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A prolific producer and DJ hailing from Sweden, Helblinde is a talented musician with a keen focus on producing anime and video game music remixes. Sporting over a decade of experience in the field, he has actively travelled and performed all around the world, and was nominated as one of the leading upcoming Hardcore Producers in the 2012 Hardcore Heaven awards. He has self-released EPs alongside producers such as Shimamura, DJ Sharpnel, Myosuke, Eufeion, S3RL, Kors K and many more.

Helblinde's sound leans strongly towards electronica and trance, featuring sweeping pads and pounding synthlines with a distinctive rave/party-like beat. People familiar with the sounds of Kors K and S3RL will note similar inspiration in his tracks. Helblinde's music will cater to mappers who enjoy creating longer compositions with more progressive themes over short, high intensity tracks.