Beatmap editor

A screenshot of the editor's compose tab showing pishifat's Donor Song beatmap

For beatmap editor shortcuts, see: Shortcut key reference § Beatmap editor

The beatmap editor is osu!'s in-game graphical interface for creating beatmaps. Beatmapping is the act of creating beatmaps for osu!.

The beatmap editor is separated into four main sections which can be seen in the top-left corner of the editor:

  • Compose
  • Design
  • Timing
  • Song setup


Compose is where all hit objects and other gameplay-related elements are created. Most mappers spend more time in this tab than all of the others because of this.


Design offers a way to make storyboards, the visual effects that accompany beatmaps. Because storyboards often have complex effects warranting usage of many storyboard commands, mappers also use storyboard scripting directly without entering the design tab.


Timing manages timing sections of a song and controls a beatmap's hitsounds. This is essential since a beatmap needs correct timing and appropriate feedback to match the gameplay experience to the rhythm of a song.

Song setup

Song setup fills in a beatmap's metadata and other things universal to a beatmap. This includes the title of a song, the artist, the difficulty name, combo colours, etc.


Other components of the beatmap editor include:

  • AiMod: An automated system that reports problems in a beatmap
  • Beat snap divisor: Determines how objects snap to the timeline
  • Distance snap: The multiplier that affects how close or far hit objects are placed from each other
  • Kiai time: Special timing sections that help emphasise a part of a beatmap
  • Menu: Helps you navigate the beatmap editor
  • SB load: A number used to tell how demanding a storyboard is
  • Timelines: Displays placed hit objects, breaks, and more