cavoe's osu! event 2023

COE 2023 banner

cavoe's osu! event 2023 (COE 2023) was an osu! convention hosted at Brabanthallen in 's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), Netherlands. It was the fifth instalment of cavoe's osu! event.


Event Timestamp (UTC+2)
Announcement 2022-12-06
Ticket sales live 2023-04-22
Start 2023-07-31 (14:00)
Elite Beat Agents showcase 2023-07-31 (15:00)
COEGTS mappool showcase 2023-07-31 (18:00)
COE tournament Qualifer results & main mappool showcase 2023-07-31 (20:00)
Pub quiz (second stage) 2023-07-31 (20:00)
COEGTS Round of 16 2023-08-01 (14:00–22:00)
Sushi dinner 2023-08-01 (17:00–19:30)
Your Name. cinema screening 2023-08-01 (20:30–22:30)
Efteling trip 2023-08-02 (10:00–20:00)
COEGTS main bracket 2023-08-02 (13:00–22:00)
Survivor 2023-08-03 (12:30)
osu!catch showcase 2023-08-03 (14:30)
CS:GO Wingman tournament (second stage) 2023-08-03 (16:00–19:00)
Mindblock trivia game show 2023-08-03 (17:30)
Karaoke (second stage) 2023-08-03 (19:00)
1v1 osu! tournament Round of 16–Quarterfinals 2023-08-04 (12:30–23:00)
Group picture with everyone 2023-08-04 (16:00)
Group picture with ranked mappers 2023-08-04 (16:30)
Group picture with Dutch people 2023-08-04 (16:30)
Sushi lunch 2023-08-05 (12:00–14:30)
Group picture with German people 2023-08-05 (17:30)
osu!mania 4K World Cup Qualifier showcase 2023-08-05 (13:00)
1v1 osu! tournament Semifinals–Grand Finals 2023-08-05 (16:00–22:00)
End 2023-08-06


COE 2023 was run by various community members and partnered organisations.

Position Member(s)
Organiser cavoeboy, Meyer
Developer / technician Bram, Ethereal, hallowatcher, LiquidPL, Meyer, OMKelderman, Syrin, ThePooN
Stage coordinator Gordon, Hyruler, Nozhomi, ThePooN
Tournament staff ChillierPear, Kasumi-sama, TheHunter1, Yazzehh
Off-site activity coordinator Anass, clorox_1g
Designer Meyer, uta
Floor manager n0ah, shoshuu
Other staff Argent Pride, a Sensei, CakeAndBanana, egedi, floflim, helenkiller, jackylam5, khz, LGM, mangomizer, Massive, Mimi, Mou, neoekn, Nino, Riv, TaikoMom, Tiddo, Tomato, TomBoBotSer, Toshii, Yael
Operational partner osu!frlive, Wooting, WoozPC, Zed Up


cavoe's osu! event's Global Taiko Showdown

Main page: cavoe's osu! event's Global Taiko Showdown 2023

COEGTS 2023 banner

The Global Taiko Showdown team hosted a 1v1 osu!taiko LAN tournament at the event, with a fully custom-made mappool complete with original compositions for each beatmap. osu!taiko players of any rank were able participate, so long as they could attend for the duration of the tournament.


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown Profile badge (pending), custom profile banner, grand physical prize
Silver crown Custom profile banner, physical prize
Bronze crown Custom profile banner, physical prize


COE 1v1 osu! Tournament

Main page: COE 2023 1v1 osu! Tournament

COE 1v1 osu! Tournament banner

A 1v1 osu! LAN tournament organised by the COE team.


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown Wooting 60HE keyboard, 1,200 €, profile badge
Silver crown Wooting 60HE keyboard, 800 €
Bronze crown Wooting 60HE keyboard, 500 €


Off-site activities

Event Timestamp (UTC+2) Description
Sushi dinner August 1 (17:00–19:30) Sushi dinner at a private sushi restaurant
Your Name. cinema screening August 1 (20:30–22:30) Private screening of Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.) at Kinepolis theatre
Efteling trip August 2 (10:00–20:00) A trip to Efteling, a local theme park, via chartered bus
Sushi lunch August 5 (12:00–14:30) Sushi lunch at a private sushi restaurant

Other stage events

Main stage

Event Timestamp (UTC+2) Description
Elite Beat Agents showcase July 31 (15:00) Showcase of Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS, the game series that along with Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan was the inspiration osu!
Survivor August 3 (12:30) A trivia game where players who guess furthest away from the correct number get eliminated
osu!catch showcase August 3 (14:30) Skilled players at the event showcase osu!catch gameplay
Mindblock August 3 (17:30) A trivia game show hosted by Nyanaro

Second stage

Event Timestamp (UTC+2) Description
Pub quiz July 31 (20:00) A trivia quiz hosted by mangomizer and chromb
CS:GO Wingman tournament August 3 (16:00–19:00) A CS:GO tournament by COE and WoozPC in the Wingman game mode
Karaoke August 3 (19:00) An event where anyone can pick up the microphone and sing songs together with everyone