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Mirai. Tournament 2020

Mirai2020 logo

The Mirai. Tournament 2020 (Mirai2020) is a worldwide double-eliminination 2v2 osu! tournament hosted by Mirai Subject. It is the fourth instalment of the Mirai. Tournament.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Registration phase 2020-04-06/2020-04-19
Qualifiers 2020-05-02
Round of 32 2020-05-08
Round of 16/Losers Round 1 & 2 2020-05-16
Quarterfinals/Losers Round 2 & 3 2020-05-22
Semifinals 2020-05-30
Finals week 1 2020-06-06
Finals week 2 2020-06-23


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown 4 months of osu!supporter per team member, unique profile badge (pending)
Silver crown 1 month of osu!supporter per team member


The Mirai. Tournament 2020 is run by various community members.


Team Members
8 min tech map poboi06, SirPinky, meapii, His
Airline Food Shawn -, NekoMeganG, Champs de ble, Pythia
Baeguette pauloreb28, Hyuras
Baka gang. Yote, Avenger284, DeathByDarwin
Bokeee elcho, Emiru Ikuno 3
FastButNotFurious Sirek, Hiterzajc
HappyHuskyBubbles MatthewBubbles, huskaii, onyo, Harpiness
How2NoMod -Flux, Ostiminum, das12344321, MylerMoss
LowAcc Players Eg2nD, ButterJelly
Makowy Milkowy, [LUX]Makushi
Nanahira Copypasta Synchyy, Coradi, SillySoon, Poke7z
Nice Nice Nice AntiButter, MonkeyyHug, xix
Norank MaMa <3 U Mangent, Dnwings, Muziyami, osu happy
Retirement Home Redavor, DerNettePanda, Endaris, Shovan
Rip OsumeWolf ErroTheCube, ISpiritI, stefgast13, Miles_Naismith
Rusty Cucumber RevRoadster, ShadowDrake77, Shrukaghn, ruruchewy
Salted_Fish lontom00126, WIFIxFTT, wanwan4343
Sotarks One Tricks Frostdogspd, matthiaslai
Team Sliderbreak ethangrieve1, tronald-, - cry -, Kiing
Tempe Darctuile, Mer C
The Meisa, Aupsie, de_end
Uprankers Sonic-, Loreal, DanielSiew, Kumaxione
WhamDabbFTW MeiFTW, Nambulance, Maki-kun, AO4ILukas
WorldWide Bootleg TheCL0VER, FlagFlayer
Your Average Team Isterix, Meramipop
bee movie 2 2 PM ME YUR MEMES, rhythm on osu
bruh moment TankoDen, eFrostBite, TMrex
cherry gum v4 steve04, DanX, ABKirito
im pepa gpig Nova Cobalt, fw8te, CrappySalami
kamiguozi Guozi on Osu, na-gi, - Rainbow -
shaky hand Fallen_HK, Himman, McFuddyDuddy, Player01
surprised_pikachu -Secured-, Pokeinfernape, 7heGh0st, Emfyr

Mirai2020 bracket


Grand Finals

Download the mappack here! (151 MB)


Download the mappack here! (124 MB)


Download the mappack here! (144 MB)


Download the mappack here! (136 MB)

Round of 16

Download the mappack here! (108 MB)

Round of 32

Download the mappack here! (101 MB)


Match results

Grand Finals

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Norank MaMa <3 U 7 3 Uprankers #1

Losers Finals

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Uprankers 0 -1 Salted_Fish win by default

Losers Round 7

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
surprised_pikachu 3 7 Salted_Fish #1

Losers Round 6

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
WhamDabbFTW 5 7 Salted_Fish #1
surprised_pikachu 7 6 Airline Food #1

Finals & Losers Round 5


Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Norank MaMa <3 U 7 2 Uprankers #1

Losers Round 5

Losers Round 5

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Baka gang 0 2 Airline Food #1
Retirement Home 3 6 Salted_Fish #1

Semifinals & Losers Round 4


Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Norank Mama <3 U 6 1 WhamDabbFTW #1
surprised_pikachu 5 6 Uprankers #1

Losers Round 4

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
cherry gum v4. -1 0 Baka gang. win by default
Airline Food 6 4 kamiguozi #1
Tempe 4 6 kamiguozi #1
Salted_Fish 6 3 shaky hand #1

Quarterfinals & Losers Round 3


Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Tempe 4 6 Uprankers #1
shaky hand 6 0 The #1
Airline Food 1 6 Norank MaMa <3 U #1
surprised_pikachu 6 3 Salted_Fish #1

Losers Round 3

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
kamiguozi 6 5 Rip OsumeWolf #1
Baka gang. 0 -1 bruh moment win by default
shaky hand 6 4 Rusty Cucumber #1
Retirement Home 6 3 How2NoMod #1

Round of 16 & Losers Round 2

Round of 16

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
shaky hand 0 5 Norank MaMa <3 U #1
How2NoMod 2 5 WhamDabbFTW #1
Airline Food 5 0 Makowy #1
Retirement Home 3 5 cherry gum v4 #1
Tempe 5 1 Bruh moment #1
kamiguozi 3 5 Salted_Fish #1
surprised_pikachu 5 0 Rip OsumeWolf #1
Uprankers 5 3 Baka gang. #1

Losers Round 2

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
How2NoMod 6 1 HappyHuskyBubbles #1
shaky hand 6 0 The #1
Baka gang. 6 5 8 min tech map #1
Retirement Home 6 1 Team Sliderbreak #1
Makowy 1 6 Rusty Cucumber #1
kamiguozi 6 2 Nanahira Copypasta #1
Bruh moment -1 0 Bokeee win by default
Rip OsumeWolf -1 0 Sotarks One Tricks win by default

Round of 32 & Losers Round 1

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
cherry gum v4 5 0 Worldwide bootleg #1
FastButNotFurious 1 5 Salted_Fish #1
shaky hand 0 -1 LowAcc Players win by default
Rip OsumeWolf 5 0 Your Average Team #1
surprised_pikachu 5 2 Team Sliderbreak #1
The 4 5 bruh moment #1
Tempe 5 0 Baeguette #1
How2NoMod 5 2 Nanahira Copypasta #1
8 min tech map 4 5 Makowy #1
Uprankers 5 4 bee movie 2 2 #1
Norank MaMa <3 U 0 -1 Bokeee win by default
kamiguozi 5 3 HappyHuskyBubbles #1
Retirement Home 5 0 Sotarks One Tricks #1
Baka gang. 5 3 Rusty Cucumber #1
WhamDabbFTW 5 0 Nice Nice Nice #1
Airline Food 5 0 im pepa gpig #1

Losers Round 1

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
bee movie 2 2 4 5 Rusty Cucumber #1
Sotarks One Tricks 0 -1 WorldWide Bootleg win by default
Team Sliderbreak 5 1 Your Average Team #1
Baeguette 3 5 The #1
im pepa gpig -1 0 8 min tech map win by default
LowAcc Players -1 0 Bokeee win by default
Nanahira Copypasta 0 -1 Nice Nice Nice win by default
HappyHuskyBubbles 0 -1 FastButNotFurious win by default


Seed Team
1 Airline Food
2 surprised_pikachu
3 Tempe
4 How2NoMod
5 Retirement Home
6 Uprankers
7 kamiguozi
8 shaky hand
9 Norank MaMa <3 U
10 FastButNotFurious
11 Baka gang.
12 cherry gum v4
13 WhamDabbFTW
14 The
15 Rip OsumeWolf
16 8 min tech map
17 Makowy
18 Your Average Team
19 bruh moment
20 Nice Nice Nice
21 WorldWide Bootleg
22 Rusty Cucumber
23 Salted_Fish
24 Bokeee
25 LowAcc Players
26 HappyHuskyBubbles
27 bee movie 2 2
28 Vanish
29 Nanahira Copypasta
30 Baeguette
31 Team Sliderbreak
32 im pepa gpig


The ruleset for this tournament is: Scorev2, Team VS in osu! standard.

Tournament rules

  1. The Discord server rules apply. Failure to comply will result in the disqualification of you and/or your team depending on the severity and the people involved.
  2. The rank range for this tournament is 105.000–45.000.
  3. If during this tournament you get derank under 105.000 or overrank above 45.000 you will not be allowed to play anymore in your team until you've deranked enough to be in range again.
  4. Grieving, trolling, and other actions that may hinder a match are prohibited.
  5. Sportsmanship is encouraged. Don’t be mean towards other players.
  6. Cheating is not allowed (obviously)
  7. Follow the instructions your assigned referee has given. For example: do not hop around in player slots and waste the referee's time.

Tournament registration

All the players are required to register on On the website, players login using their osu! account and connect it to their discord account. Once all the players of a team have joined the team captain can create the team on the website. The BWS rank verification of all the players takes place once the captain has finalized the team.

Another BWS rank verification takes place on the day of the sign up deadline to ensure all the players are within rank range.

If a player changes their osu! name during the course of the tournament, they only need to login to the website for the change to be propagated across the tournament's systems.

After the sign up deadline, a list of all the players will be sent to the osu! tournament staff for screening. Players that do not pass screening will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.

Stage instructions

The length for each stage is as follows, these include their respective Losers Rounds:

  • RO32 & RO16: BO9
  • QF and SF: BO11
  • (Grand) Finals: BO13

Match instructions

  1. The assigned referee will invite the team captain 10-15 minutes before the match starts
  2. The team captain will invite their teammates to the room.
  3. When the referee gives permission the team captains will !roll
  4. The team that rolls the highest gets to pick whether they want to ban first and pick first.
  5. Highest roller decides pick and ban order. They can choose if they want to pick and ban second if they want to.
  6. Players can choose to skip their warmup.
  7. In the rare event that both teams roll the same number, they will roll again.
  8. Each team gets to pick one warmup map. They can decide who or can use the roll results.

We have setup the following rules for warmup maps:

  • The warm-up map’s max star rating scales with that week’s Tiebreaker.
  • The warm-up map cannot be longer than 5 minutes.
  • The warm-up map cannot be picked if it’s constructed in such a way that it could hinder any team’s performance during the actual match (such as troll maps).
  • Pending or graveyarded maps are prohibited.
  • Loved, qualified, and ranked maps within the above criteria are allowed

After the warm-up, the banning phase starts.

If the highest roller chooses to ban first the procedure will be as follows:

  • High roll: 1 ban
  • Low roll: 2 bans
  • High roll: 1 ban

If the highest roller chooses to ban second it will be as follows:

  • Low roll: 1 ban
  • High roll: 2 bans
  • Low roll: 1 ban

Modpools cannot be fully banned. At least one map has to be available in each modpool

After the ban phase, the team will play maps with alternating picks until one team wins enough points to win a match.

  1. The tiebreaker cannot be picked in a normal game scenario.
  2. ForceMod maps are limited to: HD, HR, FL, EZ. You can stack these mods for a higher risk-higher reward scenario. With ForceMod at least one player has to pick a mod.
  3. If both of the teams draw the map, then that map will not be counted towards the final score. However, it will be recorded for statistical purposes.
  4. The tiebreaker is Free Mod, which means you can pick the mods from rule B or go NoMod

Rescheduling instructions

The schedule will be released 6 days in advance of the first match, usually the Monday before the weekend, on Google Calendar.

  • A reschedule will only be approved if submitted 24 hours in advance.
  • DM the team captain for the reschedule and figure out a new date and time with them
  • In the reschedule channel tag Deadpulse or Kristoffer09 with a screenshot of the conversation so they can update the schedule.