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Sudden Death (mod)

SD mod iconSudden Death (SD) mod icon

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  • Abbreviation: SD
  • Type: Difficulty Increasing
  • Score Multiplier: 1.00x
  • Default shortcut key: S
  • Caption: Miss a note and fail.
  • Compatible game modes:
  • Variant: Perfect


The Sudden Death mod is a game modifier that causes players to fail a beatmap upon missing a hit object or failing to collect a slider tick. This is useful for players who are going for a full combo (FC). However, there is some debate as to whether the use of the Sudden Death mod or the act of retrying at the first combo break is helpful or harmful for players who want to improve quickly.

To be more specific, the Sudden Death mod will only fail the beatmap if any of the following happen:

  • Missing a note
  • Failing to collect a slider tick (osu! game mode only)
  • Failing to complete a spinner

The Sudden Death mod will not fail the beatmap if any of the following happen:

  • Missing a slidertail (i.e. a sliderbreak)
  • Not holding/collecting on the empty slider path

Unlike the Sudden Death mod's variant Perfect, the beatmap will not automatically retry the map. Instead, the player will be left with a normal failure screen upon missing.

This mod has the same effect across all game modes.


  • Missing a note with the Sudden Death mod enabled will result in an extra large miss figure to appear in osu!.
  • When playing with Sudden Death mod enabled in osu!, there are rare cases where the player may survive from a full life bar drain for breaking the combo count. If the player managed to preserve at least a sliver of health by getting a slider tick in a very short time-margin right after the combo broke and before the life bar is drained completely, the player can continue playing the beatmap as is and no large miss figure will be imposed.