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osu! Tag Team Multiplayer Tournament

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The osu! Tag Team Multiplayer Tournament (oTTMT) was a 2v2 tag team based osu! tournament hosted by Gabi. It was the first instalment of the osu! Tag Team Multiplayer Tournament.

Tournament schedule

  • The osu! Tag Team Multiplayer Tournament started on 2009-06-12 and ended on 2009-09-06.


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown 6 months of osu!supporter, profile badge

oTTMT winner badge


The osu! Tag Team Multiplayer Tournament was run by various community members.

Position Member(s)
Manager Gabi
Referee Gabi, Daru, Larto, EEeee


Team Members
Does it matter? Gopice, livender
Less QQ more PEWPEW Sir Minelli, tobebuta
fagboat hawkzor, Lucidity
Mlekołaki CrazyBanana, skratch
huge cocks Rolled, foulcoon
Banchobag Lesjuh, Henkie
MINMIrox DeathxShinigami, Zatoichi
Mitizuma Inozuma, Mitano
Asskickers! SteRRuM, H1ko
peppyfangirlsamirite Rena-chan, Alurn
two noobs himydanny, x2652300
Fumoffu Dangaard, happy30
The Craweszoymators Celestral, Ten
Lubimy Ponczgi! Ryohan, Lef
Appelmoes Remco32, GladiOol
Let's rock Doomsday, Hanyuu
Allstar Alace, moonstar
Not Ready Starrodkirby86, Real1
100% Failure Leimilia, Strawberry-kun
Animalz D: niedz, WubWoofWolf
?! Derekku, strager
Untitled ignorethis, leimiliya
FOE Mafiamaster, Nharox

oTTMT bracket


This competition has come to an end and resulted in the following podium:

Placing Team
Gold crown Animalz D: ( niedz, WubWoofWolf)
Silver crown Lubimy Ponczgi! ( Ryohan, Lef)
Crown crown MINMIrox ( DeathxShinigami, Zatoichi)


Semifinals mappool was announced in the game room and thus was not revealed.


This mappool was announced and played during Finals.

Round 3

Round 2

Round 1

Match results


Sunday, 6 September 2009:

Team 1 Team 2
Lubimy Ponczgi! 1 3 Animalz D:


Team 1 Team 2
MINMIrox ? 3 Lubimy Ponczgi!

Round 3

Team 1 Team 2
fagboat 0 2 MINMIrox disqualified
two noobs 1 2 Lubimy Ponczgi!
Let's rock 1 2 Animalz D:

Round 2

Team 1 Team 2
Does it matter? 1 2 fagboat
huge cocks 0 2 MINMIrox disqualified
Asskickers! 0 2 two noobs
Fumoffu 1 2 Lubimy Ponczgi!
Let's rock 2 0 100% Failure
Animalz D: 2 1 Untitled

Round 1

Team 1 Team 2
Does it matter? 2 1 Less QQ more PEWPEW
fagboat 2 0 Mlekołaki
huge cocks 2 1 Banchobag
IITF 0 2 MINMIrox disqualified
Mitizuma 1 2 Asskickers!
peppyfangirlsamirite 0 2 two noobs
Fumoffu 2 0 The Craweszoymators disqualified
Lubimy Ponczgi! 2 0 Appelmoes
Let's rock 2 0 Allstar
Not Ready 1 2 100% Failure
Animalz D: 2 1 ?!
Untitled 2 1 FOE


Tournament rules

  • All beatmaps that will be played will be chosen by me and the judges and will be updated on the topic.
  • A "bundle" of different beatmaps will be updated on the topic every three days, or if all teams have finished their matches, it will be updated right after.
  • You need 2 players to be able to sign up your team (more info further down).
  • Each team needs to pick out 1 leader to inform and keep updated on maps and confirmation.
  • When the sign up's are over, all teams will be randomly picked to "battle" another team. You will know who your opponent is by looking at this post, which will be updated (more info on who you're going to battle will be updated on this topic everytime you have confirmed the results with me or a judge).
  • After your team has won, the 2 leaders from each team needs to either confirm it to a judge, or you need to take a screenshot of the winning team and show a judge so he can then confirm it to me.
  • The team can't have more then 2 players. you are NOT allowed to replace anyone after you have signed up with your team.
  • When battling another team, you need to have 2 players playing.

Your team and the team you are facing have a 7 day limit to finish your game.

Breaking any of these rules will lead to disqualification.

Furthermore, judges reserve the right to disqualify teams even if they do not break any of the above rules, and the judges finds reason do to so. So please, don't manipulate any loopholes you may find.

Tournament registration

Sign up Template:

Team Name:
Team Leader:
Time Zone:

Here is an example:

Team Name: Team Salladmix
Team Leader: Gabi
Members: Gabi and jon
Time Zone: (Gmt+1) (Gmt -5) we can play between Gmt 6pm-9pm

Please include the hours you can play on Weekends aswell.

Wildcard template:

If you like, you can sign up as a Wildcard. This means that you will be paired up with somebody at random, who also signed up as wildcard. If you have already signed up for wildcard but you then find someone else that you want to team with, please edit your post and MSG me on IRC or forums.


Example for Wildcard:

Name: Gabi
Timezone: Gmt+1

Match instructions

Mod settings for the match:

  • Play mode: osu!
  • Team Mode: Tag Team Vs
  • Win Condition: Score
  • 3 maps will be chosen to play out of the announced maps for that bracket, a team must win 2 of the 3 to advance.
  • A Judge must always be present.
  • No Easy, Half Time, Sudden Death, Relax or Spun out mods.

If both teams agree on difficulty-increasing mods, like Hidden or Flashlight, then they can be used, but only if both teams agree.