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3 Digit World Cup 2021

3WC 2021 banner

The 3 Digit World Cup 2021 (3WC 2021) was a country-based osu! tournament hosted by nik and shdewz. It was the third instalment of the 3 Digit World Cup.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Registration phase 2021-02-24/2021-03-13 (18:00 UTC+0)
Team submission 2021-03-13/2021-03-28 (18:00 UTC+0)
Qualifiers 2021-04-02/2021-04-04
Round of 16 2021-04-09/2021-04-11
Quarterfinals 2021-04-16/2021-04-18
Semifinals 2021-04-23/2021-04-25
Finals 2021-04-30/2021-05-02
Grand Finals 2021-05-07/2021-05-09


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown Unique profile badge, exclusive team banner
Silver crown Exclusive team banner
Bronze crown Exclusive team banner

3WC 2021 winner badge


The 3 Digit World Cup was run by various community members.

Position Member(s)
Organizer nik, shdewz
Mappool selector fooders, nik
Referee choke-, crissof, Fairy Bread, GDLenny, GumalaOC, LeoFLT, Menty, nik, ruruchewy, shdewz, Speshimen, Tuco, Yazzehh, zibi
Streamer D I O, shdewz
Commentator AJT, ChillierPear, D I O, Damarsh, fieryrage, Jordan The Bear, jordanlr7, Kano, Mavs, Menty, Monko2k, nautzz, this1neguy
Designer Celsea, shdewz
Statistician shdewz


Country Members
Argentina Emiru Ikuno, Amuro, Emiru Ikuno 2, Lexalia, Pein, SlowBurn
Australia jordanlr7, Dumii, Vivace, Enumi, Monk The Don, GranDSenpai
Brazil niii_san, Coreanmaluco, Dafonz, Mystia, NovatoKing, xxluizxx47
Canada Zylice, Yip, Stoof, Vespirit, MuffinSlayer14, Ignite
Chile Eunha, kanocchi, Negaces, Pancho, xaxreid, YukariSmug
China Crystal, Gynophobia-, EmertxE, im_a_burger_fox, milk-tea, MyAngelMiku
Countryless hammytr, GSBlank, seegii, Crezz, Arge, Blazink
Czech Republic Avenito, LaBron Jayms, MrNobady, Orbi, PoggersCZ, VilaZ
Finland Freezd, Haadez, Ataraksia, HENKSELI, Dezku, Jerekek
France Musty, -raizen-, Fumatsu, Hifkil, ThePooN, Thundur
Germany hallowatcher, Risiing, _Criller, KyoouN, khz, Ephix
Hong Kong Petal, BaconPug, Koltay, Muji, Riushi, Rlsc
Japan Delis, EIGER, KonKonKinakoN, ----, haga1115, Eryth
Norway comfv, Kurean, Melvr, Surv
Philippines zonelouise, Kageno, Senjuro, Xyloz
Poland twoj stary, Aldrouch, ristel, TWOJA STARA, Mastasz, WubWoofWolf
Russia Okinotori, Red_Pixel, DJ EBAN, zin, -Din-, Meniwa
South Korea [Karcher], Jeong Woo Yeong, Piper, Peresia, Suyong_, Hugofrost
Spain Rekens, -Hideki-, Frosiito, Kalal331, kazamabc, NHarmonia
Sweden [ Coach ], Saika0k1, Felrion, -Masta-, scylla, [ Blue ]
Taiwan Flask, [ Zane ], Rizer, _Shield, GfMRT, DazzLE_Wind
Ukraine Kryterion, 1Max, AlasMO, gusniki, Lappen777, Tooqie
United Kingdom Voss, Rinnu, majoreh, Kingling, Jemzsee, Doomsday
United States DigitalHypno, Exarch, Apraxia, Woey, Flezlin, Tekkito


3WC 2021 podium


Grand Finals




Round of 16


Match results

Grand Finals

The stats of the Grand Finals can be found on the spreadsheet.

Saturday, 8 May 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
United States 1 7 Poland #1

Sunday, 9 May 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Taiwan 7 6 Poland #1


The stats of the Finals can be found on the spreadsheet.

Saturday, 1 May 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Countryless 7 6 Germany #1
Taiwan 7 5 United States #1
Brazil 6 7 Poland #1

Sunday, 2 May 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Countryless 2 7 Poland #1


The stats of the Semifinals can be found on the spreadsheet.

Saturday, 24 April 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Germany 6 5 United Kingdom #1
Russia 3 6 China #1
Japan 1 6 France #1
Poland 6 1 Sweden #1

Sunday, 25 April 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
United States 6 5 Countryless #1
Germany 6 5 France #1
Poland 6 5 China #1

Monday, 26 April 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Taiwan 6 2 Brazil #1


The stats of the Quarterfinals can be found on the spreadsheet.

Saturday, 17 April 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Finland 2 6 China #1
United States 6 2 Russia #1

Sunday, 18 April 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Australia 1 6 Sweden #1
South Korea 1 6 United Kingdom #1
Taiwan 6 4 Japan #1
Poland 2 6 Countryless #1
Brazil 6 2 Germany #1
France 6 4 Canada #1

Round of 16

The stats of the Round of 16 can be found on the spreadsheet.

Saturday, 10 April 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Sweden 5 6 Japan #1

Sunday, 11 April 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
United States 6 0 South Korea #1
Taiwan 6 1 Australia #1
Germany 6 5 China #1
Poland 6 5 France #1
Countryless 6 5 Canada #1
Brazil 6 1 Finland #1
Russia 6 4 United Kingdom #1


Tournament rules

  1. The 3 Digit World cup is a world cup style tournament aimed for players in the 3 digit rank range (#100-#999) of osu! without the enforcement of a Badge Weighting System (BWS).
  2. Team size is 4-6 players, and matches are played in a 3v3 format.
  3. Beatmap scoring is based on ScoreV2.
  4. After signups close, players that did not get a minimum roster for their country will be able to form a "Countryless team", with a maximum of one player per country.
  5. Qualifiers will be used to seed the teams into a 16 team double elimination bracket.
    • The qualifiers mappool will be ten beatmaps (4NM/2HD/2HR/2DT) and will be played twice. The best combined team run will be used for seeding, and teams are allowed to skip beatmaps in the second run where they believe they already have a good run on.
  6. Grand Finals will have a bracket reset if the team coming from the losers bracket wins the first match.
  7. Match schedules and mappools will be released on the Monday before those matches should be played, and schedules will be written in UTC+0.
  8. As per standard tournament guidelines, staff — other than streamers and commentators — are not allowed to play.

Tournament registrations

  1. Each player will sign up individually
    • Players must be in the rank range (#100–#999) by the registrations closing.
  2. A captain will be designated from the players that signed up and will be responsible for the well-being of the team.
    • The assigned captain may give their role to another player, and even exclude themselves from the team if they believe that is the right move.
    • If a country has more signups than the team size allows for, the captain will be tasked with forming the team.

Match instructions

  • Round of 16 and Quarterfinals
    • Best of 11, 2 Bans, 6NM/3HD/3HR/4DT/3FM/1TB
  • Semifinals
    • Best of 11, 2 Bans, 6NM/3HD/3HR/4DT/3FM/1TB
  • Finals and Grand Finals
    • Best of 13, 2 Bans, 6NM/3HD/3HR/4DT/3FM/1TB
  1. The referee will invite the captains of each team to the multiplayer lobby. Captains have ten minutes to get a minimum of a three-man roster in the lobby, otherwise the opposing team will be allowed to claim a win by default.
  2. Both captains will !roll. The lowest roll will ban first, while the highest roll will ban second and pick first.
    • Bans and picks will alternate between teams
  3. The referee may set an !mp timer in order to limit how long teams have to make a choice. Should a team take longer than the timer, they will be forced to forfeit their choice
    • If they run the timer on a ban, they will lose their opportunity to ban.
    • If they run the timer on a pick, their pick will be skipped and the opposing team will pick instead.
  4. No Fail will be enforced on every map.
  5. Should a Freemod map be picked, at least 2 players of the team will have to choose a mod.
    • Players are allowed to choose between Hidden, Hard Rock, Easy and Flashlight
    • Easy scores will be multiplied by 1.75, which results in 875,000 score for an SS (excluding spinner bonus).
  6. In the case of a genuine disconnection, common sense will be applied: if proof exists of the disconnected player's score (or a rough estimate of their hypothetical score had they finished the map), it will be added to their team's total score; if it is at all ambiguous, the other team will get the point; if the disconnection occurred in the first few seconds, the map will be replayed.

Scheduling instructions


  1. Teams will be able to choose their own time, as each team will be in a separate lobby. Should a team not submit their prefered time by 2 April 2021 (23:59 UTC+0), their country will be disqualified from the tournament.
  2. A qualifier lobby is expected to take around 90-120 minutes; however, the mappool will be designed in such a way to try and reduce this.

Round of 16 onwards

  1. Teams will be given a default schedule around Monday night on the week before their matches at the latest. Schedule will be made based on the default timezone of their country.
    • If the default timezone causes any issues for whatever reason, captains may ask to change their country's timezone.
  2. Captains will have until Friday 23:59 UTC+0 before the matches to post any reschedules. Exceptions can be made and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  3. All matches will be defaulted to between Saturday 00:00 and Sunday 23:59 UTC+0 on the week of the matches. Teams may reschedule to Monday, although it is preferable that this not happen.