Song content rules

With a wide variety of music available, most tracks will be fine for use in osu!, providing that they are not:

  • Heavily political
  • Promoting racial tension or division
  • Extremely and unbearably loud
  • Modified to contain audible clipping or distortion unintended by the artist

Please note that songs with explicit content are covered by different regulations.

What classifies as "heavily political" content?

In the interests of keeping a game about rhythm strictly about rhythm and in accordance with community rule #3, content which is deemed excessively political by the administration is disallowed.

We adhere to no one particular "end" of a political spectrum — osu! is strictly apolitical and we want people to enjoy themselves, not start feuds or squabble over politics.

What happens if my track isn't okay?

Any beatmap containing a disallowed track will be removed from the website.

Each time your submission is removed, you will be afforded an explanation by the presiding member of the Nomination Assessment Team (NAT) or Global Moderation Team (GMT) responsible for the removal with reasoning justifying the removal.

You may contest this with them via PM if you so wish, or seek the opinions of others to substantiate your claim to the track's suitability. If you still cannot find common ground on this front, your claim may be escalated to a consensus vote among the current NAT members, who will collectively decide if your track is acceptable or not.

Excluding severely inappropriate uploads, all users are given a one submission leeway before penalties are handed out due to the uncertain nature of this ruling. After this leeway has passed, users who continually choose to upload inappropriate tracks will face a 42-hour long silence along with the removal of their submission.