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Aus/NZ osu!standard Tournament 5 - Summer

ANZT 5S logo

The Aus/NZ osu!standard Tournament 5 - Summer (ANZT 5S) was a 1v1 double elimination osu! tournament hosted by Diony, Melt3dCheeze, EmeraldStar82, noctisv_v and Quite Cynical. It was the fifth instalment of the Aus/NZ tourneys.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Registration phase 2017-12-22/2018-01-21
Qualifiers 2018-01-26/2018-01-28
Round of 64 2018-02-02/2018-02-04
Round of 32, Losers Bracket Rounds 1 & 2 2018-02-09/2018-02-11
Round of 16, Losers Bracket Rounds 3 & 4 2018-02-16/2018-02-18
Quarterfinals, Losers Bracket Rounds 5 & 6 2018-02-23/2018-02-25
Semifinals, Losers Bracket Rounds 7 & 8 2018-03-02/2018-03-04
Finals week 1 2018-03-09/2018-03-11
Finals week 2 2018-03-17


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown 4 months of osu!supporter, unique profile badge
Silver crown 2 months of osu!supporter
Bronze crown 1 month of osu!supporter



This competition has come to an end and resulted in the following podium:

Placing Player
Gold crown Lunirs
Silver crown Blobby3000
Bronze crown TheOmyNomy


Finals week 2

Download the map pack here! (129 MB)

Finals week 1

Download the map pack here! (121 MB)

Semifinals & Losers Bracket Rounds 7 & 8

Download the map pack here! (117 MB)

Quarterfinals & Losers Bracket Rounds 5 & 6

Download the map pack here! (106 MB)

Round of 16 & Losers Bracket Rounds 3 & 4

Download the map pack here! (111 MB)

Round of 32 & Losers Bracket Rounds 1 & 2

Download the map pack here! (106 MB)

Round of 64

Download the map pack here! (99 MB)


Download the map pack here! (19 MB)

Match results

Main bracket

Results of the main bracket can be found on the Challonge page linked above.


Player Total Player Total Player Total
Noobsicle 3,739,471 Kooleyy 2,594,783 hieepN 1,968,412
Lunirs 3,457,504 Ezipie 2,560,847 FknRhythmGames 1,931,796
Blobby3000 3,401,484 smead 2,503,472 kobeblue 1,898,007
Mousiini 3,307,314 Kano 2,471,276 Prosal 1,822,210
Doginator 3,268,215 Athrun 2,405,741 Panzer911 1,742,809
GranDSenpai 3,234,433 Dumi 2,387,565 Feyyy 1,716,655
Ampharos 3,232,387 robo50211 2,373,184 HolyJesus 1,698,760
overcomplexifii 3,115,706 Kurume 2,345,589 PHzN 1,680,255
TheOmyNomy 3,095,541 ibrocky 2,313,679 owo 6821 1,675,811
Rivastyx 3,048,637 Elusive 2,291,940 Ayachi Meme 1,666,351
suffix wizard 2,998,500 Rik0 2,289,206 pewdekz 1,554,213
Jordan The Bear 2,919,404 killerfox123 2,267,533 proftroutington 1,523,916
aska 2,878,480 Illkryn 2,258,987 Kor3ry3-Kun 1,512,161
Drox- 2,783,913 Monk Gyatso 2,231,082 yay 1,220,883
TTG 2,723,686 Barhunga 2,184,927 PudIsTrash 720,513
Onyaga 2,716,867 Levidia 2,148,252 Xinks 708,732
Kukukoke 2,711,872 TCN 2,129,781 BranOtaku 583,931
Peekamoo 2,621,808 turretxbuddy 2,038,525 Beat43210 237,618
Morrowind 2,616,206 kuur0 2,010,812 Particlex 0


General rules

  • This is an 1v1 double elimination osu! tourney for Australian/New Zealand players only.
  • Participants must have an Australian or New Zealand flag on their osu profile.
  • Matches will be Head to Head with Score V2 as the scoring system.
  • Any harassment or abuse of a staff member or other players will result in an expulsion from the tournament.
  • If a problem occurs where rules are not clear, use common sense. Further questions can be directed to admins. Administration has final say regarding these situations.
  • In order for your registration to count, you must fill out the form, join the discord, and change your name to your osu username.
  • There is no rank limit for signup and all participants who sign up will play qualifiers. The top 64 players from qualifiers will move on to groups.
  • Staff members are not allowed to sign up. The only exceptions are streamers & commentators.
  • Reschedules must be agreed on by both players and proof must be provided.
  • All matches will be scheduled for Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays.

Match rules

  • Referees will create the lobby and invite players 10 minutes before the designated match time.
  • Players have up to ten minutes after their designated start time to move into the lobby. Failure to show will result in a forfeit. If both players are absent, the match will either be rescheduled or end in double forfeit to the discretion of the administration.
  • Both players must !roll. The highest roll gets first warmup, ban and pick.
  • Each player will be allowed one warmup map and one ban unless stated otherwise
  • Warmup maps may not be longer than 4 minutes 30 seconds.
  • If a player disconnects within the first 30 seconds of a map, it will be aborted and replayed. Any disconnects afterwards will be a forfeit of that map.
  • Disconnects may only occur once per match per player. It will count as a forfeit after the first time.
  • Players may not choose from the same mod pool twice in a row (HD/HR/DT/FreeMod). This does not apply to NoMod.
  • In a FreeMod pick, each player must select a mod (HD/HR/HDHR) or a combination of mods to play with. NoMod is not allowed.
  • Failed scores will only count if the player revives before the end. If a player fails and their opponent doesn’t, the point goes to the latter. If both players fail, the point goes to the higher failed score.
  • If there is a tie, players will play the tiebreaker. Mods can be played (HD/HR/HDHR).

Qualifier rules

  • Players will be assigned lobbies and play through four maps once. Each will be played with their respective mod (NoMod/HD/HR/DT).
  • There are no warmups for this stage.
  • Scores will be scaled accordingly. Failed scores will not count.
  • The top 64 players will move on to round of 64.

Round of 64 rules

  • There will be no warmups and one ban per player.

Winning conditions

Rounds Condition
Round of 32 & Losers Bracket Rounds 1 & 2 Win four maps (Best-of-7)
Round of 16 & Losers Bracket Rounds 3 & 4, Quarterfinals & Losers Bracket Rounds 5 & 6 Win five maps (Best-of-9)
Semi-finals & Losers Bracket Rounds 7 & 8 Win six maps (Best-of-11)
Finals - Week 1 & 2 Win seven maps (Best-of-13)