Distance snap

The distance snap tool icon

Distance snap is a beatmap editor tool which enforces proportional distance between hit objects during their placement. The distance between two objects depends on the time between them, the base slider velocity, and the spacing multiplier.

Distance snap is typically used to create visually balanced patterns, such as uniform streams, or jumps over equal distance. When applied frequently and consistently with little difference in spacing multiplier, it provides time-distance equality.


Distance snap can be toggled from the Compose tab by pressing Y, or — temporarily — by holding Alt (which may be more preferable, since the tool limits object placement to a circle of certain radius). The distance spacing multiplier may be changed by holding Alt and either using the mouse wheel, or by dragging the Distance Spacing slider in the top right corner. Additionally, holding down Shift after Alt and either scrolling the mouse wheel or dragging the slider in the top right will let you adjust the distance snap with two-digit precision.

The distance snap icon will turn red if the next object's position is going to be outside the playfield.