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4 Digit osu!mania World Cup 4

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The 4 Digit osu!mania World Cup 4 (4DM4) was a worldwide country-based double-elimination 3v3 osu!mania 4-key tournament hosted by DannyPX, Orca-, and Polytetral. This was the fourth instalment of the 4 Digit osu!mania World Cup.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Registration phase 2021-11-20/2021-12-11
Screening phase 2021-12-12/2021-12-25
Team captain announcement 2021-12-18
Participating team announcement 2021-12-26
Qualifiers 2022-01-08/2022-01-09
Round of 32 2022-01-15/2022-01-16
Round of 16 2022-01-22/2022-01-23
Quarterfinals 2022-01-29/2022-01-30
Semifinals 2022-02-05/2022-02-06
Finals 2022-02-12/2022-02-13
Grand Finals 2022-02-19/2022-02-20


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown Unique profile badge, $35 for each team member
Silver crown $20 for each team member
Bronze crown $10 for each team member
4th-8th place 1 month of osu!supporter for each team member

4DM4 winner badge


The 4 Digit osu!mania World Cup 4 was run by various community members.


Country Members
Argentina menphiss, BL5, -Tebo-, DUELODER, Mateo12345, chwisuwu
Australia [ Decku ], FluffyGMD, fvrex, HD_AdreNaline, Maid Bnot, Nerd Guy
Belgium spamblock, shaafs, brug, flyerbram002, xXyarnuXx, hydreigon2004
Brazil Zergh, Maykee kee, terror67890, soutin, UltraBlack, MaxJunior
Canada [LS]Byte, acolyde, svp-, AmariaLove, Mystiik, twitch chat
Chile NewMaxsue, -Pauze-, [TMEO]Daichi, NifloX_, Aweonao_cL
Colombia xNett, [TK] Dante, ThrasherBoi, LuXur666, billabong89, RsebaS
Denmark hydrofurious, b2o0d1i6l, Stoom, Haveaffald, Nunkefaderen
Dominican Republic -Julio, Antalf, alex10500, Kaito-kun, [Antonio], Iwil
Ecuador -Guille, MatuB3, ZoockPeater, -Kokito, JostinC, [-Jona-]
Finland TelyTappy, [WP]Danitskin, CompactFish, D4SHI, Maffe
France Paturages, Gray Hardrock, Keskidi, Satsukel, BlackyDay, MisteurFR
Germany ERA medium kek, Tiger, cakeboss05, [LS]Punish, -SparklingCat-, Gtrafh
Guatemala CesarGS, Lewiss-, Yosuf, kelloaki, iSeraphine, MR acefrio
Hong Kong Ricizus, DreamChocolate, Netr0, NotXbxx, SackboyBrownie, sauceboyexe9
Indonesia Revv-, [ -Asriel- ], IkanMbak, denzeljr, Reihynn, KironoJr
Italy Bestfast, _Tom_01, EliteDreamer, SimoHero, xIceWolf, michxxx
Japan u8_sunflower, MSKFA kemi, Kazusa_T, gyoza_goki, milk369, syo73
Malaysia Auxesiaa, JayLye, [Break]LCJQ, [RGK]Cheoky29, SatioLightLL, KirinChibi
Mexico Hanamaru-, Herarudo, HectorAF01, [TK]Martin_22, -Yisus, [LS]rudify
Netherlands NightNarumi, samuelhklumpers, Freek, Ready Perfectly, spitskool, Saemitsu
Nicaragua KevinRJF, _ZaFkieL_, BiggestBlast, BlenkchL
Panama NukeW4rrior, [ Ender ], Endy05, GC2404, Merrit
Peru Kamikho, Miaurichesu, henryalexbr, Sp3ctro, ericcccc2, RoXaS3578
Philippines Lazereed, Frossno, CuB-03, Akatsumi Chan, Lordieee, EpicBaconBoi
Poland Mr_adamello, Eclipse-, Hlimak, Moskas, Zymasis39, Bexi
Russian Federation wolfpup08, Nikita3006, _Altair_, Illumnus, [LN]numuser, InkSys
Singapore awdse22, IcyFr05ty, Messica, sd3d, TheFunk
South Africa dsdsdd, p6yb, Cyrosu, Bladehunter
Spain game_maker26, Enthalpy, LittleDemonRiri, ShiroPeDeFresa, Kracohc, Froggie09
Sweden diamondBIaze, oliverq, Johnney101, Aizeia, NeonDrakon
Taiwan 2zi, [-NEinO-], blacktea12, Joylintp, Nobu150, Pdog4ni
Thailand shokoha, nanonbandusty, --Pavin--, iN0SleePz, FarmMyLife, C4P741N
Ukraine Shailexi, LonBertZend, Arstz, ADshush, Babylkaa, kondratio
United Arab Emirates drag_, iVALORUS, Testlng, JPBenedictGame
United Kingdom MaDD, H1Pur, Pluty, username1947, [LS]Taylor, Finibee
United States _Seth, Retina, StayHighKids, ERA Klarion, FullCombro, Imperialtrinity
Uruguay El Milanga, Xion-Z, not-koko
Venezuela Edvo, Doryoku, Shinsekai-, calvingarrix666, ArnaldoCasanova, JoseNoEsProBv
Vietnam Micleak, XN_The_XD, TheUltimateDex, Tree Palm, Thien-boiiii, quangminh1548


This competition has come to an end and resulted in the following podium:


Grand Finals




Round of 16

Round of 32


Match results

Grand Finals

Sunday, 20 February 2022:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Peru 3 7 Thailand #1
France 6 7 Thailand #1
Thailand 5 7 France #1


Saturday, 12 February 2022:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Brazil 5 7 Canada #1
Thailand 7 0 Philippines #1
Peru 2 7 France #1

Sunday, 13 February 2022:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Thailand 7 2 Canada #1


Saturday, 5 February 2022:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Malaysia 2 6 Canada #1
United States 5 6 Philippines #1
Vietnam 6 1 Indonesia #1
France 6 1 Thailand #1
Netherlands 3 6 Japan #1

Sunday, 6 February 2022:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Brazil 2 6 Peru #1
Vietnam 2 6 Canada #1
Japan 5 6 Philippines #1


Saturday, 29 January 2022:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Japan 6 3 Venezuela #1
Philippines 6 0 Mexico #1
Australia 3 6 Russian Federation #1
Thailand 6 3 Vietnam #1
Indonesia 6 2 Germany #1
Taiwan 1 6 Singapore #1
United Kingdom 6 2 Hong Kong #1
France 6 0 Malaysia #1
Poland 3 6 Spain #1
United States 1 6 Brazil #1
Netherlands 5 6 Peru #1
Canada 6 1 Sweden #1

Sunday, 30 January 2022:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Philippines 6 5 Russian Federation #1
Indonesia 6 1 United Kingdom #1
Spain 2 6 Japan #1
Canada 6 3 Singapore #1

Round of 16

Saturday, 22 January 2022:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Hong Kong 5 4 Chile #1
Malaysia 5 4 Philippines #1
Thailand 5 0 Japan #1
Vietnam 5 3 Poland #1
Indonesia 3 5 Peru #1
Germany 5 0 Finland #1
Venezuela 5 4 Belgium #1

Sunday, 23 January 2022:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Canada 0 5 Brazil #1
United States 5 2 Taiwan #1
Singapore 5 1 Denmark #1
France 5 1 Australia #1
Spain 5 0 Panama #1
Russian Federation 5 3 Argentina #1
Mexico 5 4 Italy #1
Sweden 5 0 Dominican Republic #1
Netherlands 5 4 United Kingdom #1

Round of 32

Saturday, 15 January 2022:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Malaysia 5 2 Chile #1
Indonesia 5 1 Argentina #1
Spain 0 5 Taiwan #1
Sweden 3 5 Japan #1
Singapore 3 5 Poland #1
United Kingdom 5 1 Mexico #1
Peru 5 2 Russian Federation #1
Canada 5 0 Belgium #1

Sunday, 16 January 2022:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Brazil 5 0 Venezuela #1
Thailand 5 0 Dominican Republic #1
Philippines 5 4 Hong Kong #1
Germany 3 5 Australia #1
Vietnam 5 1 Denmark #1
Netherlands 5 0 Italy #1
France 5 0 Finland #1
United States 5 0 Panama #1


  • More detailed qualifiers results can be accessed via the statistics spreadsheet
  • Average rank was determined by Σ(position earned when playing the Qualifiers mappool) / amount of maps played in the mappool
  • Ties in average rank were broken by total scores
  • Only the top 32 teams proceeded to the brackets
Seed Team Average rank
#1 United States 2.0
#2 France 3.2
#3 Thailand 7.0
#4 Netherlands 7.4
#5 Indonesia 9.6
#6 Vietnam 9.6
#7 Malaysia 11.0
#8 Canada 11.0
#9 Brazil 11.6
#10 Philippines 11.8
#11 Singapore 12.0
#12 Peru 14.0
#13 United Kingdom 14.6
#14 Sweden 14.8
#15 Germany 15.0
#16 Spain 15.6
#17 Taiwan 15.8
#18 Australia 16.2
#19 Japan 17.0
#20 Mexico 17.0
#21 Russian Federation 19.8
#22 Poland 21.2
#23 Hong Kong 21.8
#24 Venezuela 23.4
#25 Belgium 23.4
#26 Chile 25.2
#27 Denmark 25.4
#28 Argentina 25.4
#29 Italy 25.6
#30 Dominican Republic 26.6
#31 Finland 31.2
#32 Panama 31.6
#33 Ecuador 31.6
#34 Ukraine 31.8
#35 Guatemala 34.6
#36 United Arab Emirates 35.4
#37 Nicaragua 35.4
#38 Uruguay 35.6
#39 South Africa 38.8
#40 Colombia 40.0


4DM4 will attempt to closely follow the rules of the most recent osu!mania 4K World Cup.

Team formation

The country whose team you will play for is determined by the country whose flag is represented on your osu! profile.

  • A team captain will be picked by the hosts from each country's signup list based on a number of aspects. This decision is discrete and final.
  • The team captain will pick the members to play alongside them on their country's team. Team captains have full control over how they would like to pick their country's team. This can include holding tryouts, interviews, or just simply picking from the list of signups with no other input.
  • Teams will consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 members per team.


After teams are selected, the first weekend of tournament play will be the Qualifier Stage in order to cut down to a pre-decided number of teams to advance into the following stage, as well as to determine each team's seed (see Match procedures). There will be a total of five different qualifier maps, each meant to test a different skillset found in map pools throughout the tournament. The qualifier maps will follow this structure:

  • Stage 1: SV
  • Stage 2: Consistency
  • Stage 3: LN
  • Stage 4: Jumpstream/Speed
  • Stage 5: Tech/Hybrid

For the Qualifier Stage, each team will play these five maps in a scheduled lobby. Teams will present three players to play each map (switching which three play between maps is allowed), and will play each of the five qualifier maps up to two times in the lobby. Whichever team score was the highest per stage will be recorded. (For example, if a team scores 975000, 975000, 980000 on one round and then 980000, 985000, 970000 on the next round, the 2nd round will be the one recorded because the total team score was higher on the second round.)

Teams will be ranked based on the "score rating" of their qualifier performances, meaning that each teams' performance on each of the five qualifier maps will be compared to every other team by adding up the scores that each team achieves on these five maps. The teams will then be sorted based on their score rating from lowest to highest, where lower is better.

Teams that advance to the following stages will be seeded by the results of the Qualifier Stage.

Match procedures

After Qualifiers are over and every team has either gotten a seed or not qualified, the bracket will then begin. 4DM4 will use a standard Double Elimination bracket where the top-seeded team will face the bottom-seeded team, second highest will face second lowest, etc. Each team must lose two different matches to be eliminated from the tournament, which means that every team will get the chance to play at least two separate pools.

Matches will be played with the following rules:

  • Team captains will be notified of their match via ping on Discord by the referee of their match 30 minutes before the match is scheduled to commence. At this time, team captains shall give the link to one map they wish to play as warmup to the referee of their match. This map must be an osu!mania 4k map and must be no longer than 5 minutes. Referees may refuse a team's warmup map and demand another one from the team captain if it does not meet these guidelines or is found to be offensive. Failure to provide a warmup to the referee may result in the team skipping their warmup map.
  • Team captains will be invited to their match lobby by a referee no less than 5 minutes before the match is scheduled to commence. In the time before the match, team captains will invite and gather their teams into the lobby.
  • When both teams have 3 members present in the lobby, the match will commence starting with warmups.
  • After warmups, both team captains will !roll in the lobby chat. The captain who rolled lower will choose a map to ban from the FreeMod pool, and then the other captain will do the same, as well as be the first to pick a map to play from the FreeMod pool.
  • Teams will have 2 minutes to pick a beatmap and 2 minutes to get ready.
  • Each team will receive one tactical timeout of two minutes, to be used as extra time to pick or ban a beatmap. The tactical timeout may only be used by the team who has to pick and can also be used when getting ready.
  • If a tiebreaker map gets played, both teams may use their tactical timeout, but only one timeout can be given.
  • After each map concludes, the team with the highest team score on the map will be awarded one point. Picks will alternate between team captains until a winner is decided by being the first to get the required amount of points to win that round.
  • If team scores on a map are tied, no points will be awarded and the teams will play the map again.
  • In the Round of 32 and Round of 16, teams need to win 5 maps to win a match (best of 9). In the Quarterfinals and Semifinals, teams need to win 6 maps to win a match (best of 11). In the Finals and Grand Finals, teams need to win 7 maps to win the match (best of 13).
  • If both teams tie at match point, the tiebreaker map will be played, and the team who wins the tiebreaker map will win the match.

Additional Rules

The tournament hosts are responsible for scheduling all matches and informing players of when they are scheduled to play. If a team is unhappy with their scheduled time, they have the option to reschedule their match as late as the end of Thursday of the week before the weekend of their match. Instructions on how to do so will be provided in the Discord server.

Please note that while the organisers will try to schedule all matches for the best possible time for both teams, timezone conflicts may force some matches to occur in the early mornings or late nights.

  • If no referee is available to referee a match, the match shall be delayed.
  • If no streamers are available to broadcast the match, the match will still happen without being broadcasted.
  • If no commentators are available to commentate the match but broadcasters are available to broadcast the match, the match will still be broadcasted but without commentary.

Please note that certain matches may be unable to be broadcasted due to overlapping matches and/or lack of streamer availability. Priority will be given to non-rescheduled matches.

Each respective stage of the tournament is to be completed in a single weekend, using the same mappool for the entire weekend. Weekday matches are allowed if both team captains agree to them and they take place before the weekend of that scheduled stage. As mentioned before, mappools will be released roughly a week before the stage they are to be played on. The latest a map in a released mappool may be slightly updated (for example, to fixing a notable timing or snapping issue) by 23:59 UTC of the Monday after the mappool is released.

Tournament hosts have the right to revoke any signed player's eligibility to participate in the tournament due to an obvious excess of skill compared to the tournament's target demographic, or due to blacklist-worthy community offenses that may not see them screened out of the tournament in the screening phase.

Please note that tournament hosts will only enact restrictions of this calibre in the most extreme of scenarios for reasons seen as precautionary protection of the tournament's fairness to its players, as the hosts acknowledge that the reasons for doing this are inherently very subjective and broad.

Repeated and excessive toxic behavior towards any staff member, player, or spectator either in a multiplayer lobby, the official Discord server, or the official Twitch channel is strictly prohibited and will lead to, in successive order or with a few steps skipped at the host's discretion:

  1. Casual, undocumented warning
  2. Formal, documented warning
  3. Timeout of a player wherever necessary for a subjective amount of time. Players on timeout during tournament match will be disallowed to play during their match and must be swapped out for other players.
  4. Official ban from the tournament as well as a ban from the official Discord server and Twitch chat.

If one player on a team has their account restricted while participating in the tournament, for reasons of believed cheating, multiaccounting, or anything else, their entire team shall be disqualified from the tournament with no exceptions. Depending on the case, the team most recently defeated in a match by the newly disqualified team may be allowed to advance in this disqualified team's place. If this happens, the result of this former match will be voided.