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Rapid Monthly osu! Tournament Invitational 2

The Rapid Monthly osu! Tournament Invitational #2 (RMoTI 2) was a 1v1 double-elimination osu! tournament organised and run by the Rapid Tournaments team. It was an exclusive tournament where only players who reached Semifinals in one of the last 4 RMoTs were invited.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Round of 16 2017-05-06
Quarterfinals and Losers Round 1 2017-05-07
Semifinals and Losers Round 2 and 3 2017-05-13
Losers Round 4, 5 and 6 2017-05-14
Finals and Grand Finals 2017-05-14


The prizes were handed out in the form of points. Every 36 points could be redeemed for a month of the osu!supporter tag. Invitational winners were awarded twice the amount awarded in RMoTs. The winner of the Invitational tournament got 96 points, second place got 48 points etc.



Anyone was allowed to predict the outcome of the tournament until the starting date. The predictions took place on Challonge and the top three predicters were awarded half the amount of points awarded in RMoTs.


16 players are admitted into each Invitational. Players eligible for Invitational 2 were:

Notice: AkaiKage and Chanigan gave up their places in the Invitational and EIVO and Koizumi Hanayo reached semi-finals twice. Due to this, 4 people who have not reached semi-finals were selected to participate in the tournament, filler players.

The filler players are chosen according to a few criteria in the following priority:

  1. Having participated in and reached QF (quarter-finals) once out of the last 4 RMoT's
  2. Number of times reached QF
  3. Number of times participated in RMoT
  4. Current PP

ErroTheCube, bsurma, Malson and Senpaii Hentaii gained the right to participate in the Invitational, ErroTheCube being seeded higher than the other three.


This competition has come to an end and resulted in the following podium:

Placing Player
Gold crown MagBlood
Silver crown bsurma
Bronze crown Malson



General rules

  • The tournament will be held in 1v1 double-elimination format with traditional seeding.
  • The matches will be played using Score V2 and TeamVS settings.
  • A referee will be present in every match and every match will be streamed, with additional commentators when possible.
  • The tournament will be held over 2 weekends, joining the Discord server is mandatory at least for the duration of the tournament.
  • First day matches will be best of 5, second day matches best of 7, third day matches are best of 9, and fourth day matches will be best of 11.

Match rules

  1. The referee will create the room and invite or move the players in.
  2. Theplayers will roll to determine the order of picking warmups and maps.
  3. The higher roller will pick the first warmup map.
  4. The lower roller will ban first, the higher roller will pick first.
    • FreeMod is forced mod, meaning every player has to use at least one mod.
      • Tiebreaker is not forced mod but you may choose a mod.
      • Eligible mods for FreeMod and Tiebreaker are Easy, Flashlight, Hard Rock and Hidden.


  • There is only one mappool for all matches, made of maps from the last four RMoT mappools.
  • There are 6 tiebreaker maps, one for each stage.
  • Every tiebreaker from the last 4 RMoTs and 2 new maps are picked for tiebreaker.