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osu!monthly was a monthly newsletter hosting a variety of written content, including interviews, editorials, coverage of official and community news, and word games. The project has been discontinued and later brought back several times in different forms, but all shared the common goal of informing and entertaining the osu! community.

Original magazine run (2011)

The original run of osu!monthly, founded by jjrocks and Corin, ran from March to October 2011. It started as a Google document, but quickly evolved into a PDF format resembling a print magazine. This run was well known for its wide variety of articles as well as its distinct and creative artistic direction.

More information can be found on jjrocks's website (archived). Various links regarding the project are at the bottom of the osu!monthly website.

Magazine revival (2017–2018)

Inspired by the first run of osu!monthly, mangomizer and clayton founded a new team with the goal of continuing the project where it left off. New iterations of the magazine were published from October 2017 to February 2018.

More information can be found on its website.

Name Date of publication
osu!monthly #1 2017-11-04
osu!monthly #2 2017-12-26
osu!monthly #3 2018-02-17

News posts (2022–2023)

With a desire to bring the project back in a more modern form, 0x84f led a new team to revive the project again, this time as news posts on the osu! website. The series ran editions from July 2022 to March 2023, focusing more heavily on current events and monthly recaps covering various topics.


Position Member(s)
Maintainer 0x84f, Blushing, Pisapou, Walavouchey
Writer ianpep, kadoen, Patatitta, RandomeLoL
Trivia tinkerer chromb, Kurboh
Graphic designer Dreamxiety, jacksonisiah, Tanza3D, [Zeth]
Helper Wowcake
Informant Nowaie, olc, RockRoller and the skinship team, wafer