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Royal Danish osu!Cup 2018

RDOC 2018 logo

The Royal Danish osu!Cup 2018 (RDOC 2018) was a Danish 1v1 double-elimination osu! tournament hosted by Pennek, Gladand, and Crylizhy. It was the fourth instalment of the Royal Danish osu!Cup.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Registration phase 2018-08-13/2018-09-07
Live drawings 2018-09-09
Group stage 2018-09-15/2018-09-23
Round of 16 2018-09-29/2018-09-30
Quarterfinals 2018-10-06/2018-10-07
Semifinals 2018-10-13/2018-10-14
Finals 2018-10-20/2018-10-21
Grand Finals 2018-10-27/2018-10-28


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown Unique profile badge, 4 months of osu!supporter
Silver crown 2 months of osu!supporter
Bronze crown 1 month of osu!supporter

RDOC 2018 winner badge


The Royal Danish osu!Cup 2018 was run by various community members.

Position Member(s)
Manager Crylizhy, Gladand, Pennek
Mappool selector Pennek, Xilver
Referee Anderzs, ArgetShurtugal, Gladand, MASQQ, Micropose, Pennek, Tenaxzity, Ultraanus
Streamer Baskest, iamVill, waefwerf
Commentator Baskest, Gladand, iamVill, Power Supply, ravioli boi2004, Spork Lover, Tona, waefwerf
Designer Micro
Wiki editor Pennek
Donator Tropians




This competition has come to an end and resulted in the following podium:

Placing Player
Gold crown Spork Lover
Silver crown Cerkie
Bronze crown raser1234


Grand Finals




Round of 16

Group stage

Match results

Grand Finals

Saturday, 27 October 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
LB Spork Lover 7 4 raser1234

Sunday, 28 October 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
UB Spork Lover 7 5 Cerkie
UB Cerkie 2 7 Spork Lover


Saturday, 20 October 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
LB Spork Lover 6 3 Vandabe
LB Space Potato 0 6 Telomere

Sunday, 21 October 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
LB Spork Lover 6 4 Telomere
UB raser1234 0 6 Cerkie


Wednesday, 10 October 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
LB Telomere 6 0 Katachi

Thursday, 11 October 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
LB My Aim Zogs 6 1 eLLezH

Friday, 12 October 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
UB Space Potato 1 6 raser1234

Saturday, 13 October 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
UB Cerkie 6 2 Spork Lover
LB Vandabe 6 0 Pallerik
LB Zakura 0 6 waefwerf

Sunday, 14 October 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
LB My Aim Zogs 4 6 Vandabe
LB waefwerf 3 6 Telomere


Thursday, 4 October 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
LB waefwerf 6 0 Contaminate

Saturday, 6 October 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
UB My Aim Zogs 0 6 Space Potato
UB Vandabe 1 6 raser1234
UB Zakura 0 6 Spork Lover

Sunday, 7 October 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
UB Cerkie 6 3 Telomere
LB Boje 5 6 Pallerik
LB eLLezH 6 0 RipG
LB Katachi 6 2 Tona

Round of 16

Saturday, 29 September 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
UB Space Potato 5 2 waefwerf
UB My Aim Zogs 5 0 Contaminate
UB Vandabe 5 1 Katachi
UB Pallerik 0 5 Cerkie

Sunday, 30 September 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
UB Boje 1 5 Telomere
UB eLLezH 1 5 Spork Lover
UB raser1234 5 0 Tona
UB RipG 0 5 Zakura

Group stage

Saturday, 15 September 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
A Boje 4 0 ZestorTK
A Space Potato 4 0 ZestorTK
A seb2110 4 2 ZestorTK
A Space Potato 4 0 seb2110
A Boje 4 1 seb2110
A Boje 0 4 Space Potato
E eLLezH 4 1 Lemmen
E Vandabe 4 0 Lemmen
F [THEDUCK] 1 4 Katachi
F Spork Lover 4 0 Waven7
F Katachi 0 4 Spork Lover
F Waven7 4 1 [THEDUCK]
F Katachi 4 0 Waven7
F Spork Lover 4 0 [THEDUCK]

Sunday, 16 September 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
G RipG 4 3 Power Supply
G raser1234 4 0 RipG
G RipG 4 2 LeDoodeNiss
G LeDoodeNiss 0 4 raser1234
G Power Supply 4 0 LeDoodeNiss
G raser1234 4 0 Power Supply
E Kinety 4 0 Lemmen
H ravioli boi2004 0 4 Tona
H Zakura 4 0 Tona
H Tona 4 0 Ghost Krillin
H Ghost Krillin 4 0 Zakura
H ravioli boi2004 4 0 Ghost Krillin
H Zakura 4 0 ravioli boi2004
B waefwerf 4 0 Syncopate
B waefwerf 3 4 Telomere

Saturday, 22 September 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
B waefwerf 4 0 _Alex
C Pallerik 0 4 My Aim Zogs
E eLLezH 1 4 Vandabe
D Cerkie 4 0 Contaminate
D FeelDaTonneh 2 4 Cerkie-
E Kinety 2 4 eLLezH
D FeelDaTonneh 1 4 Contaminate

Sunday, 23 September 2018:

Group Player 1 Player 2
B Syncopate 4 0 _Alex
E Vandabe 4 0 Kinety
D Cerkie 4 0 Lucasion
B Telomere 4 0 _Alex
C StevenDANK 0 4 My Aim Zogs
B Telomere 4 1 Syncopate
C sanoJ 0 4 My Aim Zogs
C Pallerik 4 3 StevenDANK
C Pallerik 4 1 sanoJ
C StevenDANK 4 0 sanoJ
D Contaminate 4 2 Lucasion
D Lucasion 4 0 FeelDaTonneh


General rules

  1. Only users in the Kingdom of Denmark can enter. This is determined by the profile-flag on a player's userpage (Eg. a player with either of these flags is eligible to participate: , , )
  2. This tournament uses a double-elimination bracket and single-player format. There are no teams here.
  3. The score system used will be Score V2.
  4. To participate you must join the Discord for the duration of the tournament.
  5. Match schedule is decided by the organizers. Players may ask for a reschedule if the current schedule does not work for them. Every stage except Group stage will last one weekend. Group stage will be played over two weekends instead due to the relatively small staff-size.
  6. If there are no referees available, the match can be postponed.
  7. If both players get the same score on a Tiebreaker, the Tiebreaker will be replayed.
  8. Players have 15 minutes to show up to their scheduled match. If the opponent doesn't show up, the player who was supposed to play automatically advances onwards.
  9. If a player is found to be abusive or rude to other players in the tournament, they may be removed from the tournament at the hosts' discretion. This will never be done without talking to the parties involved. If conduct is bad enough, players may be blacklisted from future tournaments and reported to osu! moderation staff. Trashtalk is fine — harrasment is not.
  10. Any other rules changes or unexpected occurrences will be announced on the Discord server.

Stage regulations

  1. There are six stages to this tournament: Group Stage, Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Finals and Grand Finals.
  2. Groups are seeded into four tiers; top, high, low and bottom. This seeding is determined from the overall ranking of players at the start of the tournament. This means that only the 32 highest ranked players will be able to play in the tournament. All players that do not fit these criteria are placed into the fallback category as potential replacements if one of the 32 seeded players no-shows.
  3. If a player no-shows their first match in Group Stage they will be replaced by the highest ranked player in the fallback category. If a player no-shows in later matches they will forfeit the match.
  4. The win-condition for each stage is listed below:
    • Group Stage: Best of 7 (first to 4 points)
    • Round of 16: Best of 9 (first to 5 points)
    • Quarterfinals: Best of 11 (first to 6 points)
    • Semifinals: Best of 11 (first to 6 points)
    • Finals and Grand Finals: Best of 13 (first to 7 points)
  5. After the Group Stage, only the top 2 players from each group will advance to the next stage.
  6. In case of a tie in Group Stage, advancement will be based off a player's map wins and map losses. If the score is equal, the score of the match between the two players will be taken into account. Eg. Player A and player B both have 6 wins and 6 losses, but player A beat player B 3-2 --> Player A advances.
  7. In the Grand Finals the player from the Loser's Bracket must first beat the player from the Winner's Bracket to force a bracket-reset, before playing for the final win.

Match regulations

  1. A private lobby will be created for your match, and both players will be invited approx. 10 minutes before their appointed time.
  2. Each player can request one warmup map, but it must be below 4 minutes. (Does not apply to Group stage, as there are no warmups)
  3. After warmups each player will !roll:
    • The player who rolled the higher number bans first. The players will then alternate bans until all bans have been used. (High -> Low -> High -> Low)
    • The first person to pick will be the player who rolled the lower number. The players will then alternate picks. (Low -> High -> Low -> High -> ...)
  4. A player cannot ban a map from the same category twice.
  5. A player cannot pick the same mod twice in a row, with the exception of Nomod.
  6. In case of a tie, the tiebreaker will be played.
  7. When FreeMod is picked each player must use at least one mod. Allowed mods are: FL, HD, HR.
  8. If a player disconnects or experiences trouble within the first 15 seconds of a map, the referee must abort the match if notified of the issue. If anyone is found to abuse this rule, they will be banned from all future instances of the tournament.
  9. Results will be displayed on the Challonge bracket, and will be announced by the referee in the match lobby.

Mappool regulations

  1. There are different mappools for each stage of the tournament, becoming progressively harder.
  2. Tiebreakers will be played with FreeMod, but will not require a mod to be picked.
  3. The mappool will be announced every Sunday, and the categories are NoMod, Hidden, HardRock, DoubleTime, FreeMod and Tiebreaker.

Scheduling regulations

  1. Every stage is scheduled for the weekend.
  2. Matches are allowed to overlap if referees are available.
  3. Players must complete their match at the designated time or both players are eliminated.
  4. However if both players can come up with a better time than what we have scheduled for them, please inform the organizers for a reschedule. Organizers will rearrange the match if they are informed before Thursday of the week the match is to be played and a referee is available.