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UK osu!standard tournament!

OUKT 1 banner

The UK osu!standard tournament! (OUKT1) was a United Kingdom single elimination 1v1 osu! tournament hosted by PortalLife. It is the first iteration of the osu! UK Tournament (OUKT) series.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Signups Open 2013-11-11
Signups Close 2013-11-12
Round of 32 2013-12-07
Round of 16 2013-12-14
Quaterfinals 2013-12-21
Semifinals 2014-01-04
Finals 2014-01-11


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown 6 months of osu!supporter
Silver crown 4 months of osu!supporter


The OUKT1 was run by various community members

Position Member(s)
Organizer PortalLife
Mappool selector PortalLife, Doomsday, Starry-
Referee PortalLife, Rinnou Kouriri





Download the mappack here! (98 MB)


Download the mappack here! (149 MB)


Download the mappack here! (86 MB)

Round of 16

Download the mappack here! (114 MB)

Round of 32

Match schedules and results


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Grand Final

Player 1 Player 2
Doomsday 5 4 R a h a r u

3rd Place

Player 1 Player 2
Deathosaurus 1 5 ILikeMudkipz


Saturday, 4 January 2014

Player 1 Player 2 Notes
Doomsday 4 1 Deathosaurus
ILikeMudkipz 0 1 R a h a r u forfeit


Saturday, 21 December 2013

Player 1 Player 2 Notes
Doomsday 4 2 vidya
Deathosaurus 3 1 Starry- forfeit (physical problems)
ILikeMudkipz 4 2 Viremon
R a h a r u 4 2 PortalLife

Round of 16

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Player 1 Player 2 Notes
Doomsday 3 0 Raiku
destructor966 0 3 vidya
jesus1412 0 1 Deathosaurus forfeit
Starry- 3 1 [Transcendence]
ILikeMudkipz 1 0 Slvin forfeit
Cozzzy 2 3 Viremon
R a h a r u 1 0 Nyaristoru forfeit
Navi 2 3 PortalLife

Round of 32

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Player 1 Player 2 Notes
Doomsday 3 0 Zarfots
Raiku 3 1 Mahiro Yasaka
Charleyzard 0 1 destructor966 forfeit
vidya 3 0 Just miku
jesus1412 3 0 EzLyn
Deathosaurus 3 0 Aaruen
Starry- 1 0 3lliot forfeit
[Transcendence] 3 0 scouttt
ILikeMudkipz 1 0 ItzDom forfeit
Slvin 3 2 Snookie
Cozzzy 3 0 Yoishi
bubby963 0 1 Viremon forfeit
R a h a r u 3 0 Tekklorn
Kardet 2 3 Nyaristoru
Navi 3 0 Riari
PortalLife 3 1 Lusory


Tournament rules

  • This tournament is a single elimination 1v1 tournament. Lose once, you are out. Brackets have been determined by seeding via osu!TP. (There is one exception here, as someone took the place of a higher seed player.)
  • The tournaments shall have a map pool for each phase of the tournament. The next map pool in the tournament shall be announced following the end of the preceding round until the Finals. (no more matches)
  • Each map pool will have 6-8 no mod picks, 2 mod picks and 1 tiebreaker. The mod brackets shall be Hidden/Double Time/Hard Rock. Two maps for each.
  • Each player may only pick 1 map from each mod pool to try and encourage variety in the match. For example: P1 picks a HD map, he cant pick from the HD pool again. P2 may however pick a HD map.
  • Before the official start of the match using the map pools, each player may pick 1 warm up map of their choice — this can be any ranked/approved map. This does not count towards match score.
  • If one of the players fails to show, they will be given 10 minutes. They will then drop 1 game. If they fail to show within 20, they forfeit the match. If neither show, the match shall be postponed to make way for other matches that are ready to be played.
  • If a player disconnects from the game, a regame will be offered. Ragequitters/quits will forfeit that map. This is relating to genuine internet disconnects/cuts/failures.
  • RO32/RO16 will be best of 5. Quarterfinals, Semifinals will be best of 7. Finals will be best of 9.
  • Any unexpected happenings or events not covered by the rules shall be handled by the organizer at their discretion.

Match rules

  • The referee shall make the game and give it a appropriate title. First pick shall be decided by !roll, the highest roll wins. The pick order then will alternate back and forth between both players until a winner is declared.
  • The game mode shall be set to Team Vs.
  • The referee is not to participate in the actual playing of the beatmaps.
  • Players shall PM the referee with the beatmap they are picking from the map pool.
  • After the end of the match, the referee will post the title of the match and a link to the MP history of that lobby and the final match score.
  • Matches will be locked and invite only.

Scheduling info

  • Matches will be played on the weekend.
  • If you cannot play at the time posted for you, contact the organizer for a rearrangement.
  • Not showing to the match is subject to the rules outlined in Tournament Rules.
  • Each round schedule shall be released a week before the actual matches take place.
  • We are looking to complete each round on Saturday. If not possible due to availability, matches can be re arranged for Sunday.
  • In special cases, with the agreement of both players, matches can also be played before this during the week. If you have a strong reason, contact the organizer.