-source "lazer" version of osu! (previously known as "osu!lazer"), and an osu! wiki overhaul
2017 release of the first lazer build of osu!, and Discord integration on the stable client
2018 osu!next, deprecation of the old website, total play time display
2019–2021 Undocumented
2022 15 years of osu!, new osu!monthly news post series
2023–present Undocumented

Other records