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osu! Singapore-Indonesia-Malaysia Tournament

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The osu! Singapore-Indonesia-Malaysia Tournament (OSIM) was a double-elimination 2v2 osu! tournament hosted by youi, Fre, and Kumaxione. The tournament was open to all players from Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia regardless of rank. It was the first iteration of the tournament series.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Registration phase 2020-02-15/2020-03-08
Screening phase 2020-03-09/2020-03-20
Qualifiers 2020-03-21/2020-03-29
Team drafting 2020-04-04
Group stage 2020-04-05/2020-04-19
Quarterfinals 2020-04/20/2020-04-26
Semifinals 2020-04-27/2020-05-03
Finals week 1 2020-05-04/2020-05-11
Finals week 2 2020-05-12/2020-05-17


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown 2 months of osu!supporter for each team member, unique profile badge
Silver crown 2 months of osu!supporter for each team member
Bronze crown 1 month of osu!supporter for each team member

OSIM winner badge


OSIM was run by various osu! community members predominantly hailing from Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Position Member(s)
Host youi, Fre, Kumaxione
Mappool selector youi, Fre, Kumaxione, Rtyzen
Streamer youi, Fre, Kumaxione
Commentator youi, Fre, Kumaxione
Referee youi, Fre, Kumaxione, phizh, Sonic-, Its not Marvin, Xyrelyx, GDLenny
Graphic designer youi
Spreadsheet manager youi
Wiki editor Niva


Team name Seed A player (captain) Seed B player Seed C player
:watamesleep: wuhua TequilaWolf thefarrel007
1miss ShaneLiang Naz Reinaru
adventure timers Skydiver wilson9909 OTWGE
asean NUTtersarus Rampax OppaiSuki Remuru
DaFaK FaithInOsu Desumond KrispyKrep
emilia fanclub not_aweeb Vexine Rexyne
ff15 121Brian121 Clayweg JokThree
fryed pussy [fry] Walfrid PandaHung143
gebratene Muschi Vinno moosepi TachibanaTaki12
Happy Ending [-Lockon-] ExImperia C4rm4
mofumofu lover Rtzer0 _gt Veltlion
Nekopara Fanclub Sei Shaneagon Takaichi verdas123
pussy fly Monofly moltenfury hilo123
pussy goreng phox Loslite Fried Rice
pussy goreng v3 SeeL Heresy fnayR
sijori folks F4UZ4N vernonlim Shleepy
somaymalaycapcay Rexeez Somay 287 Ho Ping
tasty watermelon sumippe GSBlank AGhostyTSQ
we will 操你妈 Soba Noodles Zeph2003 Lunarsol
Where Love Lies Fuma Fayn Hecatia


This competition has come to an end and resulted in the following podium:

Placing Team
Gold crown somaymalaycapcay ( Rexeez, Somay 287, Ho Ping)
Silver crown adventure timers ( Skydiver, wilson9909, OTWGE)
Bronze crown we will 操你妈 ( Soba Noodles, Zeph2003, Lunarsol)


Finals week 2

Download the mappack here! (193 MB)

Finals week 1

Download the mappack here! (225 MB)


Download the mappack here! (159 MB)


Download the mappack here! (125 MB)

Group stage

Download the mappack here! (213 MB)


Download the mappack here! (66 MB)

Match results

Finals week 2

Saturday, 16 May 2020:

Bracket Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Lower we will 操你妈 4 7 somaymalaycapcay #1

Sunday, 17 May 2020, Grand Final:

Bracket Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Grand Final adventure timers 2 7 somaymalaycapcay #1
Grand Final (Bracket Reset) somaymalaycapcay 7 6 adventure timers #1

Finals week 1

Friday, 8 May 2020:

Bracket Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Lower tasty watermelon 7 2 1miss #1
Lower Where Love Lies 2 7 somaymalaycapcay #1

Saturday, 9 May 2020:

Bracket Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Lower tasty watermelon 2 7 somaymalaycapcay #1

Sunday, 10 May 2020:

Bracket Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Upper adventure timers 7 4 we will 操你妈 #1


Saturday, 2 May 2020:

Bracket Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Lower :watamesleep: 3 6 1miss #1
Lower Nekopara Fanclub 2 6 pussy goreng v3 #1
Lower somaymalaycapcay 6 1 Happy Ending #1
Lower asean NUTtersarus 5 6 mofumofu lover #1
Upper Where Love Lies 2 6 adventure timers #1

Sunday, 3 May 2020:

Bracket Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Upper we will 操你妈 6 3 tasty watermelon #1
Lower 1miss 6 4 pussy goreng v3 #1
Lower somaymalaycapcay 6 3 mofumofu lover #1


Saturday, 25 April 2020:

Bracket Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Lower Happy Ending 6 5 pussy goreng #1
Upper adventure timers 6 2 Nekopara Fanclub #1
Lower mofumofu lover 6 1 emilia fanclub #1
Upper :watamesleep: 3 6 Where Love Lies #1
Upper tasty watermelon 6 2 asean NUTtersarus #1

Sunday, 26 April 2020:

Bracket Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Lower pussy fly 0 6 1miss #1
Lower ff15 0 6 pussy goreng v3 #1
Upper somaymalaycapcay 3 6 we will 操你妈 #1

Group stage

Saturday, 11 April 2020:

Group Team 1 Team 2 Match link
A :watamesleep: 5 0 mofumofu lover #1
B gebratene Muschi 2 5 pussy fly #1
C 1miss 4 5 asean NUTtersarus #1
B adventure timers 5 1 Happy Ending #1
D emilia fanclub 4 5 we will 操你妈 #1
C pussy goreng 3 5 1miss #1
B tasty watermelon 3 5 adventure timers #1
C asean NUTtersarus 5 3 sijori folks #1
D we will 操你妈 5 2 Where Love Lies #1
C pussy goreng 5 3 asean NUTtersarus #1
A mofumofu lover 5 1 DaFaK #1

Sunday, 12 April 2020:

Group Team 1 Team 2 Match link
C Nekopara Fanclub 5 2 pussy goreng #1
B Happy Ending 5 1 gebratene Muschi #1
D fryed pussy 0 5 we will 操你妈 #1
A DaFaK 4 5 ff15 #1
C sijori folks 4 5 Nekopara Fanclub #1
D Where Love Lies 5 0 emilia fanclub #1
B pussy fly 0 5 tasty watermelon #1
A ff15 2 5 somaymalaycapcay #1

Friday, 17 April 2020:

Group Team 1 Team 2 Match link
D pussy goreng v3 2 5 Where Love Lies #1

Saturday, 18 April 2020:

Group Team 1 Team 2 Match link
D fryed pussy 2 5 pussy goreng v3 #1
B tasty watermelon 5 3 Happy Ending #1
B pussy fly 0 5 adventure timers #1
A DaFaK 1 5 somaymalaycapcay #1
D emilia fanclub 5 2 fryed pussy #1
A mofumofu lover 5 1 ff15 #1
B gebratene Muschi 0 5 tasty watermelon #1
C Nekopara Fanclub 5 2 1miss #1
D we will 操你妈 5 2 pussy goreng v3 #1
D pussy goreng v3 5 2 emilia fanclub #1
D Where Love Lies 5 1 fryed pussy #1
C sijori folks 3 5 pussy goreng #1

Sunday, 19 April 2020:

Group Team 1 Team 2 Match link
A ff15 0 5 :watamesleep: #1, #2
B adventure timers 5 1 gebratene Muschi #1
B Happy Ending 5 2 pussy fly #1
A somaymalaycapcay 5 2 mofumofu lover #1
C asean NUTtersarus 5 2 Nekopara Fanclub #1
A :watamesleep: 5 0 DaFaK #1
C 1miss 5 0 sijori folks #1
A somaymalaycapcay 4 5 :watamesleep: #1


Placement Seed Player Qualifier points
#1 A Skydiver 9.081
#2 A Rampax 8.745
#3 A ShaneLiang 8.453
#4 A Soba Noodles 8.43
#5 A [-Lockon-] 8.289
#6 A Rexeez 8.047
#7 A Fuma 8.04
#8 A SeeL 7.681
#9 A wuhua 7.676
#10 A Vinno 7.322
#11 A Rtzer0 7.294
#12 A F4UZ4N 7.083
#13 A Sei Shaneagon 6.624
#14 A not_aweeb 6.196
#15 A 121Brian121 6.105
#16 A Monofly 5.99
#17 A FaithInOsu 5.868
#18 A phox 5.861
#19 A [fry] 5.654
#20 A sumippe 5.385
#21 B vernonlim 5.346
#22 B Desumond 5.272
#23 B Naz 5.004
#24 B Vexine 4.961
#25 B Heresy 4.956
#26 B Loslite 4.949
#27 B _gt 4.927
#28 B Somay 287 4.814
#29 B wilson9909 4.813
#30 B moosepi 4.771
#31 B Zeph2003 4.75
#32 B Moltenfury 4.726
#33 B OppaiSuki 4.681
#34 B Clayweg 4.526
#35 B Fayn 4.444
#36 B GSBlank 4.417
#37 B TequilaWolf 4.351
#38 B Takaichi 4.333
#39 B Walfrid 4.326
#40 B ExImperia 4.272
#41 C Lunarsol 4.188
#42 C C4rm4 4.07
#43 C Rexyne 3.875
#44 C hilo123 3.763
#45 C Reinaru 3.688
#46 C Veltlion 3.609
#47 C fnayR 3.583
#48 C Hecatia 3.398
#49 C verdas123 3.376
#50 C thefarrel007 3.081
#51 C Shleepy 3.066
#52 C KrispyKrep 2.947
#53 C PandaHung143 2.809
#54 C Ho Ping 2.798
#55 C TachibanaTaki12 2.77
#56 C OTWGE 2.768
#57 C JokThree 2.509
#58 C Remuru 2.349
#59 C Fried Rice 2.223
#60 C AGhostyTSQ 2.035
#61 Out YYRyan17 1.876
#62 Out Hayatokundesu 1.766
#63 Out [-shirayuki-] 1.721
#64 Out [-Shinobi-] 1.631
#65 Out kaneki016 1.604
#66 Out BannerPF 1.432
#67 Out [MY]xArief 1.382
#68 Out GKen 1.190
#69 Out GFigo 1.137
#70 Out Frost Mk1 1.049
#71 Out DiamondChinXp 0.976
#72 Out Sloth Nation 0.778
#73 Out [Fubuki] 0.68
#74 Out Dyspaire 0.589
#75 Out VenDService 0.582
#76 Out TsukinoseTillot 0.57
#77 Out - [Shiro] - 0.536
#78 Out soulrapier 0.432
#79 Out AlwaysUseHidden 0.379
#80 Out CrackGamePlay 0.358
#81 Out Samosamaster 0.31
#82 Out Rystart 0.222


General rules

  1. Map scoring is based on Score V2.
  2. The mapsets for each round will be announced by the Tournament Management in advance before the actual matches take place.
  3. Match schedules will be predetermined by the Tournament Management. Had there been any teams who were unable to attend the current schedule for any reason, affected teams may apply and settle for a reschedule at the #reschedule channel in the tournament's Discord server.
  4. A referee will create a multiplayer room 10 minutes in advance and will start to send out invites.
  5. If a team does not show up within 10 minutes of the start time, their opponent wins by default.
  6. If no staff or referee is available, the match will be postponed.
  7. NoFail will be enforced in all maps. This is to ensure that the points are to be awarded more fairly towards players who perform better in general during the course of the map regardless of their remaining health at the end.
  8. If a player disconnects, it will be treated as if they failed the map.
    • Disconnects that occur within a few seconds after map is started by the referee can be rematched.
  9. If a player disconnects between the beatmaps, the match can be delayed up to 15 minutes max.
    • In case the disconnected player failed to report back or to be replaced with another player after the maximum allowance of 15 minutes has passed, the opposing team may be declared to be winning the match by default.
  10. Lag is not a valid reason to nullify a map.
  11. If there are any problems during the match occurence, the Tournament Management will make a decision based on referee's report.
  12. It is expected to be polite and respectful to each other. Penalties will be given if participants violates.
    • If participants try to provoke other participants, participants who start the provocation will be reported to the OSIM staff and may be blacklisted in the future instalments of OSIM.
    • Usage of any illegal programs will be reported to the osu!staff and will be blacklisted in the next instalment of OSIM.
    • If there is anyone try to play as the participants, their account will be blacklisted in the next instalment of OSIM for both participant and the helper.

Tournament registration

  1. All interested participants are required to register into the tournament individually.
    • In order to be eligible to play in the tournament, a participant must have either the Singaporean, Indonesian, or Malaysian flag displayed on their profile.
  2. To ensure valid and serious registrations, every registered participant will be checked by the Tournament Management and screened by osu!'s Tournament Staff.
  3. The list of participants who have passed the screening and are able to compete in the tournament will be published after the Registration Phase has ended.
  4. Referees and map selectors may not participate as players in this tournament.

Qualifier rules

  1. Each participant will have to sign up to one of the Qualifier lobbies that has been scheduled and prepared by the Tournament Management in advance.
  2. In the lobby, participants will have to consecutively play all of the ten Qualifier maps in the order of NM1 -> NM2 -> NM3 -> NM4 -> HD1 -> HD2 -> HR1 -> HR2 -> DT1 -> DT2.
  3. Participants are not allowed to ban any maps in the Qualifiers.
  4. Participants are not allowed to join in (or register for) more than one Qualifier lobbies.
  5. 60 participants with the highest amount of Qualifier points in total will advance to the knock-out stages.
    • The Qualifier points are calculated by the following formula: Σ(your achieved score/best score on the map from all lobbies).
    • Players who are placed #1 - #20 will be designated as Seed A players. These players have the power to pick out in turns one player from Seed B and one player from Seed C that they'll be teaming up with in the team drafting phase.
    • Players who are placed #21 - #40 will be designated as Seed B players.
    • Players who are placed #41 - #60 will be designated as Seed C players.
    • Players who are placed outside the top 60 will be immediately eliminated from the tournament.
  6. Failure to attend in any of the predetermined Qualifier lobbies will result in an instant elimination from the tournament.

Group stage rules

  1. In the Group Stage, the 20 previously formed teams will be divided into 4 groups consisting of 5 different teams.
  2. All the teams from each group will face each other.
  3. Rankings of each group are determined by sorting the results of each team's performance in the following priority:
    • Most matches won.
    • Have higher {(the number of beatmaps won) - (the number of beatmaps defeated)}.
    • Most beatmaps won.
    • Winner of the match played previously between the tied teams.
    • In the event of a triple tie:
      • Have higher ∑{(total score difference) / (maximum score)}.
      • Winner of the rematch.

Knock-out stage rules

  1. The 16 teams who managed to get through from the Group stage will be matched to each other based on their Group stage placement.
    • Teams who were placed 1st or 2nd on their corresponding group will start the knock-out stage in the Upper Bracket.
    • Teams who were placed 3rd or 4th on their corresponding group will start the knock-out stage in the Lower Bracket.
  2. Team will compete against each other using the Double Elimination system.
  3. The Double Elimination System works as following:
    • Teams who lose in the Upper Bracket can still play again on the Lower Bracket.
    • Teams who lose in the Lower Bracket will be eliminated from the tournament.
    • In the Grand Finals, the winner of the the Upper Bracket only needs to win a single match against their opponent in order to claim the championship title. The winner of the Lower Bracket, however, needs to win two matches and enforce a Bracket Reset against their opponent in order to claim the championship title.
  4. Teams who can compete in the next round are determined by:
    • In the Quarterfinals and the Semifinals, each team needs to win 6 points in order to win a match. (Best-of-11)
    • In both of the Finals Weeks, each team needs to win 7 points in order to to win a match. (Best-of-13)
    • Teams who Win By Default.
    • If there are teams who experience disqualification during the match.

Match regulations

  1. A representative from each team must use the !roll command once in #multiplayer in order to determine the banning and picking order.
    • The winner of the !roll gets to decide which team bans first.
    • The loser of the !roll gets to decide which team picks first.
    • This rule does not apply in the Qualifier lobbies.
  2. Each team has to ban one beatmap (on Group Stage) and two beatmaps (on the knock-out stages) from the mappool. These beatmaps are not allowed to be picked by any team during the entire match.
    • Each team may ban multiple maps from the same mod pool. Either team, however, may not ban out a mod pool completely -- for example, in a match with 3 possible HardRock picks in where two HardRock picks have been banned prior, the team that bans next may not ban the remaining HardRock pick as it'll shut down the HardRock mod pool completely for the corresponding match.
    • Banning does not apply in the Qualifier lobbies.
  3. Each team is free to select one warm-up beatmap. Using beatmaps with questionable content is prohibited.
    • Warm-ups do not apply in the Qualifier lobbies.
  4. In a FreeMod pick, each player has to apply at least one mod to play the map with. Allowed mods are EZ, HR, HD, or any possible combinations of the three mods.
    • Playing a FreeMod pick without any mods applied is not allowed.
    • Players in the same team may not put out the same mod combination with each other in a FreeMod pick.
    • Players who opt to play with EZ in a FreeMod pick will have their scores multiplied by an amount ranging from x1.5 to x3 based off certain weighting values that have been predetermined by the mappool selectors for each map. For more details on how much each map is valued, please refer to the main spreadsheet.
  5. In case of a tiebreaker, each captain will ban 1 of the 3 available tiebreakers. This is done by sending an in-game PM with your ban to the match referee. The remaining map will be played.
    • If both captains ban the same map, the referee will run the !roll 2 command in the lobby to determine which of the 2 remaining tiebreakers will be played.
  6. The Seed C player from each team has to play at least one map in every match. If a match reaches a match point and either team's Seed C player has yet to play a map, the referee will not start the next map until the Seed C player from the said team participates.
  7. The results of each match and any other relevant information regarding the match will be posted on the Discord server after the match has concluded by the responsible referees.