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Beatmap Spotlight Curators

The Beatmap Spotlight Curators (BSC) is a group that assists in selecting high-quality maps for each season of the Beatmap Spotlights. They are distinguished by their slate blue user group badge that reads BSC.

Becoming a curator

In most cases, new curators are suggested by the respective game mode team to fit a certain niche. Such suggestions are evaluated by the project managers, team leaders, and curators themselves.

In addition, there may be application cycles for certain game modes announced for certain seasons.

All applicants are assessed based on their proficiency as a player, mapper, modder, and tournament mappool selector for their respective game mode. Applicants do not need to be proficient in all of these things to be selected, but having broad experience helps. The goal is to have a roster of curators with a mix of various skill levels, experiences, and proficiencies. However, the number of curators is currently kept small and limited while the project is developing.


The Beatmap Spotlights project is run by various community members across all game modes, led by a dedicated project lead. The Beatmap Spotlight Curators group page lists all members.

Role Members
Project lead Venix
Project manager Crumpey

Dedicated curator teams assemble each Beatmap Spotlights release. Team leaders are marked in bold.

osu! curators

osu!taiko curators

osu!catch curators

osu!mania curators