.osr (file format)

.osr is a file format containing information about an osu! replay. To use it, the beatmap specified by the file is required in "Songs" folder.

Data Types

Name Bytes Description
Byte 1 A single 8 bit value.
Short 2 A 2-byte little endian value.
Integer 4 A 4-byte little endian value.
Long 8 A 8-byte little endian value.
ULEB128 Variable A variable length integer. See ULEB128.
String Variable Has three parts; a single byte which will be either 0x00, indicating that the next two parts are not present, or 0x0b (decimal 11), indicating that the next two parts are present. If it is 0x0b, there will then be a ULEB128, representing the byte length of the following string, and then the string itself, encoded in UTF-8. See UTF-8


Byte offsets are not included in this table due to variable length values.

Data Type Description
Byte Game mode of the replay (0 = osu! Standard, 1 = Taiko, 2 = Catch the Beat, 3 = osu!mania)
Integer Version of the game when the replay was created (ex. 20131216)
String osu! beatmap MD5 hash
String Player name
String osu! replay MD5 hash (includes certain properties of the replay)
Short Number of 300s
Short Number of 100s in standard, 150s in Taiko, 100s in CTB, 100s in mania
Short Number of 50s in standard, small fruit in CTB, 50s in mania
Short Number of Gekis in standard, Max 300s in mania
Short Number of Katus in standard, 200s in mania
Short Number of misses
Integer Total score displayed on the score report
Short Greatest combo displayed on the score report
Byte Perfect/full combo (1 = no misses and no slider breaks and no early finished sliders)
Integer Mods used. See below for list of mod values.
String Life bar graph: comma separated pairs u/v, where u is the time in milliseconds into the song and v is a floating point value from 0 - 1 that represents the amount of life you have at the given time (0 = life bar is empty, 1= life bar is full)
Long Time stamp (Windows ticks)
Integer Length in bytes of compressed replay data
Byte Array Compressed replay data
Long Online Score ID
Double Additional mod information. Only present if Target Practice is enabled.

Additional mod information:

Mod Stored information
Target Practice Total accuracy of all hits. Divide this by the number of targets in the map to find the accuracy displayed in-game.

The remaining data contains information about mouse movement and key presses in an LZMA stream.

When decompressed, the text contains data separated by commas. Each piece denotes an action, represented by 4 numbers in the form: w | x | y | z.

Part Data Type Description
w Long Time in milliseconds since the previous action
x Float x-coordinate of the cursor from 0 - 512
y Float y-coordinate of the cursor from 0 - 384
z Integer Bitwise combination of keys/mouse buttons pressed (M1 = 1, M2 = 2, K1 = 4, K2 = 8, Smoke = 16) (K1 is always used with M1; K2 is always used with M2: 1+4=5; 2+8=10)

On replays set on version 20130319 or later, the 32-bit integer RNG seed used for the score will be encoded into an additional replay frame at the end of the LZMA stream, under the format -12345|0|0|seed.


As seen on the osu! API.

Mod Value (BitOffset) Comment
None 0
NoFail 1 (0)
Easy 2 (1)
TouchDevice 4 (2) Replaces unused NoVideo mod
Hidden 8 (3)
HardRock 16 (4)
SuddenDeath 32 (5)
DoubleTime 64 (6)
Relax 128 (7)
HalfTime 256 (8)
Nightcore 512 (9) always used with DT: 512 + 64 = 576
Flashlight 1024 (10)
Autoplay 2048 (11)
SpunOut 4096 (12)
Relax2 8192 (13) Autopilot
Perfect 16384 (14)
Key4 32768 (15)
Key5 65536 (16)
Key6 131072 (17)
Key7 262144 (18)
Key8 524288 (19)
keyMod 1015808 k4+k5+k6+k7+k8
FadeIn 1048576 (20)
Random 2097152 (21)
LastMod 4194304 (22) Cinema
TargetPractice 8388608 (23) osu!cuttingedge only
Key9 16777216 (24)
Coop 33554432 (25)
Key1 67108864 (26)
Key3 134217728 (27)
Key2 268435456 (28)
ScoreV2 536870912 (29)
Mirror 1073741824 (30)