Content voting process

Content submitted to the Beatmap Nominators (BN), Global Moderation Team (GMT) and the Nomination Assessment Team (NAT) for review undergoes a special voting process as outlined below.


  1. A mapper, modder or concerned member of the community raises any visual element in a beatmap for review under the Visual Content Considerations by reporting it via the BN website.
  2. The report is assessed by the NAT and for all but the most obvious situations, a new "content case" is made live and available for voting as soon as possible. All members of the BN, GMT and NAT are eligible to vote.
  3. While the vote is active, any map containing said visual element cannot be nominated or qualified. If the map is qualified, it is temporarily disqualified while the discussion continues.
  4. The vote concludes after a period of 3 days without any new votes, or 7 days since the vote began, whichever comes first.


The voting is tallied using a simple cascading system as described below:

  • If there is a consensus of 70% on a particular answer from the combined GMT and NAT votes, that answer is used as the outcome of the vote.
  • If there is no consensus of 70% from the combined GMT and NAT vote, the BN vote is then merged into the total votes.
  • If the merged vote is 70% yes or above, the content is considered acceptable and is allowed to be used.
  • If the merged vote is below 70% yes, the content is judged to be not allowed for use and must be removed and changed immediately.

Once a result has been achieved, the outcome is final and cannot be contested by any means save for intervention from the support team.


Ultralazer420 finds a background for his new beatmap that he wants to use, but is unsure if it is allowed. Following the process above, he puts it up for vote.

After 3 days, the vote has concluded, and the results come back.

52% of the GMT and NAT agreed that the image was okay. 48% did not.

This means that the BN votes are now merged into the total votes, and those are used to determine the outcome.

After factoring in the BN votes with the GMT and NAT votes, 67% of the vote agrees that the image is okay, 33% do not.

As this does not reach the 70% threshold required for the image to pass, the image is considered unacceptable and Ultralazer420 is asked to find another one to use instead.