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The 4th CJB osu!mania 4K Tournament

CJB 4K 4th banner

The 4th CJB osu!mania 4K Tournament (CJB 4K 4th) is a one-on-one osu!mania 4K specified Chinese regional tournament hosted by the CJB team. It is the 4th instalment of the CJB osu!mania 4K Tournament.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Registration 2018-07-02/2018-07-013
Live drawings 2018-07-14 (20:30 UTC+08)
Round of 16 2018-07-21/2018-07-22
Quarterfinals 2018-07-28/2018-07-29
Semifinals 2018-08-04/2018-08-05
Finals week 1 2018-08-11
Finals week 2 2018-08-13/2018-08-14


Prizes for this tournament are sponsored by hans1999.

Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown 2 months of osu!supporter, unique userpage badge
Silver crown 1 month of osu!supporter
Bronze crown 15 CNY


Position Member(s)
Organizer hans1999, Flow Light
Manager SSV Normandy
Mappool selector Tofu1222, hans1999
Streaming judgement aiyulu, Rasis, Flow Light, kj415j45
Commentator hans1999, Flow Light, Rasis, 644520858, wuhuanmin , 704661982
Wiki editor kj415j45


CJB 4K 4th podium


Finals week 2

Download the mappack here! (97.9M) - Baidu Netdisk - Google Drive

Finals week 1

Download the mappack here! (148M) - Baidu Netdisk - Google Drive


Download the mappack here! (90.2M) - Baidu Netdisk - Google Drive


Download the mappack here! (64.1M) - Baidu Netdisk - Google Drive

Round of 16

Download the mappack here! (77.5 MB) - Baidu Netdisk - Google Drive

Match results

Finals week 2

No. Monday, 2018-08-13
29 Skyshifter 2 7 Toki 0w0
No. Tuesday, 2018-08-14
30 Crystal 4 7 Toki 0w0
31 Toki 0w0 5 7 Crystal

Finals week 1

No. Saturday, 2018-08-11
25 Toki 0w0 6 3 xyxyxy091
26 Zhou_Kai 5 6 IA daisuki
28 Skyshifter 3 6 Crystal
27 Toki 0w0 6 0 IA daisuki


No. Saturday, 2018-08-04
20 xyxyxy091 1 0 crazybrother win by default
23 Skyshifter 6 3 Toki 0w0
24 Crystal 6 2 Zhou_Kai
19 nickawm 0 1 tuziel win by default
No. Sunday, 2018-08-05
18 IA daisuki 1 0 FDchuxin win by default
21 IA daisuki 6 0 williammak
22 xyxyxy091 6 2 tuziel


No. Saturday, 2018-07-28
11 FDchuxin 1 0 macronj win by default
9 xyxyxy091 1 0 tc582461 win by default
12 williammak 5 1 Shindou Ayane
16 Zhou_Kai 5 1 crazybrother
15 nickawm 0 5 Crystal
No. Sunday, 2018-07-29
13 Jazzsoldiers 0 1 Skyshifter win by default
10 tuziel 5 0 Snowkyou
14 IA daisuki 0 5 Toki 0w0

Note: Jazzsoldiers gave up tournament for some reasons.

Round of 16

No. Saturday, 2018-07-21
5 FDchuxin 0 1 nickawm win by default
1 xyxyxy091 0 5 Jazzsoldiers
2 Skyshifter 5 1 tc582461
6 macronj 1 5 Crystal
No. Sunday, 2018-07-22
4 tuziel 2 5 Toki 0w0
3 Snowkyou 0 5 IA daisuki
7 Zhou_Kai 5 0 Shindou Ayane
8 crazybrother 5 0 williammak



  1. This time, we don't have Qualification Stage or Group Stage. Everyone who qualified with the limitation can register then enter the Round of 16.
  2. This tournament is Double Elimination Tournament. This means that the winner moves to the next stage and the losing player gets moved to the Loser bracket.
  3. Winning Condition:
    • In the Round of 16 and the Quarterfinals, player needs to win 5 maps to win a match. (Best-of-9).
    • In the Semifinals and the Finals: Week 1, player needs to win 6 maps to win a match. (Best-of-11).
    • In the Finals: Week 2, player needs to win 7 maps to win a match. (Best-of-13).
  4. Each stage will take one weekend.
  5. Every matches will be held on Saturday and Sunday of UTC+8.
  6. Scheduling will be handled by the Tournament Management. Schedules will be released on the Sunday before the first matches of the actual stage. If player has conflict with the scheduling, Tournament Management will try to amend the schedule so that it fairly accommodates for all the participant. However, no promises can be guaranteed:
    • If player is in any other time zone, please notify the Management in advance.
    • Apart from time zone reasons, the absent player(s) will be considered as forfeited, regardless of whether they have sent messages to the Management.

Tournament rules

  1. This tournament is a one-on-one osu!mania 4K specified tournament.
  2. The maps for each round will be announced by the map selector in advance on the Sunday before the actual matches take place:
    • The Tiebreaker map will only be played in case of a tie.
    • All maps are in a FreeMod bracket.
  3. Match schedule will be settled by the Tournament Management.
  4. If no staff or referee is available, the match will be postponed.
  5. Failed during a map will be treated as losing in this map, even though you have a higher score.
  6. Use of the Visual Settings are allowed.
  7. If the beatmap ends in a draw, the game will be nullified.
  8. If player disconnects (In the case of the player is able to finish the map), the disconnected player will have to upload the score (Shift + F12) and provide the link to match referee instantly.
  9. If a player disconnects (In the case of the player is not able to finish the map):
    • Disconnects within 30s after the match starts, the match will be reset.
    • The player will be recorded as Failed.
  10. Beatmaps cannot be reused in the same match unless the beatmap was nullified.
  11. If not all players attend, the maximum time the match can be postponed is 10 minutes. Absent player(s) will be considered as forfeited.
  12. All players are supposed to keep the match running fluent and without delays. The match will not be reset if the players have (including but not limited to):
    • Internet issue.
    • System notification issue.
    • Hardware problems.
  13. Unexpected incidences are handled by the Tournament Management.
  14. Any modification of these rules will be announced.
  15. The CJB team reserves the right to use Chinese preferentially.

Registration rules

  1. Anyone who is interested in this tournament should join the Tournament QQ Group and read the announcement in the group to register.
  2. In order for your registration to count, you must meet the following conditions:
    • Participant's flag on their profile must be a country from Asia.
    • Participant uses Chinese as the primary language.
    • Participant should not get more than 285pp on any 4K map and the sum of your five best 4K maps' pp is not greater than 1350.
    • If player has record of violating the osu! community rules in the last 12 months, we may cancel the application of this player.
    • The quota of this tournament is 16, first come first served.
  3. Successfully registered players will receive a confirmation email and will be posted on the players list.
  4. Map Selectors and Managers are not allowed to register.

Mappool instructions

  1. Each stage has 1 pool:
    • Pool of the Round of 16 and the Quarterfinals has 13 maps.
    • Pool of the Semifinals and the Finals has 15 maps.
  2. Each mappool has one Tiebreaker.
  3. All of the maps will be played under FreeMod conditions.

Match instructions

  1. A referee will create a multiplayer room 15 minutes in advance. Players must gather during this period:
    • Room settings are osu!mania, Team VS, Win Condition: 'Score v2'. Room name is "CJB4K: (Player 1) vs (Player 2)".
    • Player 1 and Player 2 must be in slot 1, 2, respectively.
  2. Each player in the match will be allowed 1 warm-up map to be played, making for 2 warm-ups. Questioned maps and maps that are not 4K-specific osu!mania maps are not allowed.
  3. Each player choose one map from the pool as the Banned Map. These maps can not be played during this match.
  4. Each player must use !roll once in #multiplayer:
    • The losing roll picks the first banned map.
    • The winning roll picks the first map of the match.
    • Repeat !roll if two rolls are equal.
  5. Players pick maps by turns:
    • In case of a tie, the Tiebreaker map must be played.