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osu! Catch the Beat World Cup 2013

The osu! Catch the Beat World Cup 2013 (CWC 2013) was a country-based osu!catch tournament hosted by the osu! team. It was the second instalment of the osu!catch World Cup.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Registration phase 2013-04-02/2013-04-19
Live drawings 2013-05-02 (14:00 UTC)
Round 1 2013-01-18/2013-01-20
Round 2 2013-01-25/2013-01-27
Round 3 2013-02-01/2013-02-03
Round of 16 2013-02-15/2013-02-18
Quarterfinals 2013-02-23/2013-02-24
Semifinals 2013-03-02/2013-03-03
Finals 2013-03-08/2013-03-09


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown 4 months of osu!supporter, unique profile badge
Silver crown 2 months of osu!supporter
Bronze crown 1 month of osu!supporter

CWC 2013 winner badge


The osu! Catch the Beat World Cup 2013 was run by various community members.

Position Member(s)
Manager Deif, Nyan-Zapo, Seph, Weez
Mappool selector DeathXHunter, urs4chan, Weez
Referee Deif, dkun, Frans Niko, Nokeru-Chan, Stefan, urs4chan, Xakyrie
Scheduler Nitojgrem, Nyan-Zapo
Streamer dkun, Makar


Country Members
Argentina/Colombia VelperK, k4mm3r, LZJKE, NightWar
Austria Stefan, coldsoup, Stafy, Winkekatze
Canada Kitsunemimi, pmonibuv1, Pwnz-, Sumaki
Chile A eldnl, Dark Diego, DaxMasterix, lineqtxz
Chile B RageQuit , Kasu404, NicoAsd-, The hunterx
China Beatrice, bIackcurrent, Gluv, S a o r i
Costa Rica Sandroxx-, JosephTec64756 , Mily, Noctowi
Czech Republic/Poland Krzysiek, katsek, Sawako88, wampir
Finland Mianki, MrSake, Static Noise Bird, Yerti
France Jinchuu ya vizard, Capitaine fares, Keijou, Syfose
Germany A Nitojgrem, ayiku, DoKoLP, Keyone94
Germany B Kingkevin30, - C e L o - , bleachownersee, Zuwik15
Hong Kong SakaNa, 171717277876366a, alienflybot, mayochiki16
Hungary TaylorXIII, Kuroi Mato, Kurokami, tuzgu
Indonesia A Sakuya Aizawa, Ableh_ZZZ, Intel21, -Newbie-
Indonesia B Rey Fullbuster, Drexel13, El SolarBeam, Vladhusen
Italy A 119410501, Celycchan, Dragovian, NeoRainier
Italy B Inamaru, GoOoM, penodav, SiluX
Japan kenji, Cuvelia, INO, sionKotori
Malaysia A Shadow_Fear, AsunaKino, Gilochan, QHideaki13
Malaysia B black_jaw, dubbear, harriszarhan, saka1234
Mexico Salwinjack, Fercho , Mennock, Xtreme_gear
Peru [Yue], AleZer0, Solaris730, -Yakemi-
Philippines Seph, blacksymbian, Jdle07, Mystgun
Russian Federation/Ukraine Don Omar, Blaster812, MeGl, Merzo
Singapore botakist, Akatsuki, MoGu, zLaceration
South Korea Rubytic, Berncastell, Spectator, Why
Spain Raimon, Eternal , jekasa
Taiwan A madaoB, ItsChipiko, set44599, YounaZheng
Taiwan B N y a L o, ItsLingers, KanpanRin, MoMo Tenshi
Thailand boomngong, 0814587134, Nansugumi, SUBSTAC9
United States TenguKing9, dbzguru32, Tenshi, Zak


This competition has come to an end and resulted in the following podium:

Placing Team
Gold crown Chile A (eldnl, Dark Diego, DaxMasterix, lineqtxz)
Silver crown Taiwan A (madaoB, ItsChipiko, set44599, YounaZheng)
Bronze crown Argentina/Colombia (VelperK, k4mm3r, LZJKE, NightWar)




Download the mappack here! (134 MB)


Download the mappack here! (111 MB)

Round of 16

Round 3

Round 2

Download the mappack here! (88 MB)

Round 1

Download the mappack here!

Match results


Friday, 8 March 2013:

Team 1 Team 2
Chile A 6 2 Taiwan A

Saturday, 9 March 2013:

Team 1 Team 2
Argentina/Colombia 6 1 Finland


Saturday, 2 March 2013:

Team 1 Team 2
Argentina/Colombia 3 5 Chile A

Sunday, 3 March 2013:

Team 1 Team 2
Finland 1 5 Taiwan A


Saturday, 23 February 2013:

Team 1 Team 2
South Korea 2 4 Taiwan A
Russian Federation/Ukraine 0 4 Chile A

Sunday, 24 February 2013:

Team 1 Team 2
China 2 4 Argentina/Colombia
Germany A 2 4 Finland

Round of 16

Friday, 15 February 2013:

Team 1 Team 2
South Korea 4 0 Hong Kong

Saturday, 16 February 2013:

Team 1 Team 2
Germany A 4 3 Canada A

Sunday, 17 February 2013:

Team 1 Team 2
United States 0 4 Chile A
Taiwan A 4 1 Taiwan B
Russian Federation/Ukraine 4 1 Thailand

Monday, 18 February 2013:

Team 1 Team 2
Argentina/Colombia 4 3 Italy A


General rules

  1. Maps will be announced well before the first match of that round is set to start. Only those maps can be played
    • Each team will select one map of their choice from the mapset list.
    • You cannot select a map more than once.
    • A Tiebreaker map will be given which can only be played as a Tiebreaker of a series.
  2. A referee is needed for all matches! If no referee shows up and no other one is available, the match will be postponed.
  3. Mods are allowed, refer to the map pool sections.
  4. If a game ends in a draw, then the match is nullified. Team will select another map.
  5. If a player gets disconnected, it is considered that player left the match on his own
    • A re-play can be played if both teams agree on this.
    • If the server is too unstable, the match will be postponed.
  6. If less than 2 players show up, match is postponed for 20 to 30 minutes
    • After the time the match will continue on or be postponed of opponent team agrees.
    • You may find a replacement player for that match. (Refer to rule 7).
  7. You may find a temporary replacement for a match
    • This needs a referee's approval and a valid reason.
    • You may exchange players once in the group stage and twice in the Knockout Stage.
  8. Lag is not a valid excuse to nullify a match! Get a better connection then.
  9. Winning by default means the winning team wins be a sweep (3-0) and the losing team gets -1 points.
  10. 2 vs 2 may only be played ONLY in the group stage
    • Both team captains (or teams playing if captain doesn't show) can agree to play 2 vs. 2.
    • This needs a valid reason and a referee's approval.
    • If this is abused too often, tournament management will intervene which could lead to a team being disqualified.
  11. If an unexpected incidences occurs which is not covered here, a referee is to judge this and final approval will be pending from Tournament Management.
  12. If un-fair behavior (cheating, insulting other players, racism) or disruption of tournament progress will result in punishment with an immediate banishment of the player/team.
    • You get banned here, you are banned from other tournaments.
  13. Any complaints on a map selection or the progress of this tournament will be ignored.
  14. If any complaints are to be given regarding a staff member, this will be looked after by me.
  15. If a player gets silenced during the time of their match, that person CANNOT participate in the match. You cannot be silenced during your match as this poses a major communication issue. Get silenced once, your.
  16. If you cannot make your match, inform your team captain AND a tournament manager 24-48 hours in advance! We understand that emergency situations may occur, then you are required to inform a tournament manager regarding the issue.
  17. Any changes or modifications to the rules will be notified.


  1. Team must consist of at least 3 players. You may add a 4th player as a back up which is always encouraged.
  2. A captain must be picked to organise and manage the team (e.g. in match scheduling)
    • Preferably the captain should know a good amount of English to communicate.
  3. Each team represents a nation, meaning you make teams with players of the same country.
  4. You can make multiple teams from the same nation. One will be benoted as "A" then "B" and so on.
  5. Binational teams are allowed in this tournament if two country lacks CTB players.
    • Binational teams include a combination of players from different nearing countries.
    • Binational teams are restricted. Meaning they can only be formed if two countries lack active players AND are in close proximity of the country (near each other).
    • Binational teams are only exceptional and shall not be commonly used. A tournament manager's approval is required to form a binational team.
    • Binational teams cannot consist of more than 2 countries.
    • You cannot form a binational team with a country with a large player base. You are encouraged to form with smaller nearing countries. If you seem that this is impossible then message tournament management with a valid reason.
  6. To form a team, post in the discussion thread
    • Team captains are free to make team changes up until the day of the tournament. Please PM me (Weez) if there is a change.
    • If someone changes their username, please let us know!
  7. Mapset selectors cannot participate in the tournament as players.

Tournament stages

  1. First stage of the tournament will be a Group Stage, Teams will be divided up (depending on registrations).
  2. All the teams from each group will face each other.
  3. Rankings of each group will be recorded and will determine the standings and who will move on.
  4. The point system will work like this
    • The winner of the match will gain 3 points.
    • Losing team will gain 1 point.
    • If a team fails to show up that is -1 point.
  5. Top 2 from each group will move on to the Knockout Stage.
  6. Teams from the same country will not be in the same group.
  7. If the same country moves on to the Knockout Stage, they will be matched up against each other in the first Knockout Stage. This is to avoid the same two countries finishing in the top 3.
  8. Losing in the Knockout Stage will mean you are out of the tournament.
  9. The Group Stage will be Best 3 out of 5 matches. First few rounds of the Knockout Stage will be best 4 out of 7. Semifinals and Finals will be best 5 out of 9.

Match information

  1. You are expected to be ready for your match 15 minutes beforehand. Match referees will message the team captains regarding everything for your match.
  2. The referee will create a multiplayer room at that point. All players are required to arrive in the room then
    • The room will be locked. The password will be sent to the two captains as soon as possible.
    • Room settings are Catch the Beat, Team vs., Win Condition 'Score'.
  3. The two captains will decide who picks the first map, if no decision is made, the referee will pick at random
    • Referee will then transfer the host.
  4. The captains will take turns selecting maps from the announced map pool
    • In the case of a tie (2:2, 3:3, 4:4), the host will be given to the referee who will select the specific tiebreaker map.
    • Note the the referee will not be in the games but will be popping in and out in-between matches.
  5. All captains (or any player really) are required to save all screenshots for each matches results! The winning team captain must send those screenshots to the Tournament Manager via PM!


At the beginning of each week, look here for the map pool for the specific round. Matches will be played on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays so map pools will be released on either Monday or Tuesday. This year we will include the additions of mods!! Yaaaaaay! Just like the owc! there will be set maps for certain mods for each map pool.

  1. Each team can only pick 1 mod specific map from each mod pool per match.
  2. Picking from the non-mod pool is unlimited.
  3. You may combine Hidden mod with DoubleTime or HardRock maps but all players need to agree with this first! Referee has the power to deny this if it is not respected.
  4. This is how the map pool would look like:
    • NoMod: 6 maps
    • Hidden: 2 maps
    • HardRock: 2 maps
    • DoubleTime: 2 maps
    • Tiebreaker: 1 (NoMod), in case of a tie