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3 Digit Taiko World Cup

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The 3 Digit Taiko World Cup (3TWC) was a worldwide country-based double-elimination 2v2 osu!taiko tournament hosted by Vaf. Only players ranked between #100 and #999 could participate. It was the first instalment of the 3 Digit Taiko World Cup.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Registration phase 2020-12-05/2020-12-26
Screening and team creations 2020-12-26/2021-01-02
Qualifiers 2021-01-09/2021-01-10
Round of 24 2021-01-16/2021-01-17
Round of 16 2021-01-23/2021-01-24
Quarterfinals 2021-01-29/2021-01-31
Semifinals 2021-02-05/2021-02-07
Finals 2021-02-12/2021-02-14
Grand Finals 2021-02-19/2021-02-21


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown Unique profile badge, exclusive team banner
Silver crown Exclusive team banner
Bronze crown Exclusive team banner

3TWC winner badge


The 3 Digit Taiko World Cup was run by various community members.


Country Members
Argentina gaston_2199, Atreevete, Axer, trollocat, whosthebox
Brazil Kyoumo, Coryn, Gustav0eiji, Foxeru, Lorenzetto
Canada beary605, ayyEve, FusRoYay, honkers, Lime717
Chile Catulus, -Capi-, iNeon, MikuWRS
China A New Beginning, Blastix Riotz, shoucan91, superSSS, szh134
European Alliance XOlifreX, Don Omar, OldFriend, Plasmodius, Salimen
Finland duski, Antti, gevbiivi5, MEGAMELA, vodnanen
France Briesmas, -Akitai-, Ectomic, Fraolinch, Yona
Germany frz, Ak1o, Mew, xMrtn-, Zetera
Hong Kong Cynplytholowazy, _mtk, Faputa, iamdicky000, J a c k y
Inca Empire Gamelan4, Koto-chan, L1ght, sti, Xoretra
Indonesia apaajaboleh10, Volta, WhiteSnowAngel, XK2238
Japan Noko_BSF, KuroKuroKuro, Maeda, owatanimal, Saikoro
Malaysia Jerry, [Zeth], HHVanilla Ice, Xeltic Rival
Mexico Iojioji, _Yuukii, Ammy, Mennock, ZaveryK
Netherlands Hypello, Cookie_Tree, kayaven, Krekker, Strijkljzer
Oceanic Alliance r1chyy, Sparxe, Tsubasa2
Philippines Pochacco, Aiery, jmeh07, Rimazii
Russian Federation Naninub, artemean, Dayzeek, Starger, Voenkom
Singapore Element118, Lunasaa, Prehistoria
Scandinavia Mills, femboy mapper, Nurend, petterde, Vendelicious
South Korea POCARI SWEAT, Asu_Krionat, ILOVEMARISA, Jakads, phosphene47
Switaly A-40, coed, MC2BP
Taiwan Yuemiao, KaEDe1106, kolishimona, ryan940618, X a v y
Thailand Raytoly, ConieSan, Ponamis
United Kingdom Teezel, _DUSK_, Daniels, hammygames, Horiiizon
United States cheese salad, AuroraPhasmata, ChurroChef, Ethaaaan, R J
Venezuela Rica Colorojo12, [_Chichinya_], Hotman, Nutellitah, puijela


This competition has come to an end and resulted in the following podium:


Grand Finals

Download the mappack here! (128 MB)


Download the mappack here! (104 MB)


Download the mappack here! (108 MB)


Download the mappack here! (91 MB)

Round of 16

Download the mappack here! (78 MB)

Round of 24

Download the mappack here! (70 MB)


Download the mappack here! (22 MB)

Match results

Grand Finals

Saturday, 20 February 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
South Korea 7 1 Malaysia #1

Sunday, 21 February 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
South Korea 5 7 China #1


Saturday, 13 February 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Japan 4 7 South Korea #1
Germany 2 7 Hong Kong #1

Sunday, 14 February 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
South Korea 7 5 Hong Kong #1
China 7 6 Malaysia #1


Saturday, 6 February 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Brazil 2 7 Indonesia #1
United States 7 1 Thailand #1
Malaysia 7 3 Japan #1
China 7 6 Hong Kong #1
Finland 0 7 Germany #1

Sunday, 7 February 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Argentina 3 7 South Korea #1
Germany 7 1 Indonesia #1
United States 3 7 South Korea #1


Saturday, 30 January 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Taiwan 6 2 Venezuela Rica #1
Brazil 1 6 Malaysia #1
Thailand 6 2 Mexico #1
Indonesia 6 0 Netherlands #1
South Korea 6 3 Switaly #1
European Alliance 0 6 Philippines #1
United States 1 6 Hong Kong #1
Oceanic Alliance 6 5 United Kingdom #1
Germany 0 -1 Scandinavia win by default
Russian Federation 6 3 Canada #1

Sunday, 31 January 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
China 6 0 Argentina #1
South Korea 6 3 Oceanic Alliance #1
Indonesia 6 3 Russian Federation #1
Germany 6 0 Taiwan #1
Japan 6 2 Finland #1
Thailand 6 2 Philippines #1

Round of 16

Saturday, 23 January 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
South Korea 4 6 Malaysia #1
Japan 6 1 European Alliance #1
Finland 6 2 Thailand #1
Brazil 6 1 Oceanic Alliance #1

Sunday, 24 January 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Inca Empire 2 6 Canada #1
Philippines 6 0 Chile #1, #2
Argentina 6 5 Indonesia #1
Singapore 3 6 Venezuela Rica #1
United States 6 1 Taiwan #1
China 6 3 Russian Federation #1
Germany 2 6 Hong Kong #1
France 4 6 United Kingdom #1

Round of 24

Saturday, 16 January 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
South Korea 6 0 Singapore #1
Taiwan 6 3 Switaly #1
Oceanic Alliance 0 -1 Scandinavia win by default
Hong Kong 6 1 United Kingdom #1
Argentina 6 2 Philippines #1

Sunday, 17 January 2021:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Malaysia 6 0 Venezuela Rica #1
Thailand 6 1 Canada #1
Indonesia 6 1 Chile #1
Germany 6 0 France #1
Finland 6 0 Inca Empire #1
European Alliance 6 2 Netherlands #1
Russian Federation 6 5 Mexico #1


  • More detailed results are available on the statistics sheet
  • Top 4 of the qualifiers proceeded to the Round of 16 automatically
  • Top 5 and below started from Round of 24
  • Total points were determined by summing up the position earned when playing all Qualifiers mappool
Seed Team Total points
#1 China 27
#2 Brazil 29
#3 Japan 30
#4 United States 33
#5 Germany 34
#6 Finland 35
#7 South Korea 36
#8 Argentina 40
#8 Indonesia 40
#10 Malaysia 43
#11 Thailand 46
#12 Hong Kong 47
#13 Taiwan 75
#14 European Alliance 80
#15 Oceanic Alliance 84
#16 Russian Federation 89
#17 Mexico 92
#18 Scandinavia 94
#19 Netherlands 96
#20 Switaly 97
#21 United Kingdom 99
#22 Canada 101
#23 Venezuela Rica 104
#24 Chile 105
#24 Philippines 105
#26 Singapore 120
#27 Inca Empire 122
#28 France 123


General rules

  1. 3 Digit Taiko World Cup is a 2v2 double-elimination tournament with teams of 5 players maximum.
  2. The teams will first go through a Qualifiers. The qualifiers results will determine your position in the first sets of double-elimination bracket (during the Round of 24 and Round of 16).
  3. Teams will be seeded by the Qualifiers results.
  4. The scoring system that will be used is ScoreV2.
  5. The tournament will hold a maximum of 32 countries for teams. If there aren't 32 teams by the end of the registrations, 16 teams will go through the qualifiers.
  6. Everyone who meets the rank restricted requirements is able to sign up. Any members of staff apart from organizer, mappool selector, and referee are allowed to play.
  7. Grand Finals will have a bracket reset if the team from the loser's bracket wins the first match.
  8. Players who are not in the rank range are allowed to register. However, if they are not within the rank range by the time the registration ends, their registration will be removed. However, when registrations close players are allowed to leave the rank range.
  9. After registration ends players are allowed to leave the rank range to any extent.
  10. All match schedules will be written in UTC



  1. During Qualifiers there will be multiple lobbies available at various hours.
  2. A private match will be created and teams will be invited into the lobby when it's their time. Make certain to be online at this time.
  3. There will be no warmups.
  4. Maps will be played twice in a row during the lobby. The best run will be taken into account for the ranking.
  5. If any participants show up late to a Qualifiers lobby, they may play the earlier maps with permission of the referee. Otherwise, their team will have to play the remaining maps on another lobby.
  6. Only two players from a team will be playing per map. There is no limitation on player swapping.
  7. Remember only the best 32/16 teams will go through the Qualifiers.
  8. If a team is seen playing more than twice the Qualifiers they will be immediately disqualified from the tournament. The best run will be calculated if playing each map twice.
  9. The match lobby will be created by the referee, and the team captains of both teams will be invited. The captain is then responsible for inviting the rest of their team. If the captain of a team is not online, the referee will invite any other player from that team, and that player will be responsible for inviting their team.

Knockout stages

  1. Teams have a strict 10 minute grace period to have at least 2 players available to play the match. If the limit has passed and a team does not have enough players to play the match, the other team will receive a win by default.
  2. At the start of the match, both captains roll. The roll winner picks first and bans second, and the roll loser bans first and picks second. What is more, rolls will occur after the warmups which order will be determined depending on each team side.
  3. Warmups will be allowed always as long as they do not last more than 3:00.
  4. Warmups are allowed to be skipped by each team if they want to.
  5. Players will have the lobby host so that they can pick the warmups they prefer to. After warmups end, host will be moved to the referee.
  6. It is allowed for players to not play with their full roster in warmups.
  7. Each team has to ban 1 map per match (apart from the Tiebreaker which cannot be banned).
  8. Teams have 2 minutes to ban a map; if they fail to ban in the allotted time, that ban is skipped.
  9. Teams have 2 minutes to select a map; if they fail to choose in the allotted time, the map choice will pass to the other team. This will have no effect on the order of picks afterwards.
  10. For FreeMod picks, at least 1 player from each team has to pick a mod, either Hidden or HardRock. Overmodding is allowed.
  11. The minimum combination of mods should always be followed.
  12. Mods allowed in FreeMods are: Hidden and HardRock.
  13. Players are allowed, but not required, to use mods on Tiebreaker map.
  14. The team that sums up the bigger score among the 4 players (two in each team) when the map comes to an end will be the winner of the map.
  15. Once the map choice is locked in, players will have 90-seconds to ready up. The referee will start the match when all players are ready. If the 90-second timer ends, the referee will force an !mp start 10 command, and the match will start with whoever is in the lobby.
  16. In case of a disconnection, as long as it happens before the first minute into the map, the referee must abort. In case a disconnection occurs way after the first minute then the disconnected player will be summed up with the score he/she had until that point. In case of not being able to sum it up, with the score favouring the other team, that team will win the point.

Mappool composition

  1. Qualifiers will have 2 NoMod maps, 1 Hidden map, 1 HardRock map, and 1 DoubleTime map.
  2. Round of 24, Round of 16, and Quarterfinals will have 5 NoMod maps, 2 Hidden maps, 2 HardRock maps, 2 DoubleTime maps, 3 FreeMod maps, and 1 Tiebreaker map.
  3. Semifinals, Finals, and Grand Finals will have 6 NoMod maps, 3 Hidden maps, 3 HardRock maps, 3 DoubleTime maps, 3 FreeMod maps, and 1 Tiebreaker map.