Users with unique titles

User titles are typically associated with user groups, but the users listed below were given their titles for other reasons. Most of the titles were rewards for contributions or achievements, with the remaining being tokens of iconic or funny osu! history.

Current World Cup title holders

Each year, winners of the official World Cups are bestowed with the osu!/osu!taiko/osu!catch/osu!mania Champion user title which lasts until the conclusion of the next corresponding World Cup iteration.

Winners of OWC 2023 with the osu! Champion user title:

Winners of TWC 2023 with the osu!taiko Champion user title:

Winners of CWC 2023 with the osu!catch Champion user title:

Winners of MWC 4K 2023 with the osu!mania 4K Champion user title:

Winners of MWC 7K 2024 with the osu!mania 7K Champion user title:

Previous World Cup title holders

Starting from November 2021, winners of past World Cups are retroactively awarded with the Former osu!/osu!taiko/osu!catch/osu!mania Champion user title. For players who have won multiple World Cups, they are given the title that corresponds with the latest World Cup iteration they achieved their victory on.

Winners of previous osu! World Cups with the Former osu! Champion user title:

Tournament Title Title holders
OWC #1 Former osu! Champion: #1 0222101916, Rucker, Tomoka Rin, Uan, ZRush
OWC #2 Former osu! Champion: #2 Remilia-Scarlet
OWC #3 Former osu! Champion: #3 [ Beatrice ], chocomint, KRZY, Reisen Udongein
OWC 2013 Former osu! Champion: 2013 CheEZ, Dungeon, ffury, Reimu-Desu, sayonara-bye, Shizuru-, Tengu, Vendemmia
OWC 2014 Former osu! Champion: 2014 Guy, Mercurius, Poruteri, Potofu, rrtyui, serea, Sinch
OWC 2015 Former osu! Champion: 2015 0120, Kitteh, Seouless, Xilver15, Zodiaack
OWC 2016 Former osu! Champion: 2016 Axarious, HappyStick, Mlaw, mniminwoo, Ritzeh
OWC 2017 Former osu! Champion: 2017 Astar, MrBoom, Piggey, Rafis, Wakson, WubWoofWolf, Wilchq
OWC 2018 Former osu! Champion: 2018 N/A
OWC 2019 Former osu! Champion: 2019 idke, t[-_-t], Toy
OWC 2020 Former osu! Champion: 2020 Apraxia, BTMC, kablaze
OWC 2021 Former osu! Champion: 2021 Aireu, Aricin, DigitalHypno, Exarch
OWC 2022 Former osu! Champion: 2022 decaten, im a fancy lad, Monko2k, Sawada, Utami

Winners of previous osu!taiko World Cups with the Former osu!taiko Champion user title:

Tournament Title Title holders
TWC 2011 Former osu!taiko Champion: #1 Numbers 596108, TW-KUMA01
TWC 2012 Former osu!taiko Champion: #2 -Asuke-, pota-row, TTTL
TWC #3 Former osu!taiko Champion: #3 -[ ix Ishida xi ]-, oiu850714, yikao, zx_baka_0502442
TWC 2014 Former osu!taiko Champion: 2014 NeGaTiVeMiNd, Orukaa, pagr42, reg, TKS
TWC 2015 Former osu!taiko Champion: 2015 _Rydan, 1RoHa_, cagalin
TWC 2016 Former osu!taiko Champion: 2016 coDMo2ooo, Pitapan
TWC 2017 Former osu!taiko Champion: 2017 _yu68, asuasu_yura, shinchikuhome, sobatsuyu
TWC 2018 Former osu!taiko Champion: 2018 _Rise, tasuke912, zkane2
TWC 2019 Former osu!taiko Champion: 2019 isobe, v2fax
TWC 2020 Former osu!taiko Champion: 2020 iceOC, kiyozi11
TWC 2021 Former osu!taiko Champion: 2021 N/A
TWC 2022 Former osu!taiko Champion: 2022 nameless_ll, syaron105, uone

Winners of previous osu!catch World Cups with the Former osu!catch Champion user title:

Tournament Title Title holders
CWC Former osu!catch Champion: #1 HineX, hy1hy1hy, joynama
CWC 2013 Former osu!catch Champion: 2013 eldnl, Dark Diego, DaxMasterix, lineqtxz
CWC 2014 Former osu!catch Champion: 2014 Kuzino, Last Bubble, snail_player
CWC 2015 Former osu!catch Champion: 2015 [224]Reol, Frobe
CWC 2016 Former osu!catch Champion: 2016 Callionet
CWC 2017 Former osu!catch Champion: 2017 ExGon, mjj741
CWC 2018 Former osu!catch Champion: 2018 - N a g i -, Crystal, Dusk, KagamineRin02, Kasumi, Sakurano Kurimu
CWC 2019 Former osu!catch Champion: 2019 N/A
CWC 2020 Former osu!catch Champion: 2020 Motion, Petit, Spectator
CWC 2021 Former osu!catch Champion: 2021 Abstract-
CWC 2022 Former osu!catch Champion: 2022 Byeol, Rocma

Winners of previous osu!mania World Cups with the Former osu!mania Champion user title:

Tournament Title Title holders
MWC 2014 (4K) Former osu!mania 4K Champion: 2014 Abcdullah, jhlee1033
MWC 2014 (7K) Former osu!mania 7K Champion: 2014 jhlee0133
MWC 4K 2015 Former osu!mania 4K Champion: 2015 Chrubble, EtienneXC, Halogen-, Shadow_SM, Solara, Zyph
MWC 7K 2016 Former osu!mania 7K Champion: 2016 4kGameBye, Basillisa, ljqandylee, KafuuChino, Sern888, SweetSoul
MWC 4K 2016 Former osu!mania 4K Champion: 2016 _GUMA_, w1sp
MWC 7K 2017 Former osu!mania 7K Champion: 2017 Cobo-, cr1sp
MWC 4K 2017 Former osu!mania 4K Champion: 2017 cheetose, Cobo-
MWC 7K 2018 Former osu!mania 7K Champion: 2018 ideu-, Kim_GodSSI
MWC 4K 2018 Former osu!mania 4K Champion: 2018 [ Special ]
MWC 7K 2019 Former osu!mania 7K Champion: 2019 Jakads, wonder5193
MWC 4K 2019 Former osu!mania 4K Champion: 2019 blueBloody, Kalkai, Transcendence, Yeoul, wonder5193
MWC 4K 2020 Former osu!mania 4K Champion: 2020 Guilhermeziat, Kyut, Punnies
MWC 4K 2021 Former osu!mania 4K Champion: 2021 Amerom, Lenn, LeMarcinho, Lothus, Orost, SillyFangirl
MWC 7K 2022 Former osu!mania 7K Champion: 2022 0133, Estonians
MWC 4K 2022 Former osu!mania 4K Champion: 2022 Flying Samira, gaesol, lianic, Poca, SuddenDeath, SnowScent
MWC 7K 2023 Former osu!mania 7K Champion: 2023 - Kura -, Arona, Berrii, bojii

Official mapping contest winners

Most official mapping contests offer the Elite Mapper title through contest points. Older contests rewarded the title as a first-place prize.

Elite Nominators

Main page: Elite Nominators

Since 2020, members of the Beatmap Nominators and Nomination Assessment Team with an exceptional display towards supporting the ranking system in a given year are rewarded with the Elite Nominator title. This title is given at the beginning of each year for contributions made during the last, and lasts for roughly a year or until the user leaves the team.

Aspire mapping contest winners

The Aspire mapping contests feature a special variation of the Elite Mapper title called Elite Mapper: Aspirant as a prize.

osu!remix contest winners

The osu!remix contests award the osu!mixer title as a first-place prize.

osu!trivium Quiz title holders

The osu!trivium Quiz contests award its winning team or individual the osu!trivium Champion title, which lasts for one year. These are the title holders for 2021:


The osu!musician title was awarded to users for their earlier contributions to osu!'s sound design and official themes.

Mascot design contest winners

The osu! team held art contests for community members to get a chance to design or redesign some of the game's mascots. Winners of these contests, as well as the people whose designs were ultimately used as official artwork, were awarded the osu!artist title.

Hall of Famers

These users were awarded the osu! Hall of Famer title for playing the game at the highest level and contributing back when the community was still young.

Elite Storyboarders

These storyboarders were awarded the Elite Storyboarder title for demonstrating exceptional storyboarding talent and impressing the community at large with their works.

See also: Completionists

These players were awarded their respective titles through either a crazy gameplay achievement or completion of a specific challenge.

User Title Achievement
-GN Champion Above Champions Scored the first NoMod FC on Shotgun Symphony+ [Impossibly Intense]
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE osu!completionist Played all Ranked osu! maps as of 15 March 2023
Jaye Drum Decimator Scored FCs on all Ranked osu!taiko maps as of 3 November 2019
Przegrany osu!completionist Played all Ranked osu! maps as of 11 August 2021
Shirotora_old Bested the Reaper's Game Awarded by awp in late 2008 for reaching rank #104 in 1 week, as a reference to The World Ends with You
xasuma The First Completionist Played all Ranked osu! maps as of 27 April 2019
Zetera Medal Hunter Was the first person to unlock the The Girl in the Forest medal
UberFazz Medal Hunter Was the first person to unlock the Internment medal
Tactic Prince of Disco Achieved the maximum possible score on Kenji Ninuma - DISCO★PRINCE for an unbeatable #1 leaderboard spot


These users were awarded their respective titles for having significantly contributed to or being an exemplary figure in their field of expertise.

User Title
Azer World Cup Organiser
Ballance osu!painter
Charles445 osu! Paragon
ChillierPear World Cup Organiser
Daru osu!painter
Deif osu!catch Paragon
Hivie osu!taiko Paragon
JBHyperion osu!catch Paragon
LastExceed Master of the Fade
LeoFLT World Cup Organiser
LuigiHann Resident Skinner
MillhioreF Pro Tester
nuudles iPhone Dev
OnosakiHito osu!taiko Paragon
pishifat osu! Paragon
PuffBuck Always Watching
RBRat3 osu!painter
Shoegazer osu!mania Paragon
statementreply Pro Tester


These users were awarded their respective titles for miscellanous reasons.

User Title
BanchoBot w00t p00t
Ephemeral Inland Empire
Loctav Popcorn Fairy
phill_old ¿
Toy Former osu! Champion: 2019 / Grilled Dodongo
Zallius Boats


  1. Mao was awarded with the Elite Mapper II title instead for having successfully earned the Elite Mapper title through two different means: winning the A Labour of Love contest and surpassing the 6-points threshold in the new Monthly Beatmapping Contest system. 

  2. Hivie and Secre were awarded with the Elite Nominator II title instead for having been named as Elite Nominators for two years in a row.  

  3. Charles445 was awarded with the Elite Mapper II: Aspirant title instead for having won both the Monthly Beatmapping Contest #1 and the Monthly Beatmapping Contest: Aspire (2014)

  4. BilliumMoto was awarded with the osu!mixer II title instead for having won both the osu!remix contest #1 and the A Labour of Love contest. 

  5. yf_bmp was awarded with the Elite Storyboarder II title instead for having already received the title due to outstanding contributions to the storyboarding scene, as well as having won the triangles Beatmapping Contest