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Caution: Use at your own risk! The projects listed below are not endorsed by osu!, nor do they have any official support.

Tools and/or services made by the osu! community. Feel free to add your own osu!-related projects to this list.

Game Clients

  • McOsu — A free open-source circle-clicking rhythm game practice client for osu! beatmaps with Virtual Reality support.
  • opsu! — An unofficial osu! client written in Java.
  • osu! python edition — Python clone of osu!
  • osu!droid — An unofficial osu! client written for Android, open source.
  • T-Aiko! — A free Taiko no Tatsujin clone that plays osu! beatmaps on your iPhone or Android device.
  • 戳泡泡 — A Chinese clone of osu!.


  • Circleguard — A replay analysis program typically used to check for instances of cheating.
  • Desktop Composition Disabler — Disables the Desktop Composition in Windows to reduce input latency for window-mode players.
  • Key presses per second — Counts and displays how many times a certain key is pressed.
  • OpenTabletDriver — Open source, cross-platform, user-mode tablet driver
  • osu! Replayer — Allows you to view and save your replays after backing out of the ranking screen.
  • osr2mp4 — An application that converts replay files to videos.
  • osu! Miss Analyzer — A program that takes a replay and analyses every miss to determine how and why it happened. It's straightforward to use and shows some pretty interesting data.


  • danser-go — CLI visualisation tool for osu!standard maps. Can also be used to render replay files as videos.
  • osu!speed — Determines one's tapping speed.
  • osu!Tapspeed-Meter — Determines one's tapping speed.
  • you suck at streaming v2 — Determines one's tapping speed.


Live streaming

  • gosumemory — Cross-platform memory reader for osu!
  • JKPS — A keys-per-second program that can be used as a input overlay with a lot of customization.
  • Mikuia — A Twitch bot that can keep track of song requests and sends updates about any rank changes or plays you set in the chat.
  • osu!RequestBot — Keep track of song requests while streaming.
  • osu!StreamCompanion — osu! information extractor for live streamers.
  • Ronnia — A alternative to Mikuia with a similar feature set




  • Automap-chan — Converts MIDI files to osu!mania beatmaps.
  • lua-mania — Converts osu!, osu!taiko, and osu!catch beatmaps to osu!mania.
  • Mania Hit Sounding Tools — Muliple tools for hitsounding osu!mania beatmap difficulties:
    1. Magic Copy — A tool that copies hitsounds from one difficulty to another and works with default and custom hitsounds. Original concept from osu!HitsoundManager.
    2. Hit Object to Storyboard — Allows you to copy hitsounds and paste them into the storyboard.
    3. Note Density calculator — Lists the distribution of keys in osu!mania difficulties.
    4. Hitsound Detective — Checks for unused hitsounds in other difficulties (based on the selected difficulty).
    5. Keysound Maker — Creates keysounds for osu!mania.
  • o2jam to osu!mania converter — An o2jam to osu!mania converter.
  • OMISM — An osu!mania to Stepmania beatmap converter (and an osu!mania keysound copier).
  • omtrc - osu!mania timerate changer — A timerate changer for osu!mania.
  • osu!HitsoundManager — A hitsounding tool for osu!mania that copies hitsound files and volume from hit objects to hit objects and storyboards. Originally named osu!MagiCopy.




Beatmap Management

Beatmap Mirrors

  • Beatconnect — A mirror site for downloading osu! beatmaps.
  • — A beatmap mirror and the successor to BloodCat.
  • Sayobot — A Chinese beatmap mirror.
  • Yet another beatmap mirror — Yet another beatmap mirror.


Internet Relay Chat

See also: Internet Relay Chat


  • Bonus PP calculator — Calcuates how much bonus pp a user has.
  • Osekai — An open-source project dedicated to making websites highly related to osu!, such as medal unlock requirements listing or alternative ranking leaderboards.
  • osu! level calculator — Calculates the needed score to achieve a certain level.
  • osu! Stats Watcher — Write player stats into a file, which can then be displayed using Open Broadcaster Software.
  • osu!chan — Hosts a multitude of alternative ranking leaderboards.
  • osu!Skills — Expands pp into include other metrics such as stamina, reaction, and memory.
  • osu!Stats — Search scores and player statistics.
  • osu!track — A tool that allows players to track their progress in-game and see visually see their improvement over time.
  • osu!track (IRC) — The in-game IRC bot for osu!track.
  • osu-pps — A website that lists the most overweight maps in terms of pp by using a calculation system similar to ppv1, and sorts mappers by how many overweight maps they have or how many high-quality beatmaps they have according to other mappers' favourites.
  • — Originally a spreadsheet, now a website for opt-in US state ranking leaderboards for osu! with some states' Discord servers being listed.
  • RTPP Displayer — Calculates and displays earned pp while playing on the fly.


  • Aiess — Provides subscriptions for mapping-related events in osu! (e.g. ranks, qualifications, nominations, suggestions, news posts, group changes, etc).
  • AR/OD calculator [Android] — Calculates the AR times and OD hit window accuracy.
  • Detect the osu! folder easily — Finds the osu! folder and report its path. Intended for devs working on IO related tasks in their applications.
  • hwchr's pick'em — A site which hosts pickems for osu! tournaments with the option to request a pickem for a tournament.
  • o!subscribe — A service that allows you to subscribe to your favorite creators using Discord.
  • Osu Music Library — Organise, listen, and look up songs outside of the game client.
  • osu! matchmaking — quick and automated multiplayer matches
  • osu! mouse simulator for Leap — A mouse pointer movement wrapper for Leap.
  • osu! Music Player — An osu! themed music player.
  • osu! Windows 60 fps animated cursors — osu!-styled cursors for Windows.
  • osu!APIlib — A simple library to interface with the osu!api.
  • osu!AR10 — A tool to convert any beatmap to AR10 for practising purposes.
  • osu!Elements — An open source .NET framework for osu! applications.
  • osu!player — A media player just for osu! beatmaps.
  • osu!search — Advanced beatmap searching
  • osu!station — A radio station powered by beatmap music
  • osu!trace — A cursor tracing program. Can be used for comparisons, show how a beatmap flows, etc.
  • osu-trainer — A program that allows you to modify the difficulty settings of a beatmap easily.
  • osuStuff — A website for creating anime-themed avatars, and playing automatic osu! Battle Royale tournaments.
  • Script chan — Referee tool to create and manage osu! rooms.
  • SpinnyProgram — Test how fast you can spin your mouse cursor.
  • stats.circleclickers — View realtime stats about the usercount in osu!.