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Most Amazing LAN Ever

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The Most Amazing LAN Ever (MALE) was an osu! and osu!mania BYOC LAN tournament hosted by ForceJansen and Chest Flattener. It took place during Highlander Con 2019, a competitive gaming festival hosted by Highlander Gaming at the University of California, Riverside (UCR).

Event details

The Most Amazing LAN Ever was run over the duration of Highlander Con, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. PST on Sunday, January 27th, 2019. osu! and osu!mania tournaments started around 3:00 p.m. and 11:00 a.m., respectively.

Near the center of the UCR campus, the Highlander Union Building is where most of the events for Highlander Con took place. The Most Amazing LAN Ever was held in HUB 269.


All prizes were awarded to both the osu! and osu!mania winners.

Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown Profile badge, Aorus K7 keyboard
Silver crown Aorus M3 mouse
Bronze crown AMP500 mousepad


The Most Amazing LAN Ever was run by various osu! community members at UCR.

Position Member(s)
Host ForceJansen, Chest Flattener
Commentator ForceJansen, Chest Flattener
Mappool selector ForceJansen, Chest Flattener, Harrharrqi, Sheenoboo






Placing Player
Gold crown Mathyu
Silver crown Darin on osu
Bronze crown Kenny


Placing Player
Gold crown Zushen
Silver crown Ecal
Bronze crown Ouchiee



Download the mappack here! (276 MB)

Grand Finals




Group stage



Second stage

First stage

Match results


Grand Finals

Player 1 Player 2 Notes
Darin on osu 1 0 Kenny forfeit (left early)
Mathyu 7 1 Darin on osu #1


Player 1 Player 2 Notes
R Y A N 6 1 Riku on osu #1
Kenny 6 4 clayton #1
R Y A N 5 7 Kenny #1
Mathyu 6 4 Darin on osu #1


Player 1 Player 2 Notes
J_8579 0 4 GiraffeMidget #1
Riku on osu 4 0 andrew22r #1
clayton 4 1 Ikeda Chizuru #1
death grips 1 0 DetectiveBleh forfeit (no-show)
GiraffeMidget 0 1 Riku on osu forfeit (left early)
clayton 5 3 death grips
Mathyu 5 2 R Y A N
Darin on osu 5 3 Kenny


Player 1 Player 2 Notes
andrew22r 3 0 MyAngelNeptune #1
MaidenofSorrow 0 4 Ikeda Chizuru
Mathyu 4 1 death grips #1
R Y A N 4 3 clayton #1
Darin on osu 4 1 Riku on osu #1
Kenny 4 0 J_8579 #1

Round of 16

Player 1 Player 2 Notes
GiraffeMidget 0 4 death grips
R Y A N 4 0 andrew22r
clayton 4 1 MyAngelNeptune #1
Darin on osu 4 0 MaidenofSorrow #1
Riku on osu 4 2 Ikeda Chizuru


The bracket was cut off early due to time concerns, so later matches switched to a single-elimination format.


Player 1 Player 2
Zushen 4 0 Ecal

Losers bracket (not used)

Player 1 Player 2 Notes
Ouchiee 1 0 Riku on osu forfeit
Giraffle 3 2 MintyYumi
Ouchiee 1 0 Giraffle forfeit

Round of 6

Player 1 Player 2
Giraffle 3 0 Riku on osu
Ouchiee 3 0 MintyYumi
Zushen 3 0 Giraffle
Ecal 3 2 Ouchiee


Tournament rules

  1. The Most Amazing LAN Ever is a one-on-one osu! and osu!mania tournament.
  2. Players must play all of their matches at Highlander Con 2019.
  3. Map scoring is based on Score V2.
  4. In osu!, seeding will be based on the results of the Group Stage. In osu!mania, seeding will be based on player rank.
  5. Except in Group Stage, each player will be allowed to ban one map per match.
  6. Any mods may be used on FreeMod, Tiebreaker and Marathon maps.


  1. In osu! Group Stage, every player plays every map. The total scores of each player will determine the seeding for further stages of the tournament.
  2. All other stages are in the double-elimination format.

Match instructions

  1. Warm-up picks will likely not be allowed due to time concerns.
  2. Both players will !roll when they join the lobby. The player with the lower result will ban first, and the other will pick first.
  3. Map selection alternates between players. If the scores are tied at match point, the tiebreaker will be played.