Warning: Having more than one osu! user account at any time is an infringement against the osu! rules!

  1. After installing osu! and running it, osu! will prompt you to sign in or register. Assuming that you're here because you need an account, click Create an account.

    The in-game registration formThe registration form

  2. Fill out all of the fields in the form.

    • For the username field, there is a maximum of 15 characters; of which can only be alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9), underscores (_), square brackets, ([ and ]), dashes (-), and spaces ( ).
    • For the email address field, use your email. This is used to reset your password and to send you verification codes when needed, so don't use a throw away email.
    • For the password field, use a password that is at least 8 characters long.
  3. Once this is completed, click 1. Create my account!. You will be automatically signed in.

What's next?

Don't forget to read the rules very carefully!

Once that is done, you are now ready to start your rhythm adventure! You can add beatmaps to play, make a skin, or make a beatmap. You could also stop by and say "Hi" in the Introductions subforum.

If you need further in-game help, you can ask in the #help Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel by opening the chat console (press F8 or F9 in-game) then type /join help. You could also post your question in the Help subforum.