osu! file formats

List of file formats

File format MIME type Usage
.osz x-osu-beatmap-archive osu! beatmap archive
.osk x-osu-skin-archive osu! skin archive
.osu x-osu-beatmap osu! difficulty
.osb x-osu-storyboard osu! storyboard
.osr x-osu-replay osu! replay

Creating .osz and .osk files

.osz and .osk files are archives containing beatmaps and skins respectively. Their contents are automatically extracted by osu! when opening them:

  • .osz files are extracted into the Songs directory
  • .osk files are extracted into the Skins directory

Knowing how to make a skin or beatmap archive recognised by osu! will make your works more accessible to other users.

Using an archiver

  1. Install a file archiver which may produce .zip files, such as 7-Zip or WinRAR.
  2. Put all of the files you want to archive in a separate folder.
  3. Right-click the folder and select Add to archive... (alternatively, do that from the file archiver itself).
  4. Select the ZIP archive format.
  5. In the archive's file name, change the .zip extension to .osz (.osk if you're archiving a skin).

To test the archive, make a copy of the file and open it via osu!.

Using osu!

To produce a beatmap archive:

  • Open a beatmap via the editor.
  • From the top menu, select File > Export package....
  • The .osz archive will be placed in the Exports folder inside the osu! folder.

To produce a skin archive:

  • Make sure your skin has everything you want to export. You can check by clicking the Open Skin Folder button in the osu! settings.
  • In the settings, click on Select Skin.
  • Choose the skin you want to export and click Export as .osk.
  • The .osk archive will be placed in the Exports folder in the osu! installation folder.