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TAG2 Tournament 2019

T2T 2019 logo

The TAG2 Tournament 2019 (T2T 2019) was an international Tag Team VS. tournament hosted by Mara and Malteser. It was the third instalment of the TAG Tournament series. The tournament followed on from Tayo's two previous TAG Tournaments: T4T 2017 and T4T 2018.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Registration phase 2019-02-15/2019-03-15
Qualifiers 2019-03-30/2019-03-31
Group stage 2019-04-06/2019-04-07
Round of 16 2019-04-13/2019-04-14
Quarterfinals 2019-04-20/2019-04-21
Semifinals 2019-04-27/2019-04-28
Finals 2019-05-04/2019-05-05
Grand Finals 2019-05-18/2019-05-19


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown 6 months of osu!supporter, profile badge
Silver crown 2 months of osu!supporter
Bronze crown 1 month of osu!supporter


The TAG2 Tournament 2019 was run by various community members.


Team Members
Jelosefied deanio97, My Waifu Holo
tikkayes tikkanen, Yes
osu! schmosu! -Roxas, Doomsday, Bubbleman
KATIUSZA _NotSoFast_, Zabijaka, ZBUKU Veth, okinamo, Knalli
Pats Hedzio, Reazen, Pawlyk here
Fat sack of cat crap HashBrownDoyler, asneakyfatcat
big gem slappers shineroo, Lazer
A League of Our Own Blujae, _windex
Order of the Black Knights AD_GOD, Zelepupka, Liswiera
Flyg slem Reedkatt, FlySlime
NumZyo009 Num5119, BearZyo, Ninjaadrian009
@Zenzi#8087 CS? Bakugo-, Zenzi, Sylvarus
You’re cute uwu [Lucky], DokiPon, davidercool
taiko closed, dragonworm
:sunflower: TLQ_Yoshii, DeltaZero, loveleft
JMIH TEAM slivkigames1, HOMEPON, d4rkymode
deranker fan club trevrasher, Bartek22830, majoreh
Thank You Apraxia, Xilver15, Conyoh
idk pajwoj, Nega, PainSinger
sleepy squad PayneTrain, Saltystick
HibikiLover [- Hibiki-], [-Hibiki -]
Lowkey Steez Jordan The Bear, uyghti, Monk Gyatso
Let’s Obtain This Grain Evan1, Adan, tux_frog
De drie Jo's Mr HeliX, wooz, Damnjelly
Double Siusiaczki Szago, -yeXa-
Splendid Hentai Booty Urnukka, LwL, Ham Solo
Souljaboii coulrulner1, Quantifiable
Mya, Gambler, Ansol
Birkano Maariianoo, -Birke-
Miss Generators Turbotondel, PatyYe-, [Ted]
invandrarna zhichu, silverin0, Lord Grim
Coventry Convent Elit3, Rumon
2 Autis Zexen, NoVaLian, Seox
Wapitulas Penguo, Arua, Nykke
Haven't you heard? we are the twins Bowlcut, silverlightcs
Moe Watchers Hot Cocoa, trevrashar, Dosh
yousangumin ftg, ddm, 239
dont know -Urushihara-, Astris
yooo whats goodie eh Vespirit, neuro
succducc Coco senpai, Kawaii Kaneki, Gracidea
short breads Tekkito, theking1212, ikyy
FutaLovers ElMick33, NecropedoSS, cahsun
egg Rysenen, FluffyEcho, biscuithime
Furfags OwO RivenXLukario, Umbre, [ Max ]
le Pepega HullPerse, Jonbaron, momo015


This competition has come to an end and resulted in the following podium:

Placing Team
Gold crown Thank You ( Apraxia, Xilver15, Conyoh)
Silver crown osu! schmosu! ( -Roxas, Doomsday, Bubbleman)
Bronze crown yooo whats goodie eh ( Vespirit, neuro)


Grand Finals

Download the mappack here! (254 MB)


Download the mappack here! (220 MB)


Download the mappack here! (135 MB)


Download the mappack here! (118 MB)

Round of 16

Download the mappack here! (134 MB)

Group stage

Download the mappack here! (124 MB)


Download the mappack here! (33 MB)


Tournament information

  • This is an osu!standard 2v2 TAG4 (TAG Team Vs) double-elimination tournament.
  • The win condition will be Accuracy.
  • There is no rank limit, but we recommend your team's average rank to be 20k at least.
  • This is an International tournament, meaning that anyone from any country can join.
  • Joining to the Discord is REQUIRED. Please use the #verification channel to verify yourself.
  • Everyone that signs up for the tournament will participate in the qualifier lobbies.
  • The top 32 teams in the qualifiers will proceed further in the tournament, seeded accordingly to qualifier placement.
  • Teams must be at least of 2 players and a maximum of 3 players.

Match rules

  • Referees will create the lobby and invite team captains (or another player) 10 minutes before the match is due to start. "T2T: (Team 1) vs (Team 2)".
  • Matches will be set to Tag Vs with Accuracy as the scoring system used.
  • Team 1 will be Team Blue (Slots 1 and 2) and Team 2 will be Team Red (Slots 3 and 4).
  • If a team fails to show up 15 minutes after the scheduled match time, the match win will be given to the other team.
  • However, the grace period can be extended by 10 minutes if both teams agree.
  • 1v1s and 1v2s are not permitted in any circumstances. Only 2v2s are allowed.
  • If your team is one player or more short, a default win will be given to the team with the most players available.
  • If both teams fail to show up, then a loss will be given to both teams.
  • At the start of the match, teams are free to select one warmup these must be less than 4:30 mins.
  • Warmups are NOT ALLOWED during Group stages.
  • The referee will have host for entire duration of the match, the only exception will be warmups.
  • Teams will roll ONCE. The winner of the roll will have the First warmup, Second ban and First pick.
  • Each team will have 2 minutes to ban and pick maps. Failure to pick a map will result the pick going to the other team (This does not affect pick order).
  • Maps from the mappool may only be chosen once. Maps from the mappool cannot be chosen as a warmup.
  • In Freemod, each player may choose from the following mods: EZ, HR, HD, FL along with NoFail (which is required in all maps). NoFail does NOT count as a mod.
  • Once players are ready, the match will begin on a 15 second countdown.
  • If a player disconnects during match play, the referee will abort the match. Teams will then decide on whether the map is played again or the team without issues gets the point.
  • Tiebreakers are played with FreeMod, however, they are not required for the Tiebreaker.