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The Roundtable

The Roundtable banner

The Roundtable was a 16 player in-person invitational event featuring various tournaments throughout its 3 day duration. The event was hosted in Los Angeles by BTMC.


Event Timestamp
16 player battle royale 2022-07-08 (21:00 UTC +0)
2v2 team tandem tournament 2022-07-09 (18:00 UTC +0)
1v1 double elimination tournament 2022-07-09 (22:00 UTC +0)
1v1 double elimination tournament (top 8) 2022-07-10 (17:30 UTC +0)


The Roundtable was run by various community members.

Position Member(s)
Project manager Kroytz, pishifat
Commentator BTMC HappyStick
Referee Tekkito, D I O, freddiiieeee, [K], ilw8, Yazzehh
Production DeadRote, ilw8, Albert Chang
Designer Flezlin, joiechii
Mappooler Tekkito, D I O, Nerowo, ChaosRaidz, Ekoro, BronyPH
Mappool playtester Tekkito, BronyPH
Sheeter clxxiii, iamab0b, Rekunan