Elite Nominators

Elite Nominators are members of the Beatmap Nominators and Nomination Assessment Team who have gone above and beyond the call in order to display an exceptional dedication towards the ranking process and the overall health of the mapping community by standing out as some of the best nominators of their times.

Elite Nominators are selected by the Nomination Assessment Team through multiple factors, including but not limited to:

  • Amount of nominations
  • Quality of nominated beatmaps
  • Quality of modding
  • Amount and severity of nomination resets received
  • Amount of quality assurance checks
  • Other notable contributions to the mapping community (such as tooling, community events, etc.)
  • Other qualities that make the nominator stand out from the rest

Starting from 7 February 2020, Elite Nominators are recognised through news posts and are awarded:

  • The "Elite Nominator" user title, which lasts for 1 year until the next wave of Elite Nominators or when the user leaves the Beatmap Nominators. In case a user is awarded the title again for consecutive years, the title increments by 1 ("Elite Nominator II", etc.).
  • An Elite Nominator profile badge, which is permanent.
    Elite Nominator badge Elite Nominator II badge

List of Elite Nominators


For the news post, see: Community Contributors: 2019

Name Game mode
Mordred osu!
Cheri osu!
Annabel osu!
bossandy osu!
Lasse osu!
komasy osu!taiko
Tyistiana osu!taiko
Jemzuu osu!catch
wonjae osu!catch
-MysticEyes osu!mania
_Kobii osu!mania


For the news post, see: Community Contributors: 2020

Name Game mode
Mordred osu!
Lasse osu!
Agatsu osu!
BaAR_Vendel osu!
Milan- osu!
Annabel osu!, osu!taiko
Raiden osu!taiko
Jemzuu osu!catch
Xinely osu!catch
Unpredictable osu!mania
Rivals_7 osu!mania


For the news post, see: Community Contributors 2021: Elite Nominators

Name Game mode
AJT osu!
Garden osu!
Hinsvar osu!
Luscent osu!
StarCastler osu!
UberFazz osu!
Zer0- osu!
Hivie osu!taiko
ikin5050 osu!taiko
Secre osu!catch
Nokashi osu!catch
Quenlla osu!mania
guden osu!mania
_Stan osu!mania
Murumoo osu!mania


For the news post, see: Community Contributors 2022: Elite Nominators

Name Game mode
Ryuusei Aika osu!
FuJu osu!
Mirash osu!
moonpoint osu!
fieryrage osu!
Hivie osu!taiko
meiqth osu!taiko
zerokt osu!catch
Secre osu!catch
Maxus osu!mania
gzdongsheng osu!mania
Akasha- osu!mania
secXcscX osu!mania


For the news post, see: Community Contributors 2023: Elite Nominators

Name Game mode
fieryrage osu!
FuJu osu!
Luscent osu!
nexusqi osu!
NeKroMan4ik osu!
Okoratu osu!
meiqth osu!taiko
arcpotato osu!taiko
op45667 osu!taiko
zerokt osu!catch
gzdongsheng osu!mania
Ilham osu!mania
Monoseul osu!mania
AWMRone osu!mania
Furryswan osu!mania
Protastic101 osu!mania