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112's Summer Tournament 2020

112ST2020 banner

The 112's Summer Tournament 2020 (112ST2020) was a double-elimination 1v1 osu! tournament hosted by 112servis and Sibyl. The tournament was only allowed for Turkish-speaking users regardless of their country flags. It was the sixth instalment of 112's Tournaments series.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Registration phase 2020-06-30/2020-08-30
Qualifiers 2020-08-10/2020-08-17
Round of 32 2020-08-22/2020-08-25
Round of 16 2020-08-27/2020-08-30
Quarterfinals 2020-09-05/2020-09-07
Semifinals 2020-09-12/2020-09-15
Finals 2020-09-19/2020-09-23
Grand Finals 2020-09-26/2020-09-27


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown Unique profile badge, 4 months of osu!supporter
Silver crown 2 months of osu!supporter
Bronze crown 1 month of osu!supporter

112ST2020 winner badge


The 112's Summer Tournament 2020 was run by various community members.

Position Member(s)
Organizer 112servis, Sibyl
Mappool selector -Kemsyt, 112servis, Clara_uwu, Cyberia950, dqwed, Entry
Referee -Kemsyt, 112servis, Coderbora, Entry, Fanduil, Sibyl, Tsuda-
Streamer Cynesta, Sibyl
Commentator 112servis, Coderbora, Cynesta, Sibyl
Designer Sibyl
Website developer Coderbora, Sibyl
Statistician Coderbora
Wiki editor Zeus-


Ranking Player Qualifier points
#1 heyronii 3
#2 CutieDemon 4.55
#3 Raikouhou 6
#4 Ruushin 6.66
#5 Cynesta 7.55
#6 Mikatsu 8.88
#7 Nymphe 9.44
#8 sentez 10.66
#9 Chickes 11
#10 iblue 11.66
#11 LeBoum 11.77
#12 empirasu 12.11
#13 dragonsaga 12.66
#14 We0l 13.11
#15 emptypudding 13.66
#16 huckmen444 13.88
#17 Wixax 14.66
#18 AuroraSolaris 14.77
#19 mirayno 16.33
#20 TheEnd 16.44
#21 HakoFixed 19.88
#22 ElucidatorGG 21.22
#23 Belif0226 21.66
#24 Skellexon 21.77
#25 QuadroKiller 24.55
#26 cANITIN 25
#27 nitromehmet 25.55
#28 selimax 27.44


112ST2020 podium


Grand Finals




Round of 16

Round of 32


Match results

Grand Finals

Sunday, 27 September 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
heyronii 2 7 Raikouhou #1
heyronii 2 7 Raikouhou #1

Losers Round 5

Saturday, 26 September 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
Mikatsu 3 7 Raikouhou #1


Saturday, 19 September 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
heyronii 6 1 Mikatsu #1

Losers Round 4

Saturday, 19 September 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
CutieDemon 0 1 emptypudding win by default

Monday, 21 September 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
Cynesta 1 6 Raikouhou #1


Saturday, 12 September 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
CutieDemon 0 1 Mikatsu win by default

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
heyronii 6 3 Cynesta #1

Losers Round 3

Saturday, 12 September 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
Ruushin 0 1 LeBoum win by default
Chickes 0 1 emptypudding win by default


Saturday, 05 September 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
heyronii 5 0 Chickes #1
CutieDemon 5 2 Nymphe #1

Monday, 07 September 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
Ruushin 0 1 Cynesta win by default
Raikouhou 3 5 Mikatsu #1

Losers Round 2

Sunday, 06 September 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
LeBoum 5 0 We0l #1
empirasu 2 5 dragonsaga #1
sentez 5 0 huckmen444 #1

Monday, 07 September 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
iblue 4 5 emptypudding #1

Round of 16

Thursday, 27 August 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
Cynesta 5 1 empirasu #1

Saturday, 29 August 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
heyronii 5 1 huckmen444 #1
sentez 2 5 Chickes #1
Ruushin 5 0 dragonsaga #1
CutieDemon 5 0 emptypudding #1
Nymphe 5 3 iblue #1
Raikouhou 5 2 We0l #1

Sunday, 30 August 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
Mikatsu 5 2 LeBoum #1

Losers Round 1

Saturday, 29 August 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
nitromehmet 1 5 ElucidatorGG #1
selimax 0 1 HakoFixed win by default
cANITIN 0 1 Belif0226 win by default

Sunday, 30 August 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
QuadroKiller 0 1 Skellexon win by default
We0l 5 0 Skellexon #1
empirasu 5 2 AuroraSolaris #1
iblue 5 3 TheEnd #1
emptypudding 5 0 HakoFixed #1
sentez 5 3 mirayno #1
huckmen444 5 1 ElucidatorGG #1
LeBoum 1 0 Wixax win by default

Monday, 31 August 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
dragonsaga 5 0 Belif0226 #1

Round of 32

Saturday, 22 August 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
huckmen444 5 4 Wixax #1
Chickes 5 2 Skellexon #1
dragonsaga 5 1 TheEnd #1
Cynesta 1 0 selimax win by default
LeBoum 5 0 ElucidatorGG #1

Sunday, 23 August 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
empirasu 5 1 HakoFixed #1
emptypudding 5 0 AuroraSolaris #1
Nymphe 1 0 cANITIN win by default
iblue 5 1 Belif0226 #1
We0l 5 2 mirayno #1

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Player 1 Player 2 Match link
sentez 5 1 QuadroKiller #1
Mikatsu 1 0 nitromehmet win by default


Tournament rules

  1. 112’s Summer Tournament 2020 is an osu! tournament only allowed for Turkish-speaking players regardless of their profile flags.
  2. The tournament uses a qualifier into a double elimination bracket.
  3. The format of the tournament is planned as single-player versus setup.
  4. Beatmap scoring is based on Score V2.
  5. The beatmaps for each round will be announced by the map selectors in advance at least a week before the actual matches take place. Only these beatmaps will be used during the respective matches.
    • One beatmap will be a tiebreaker beatmap. This beatmap will only be played in case of a tie. The only exception to this is the Qualifiers pool.
  6. Match schedule will be decided by the tournament staff.
  7. In the event of a player disconnecting during the match due to connectivity or hardware difficulties;
    • If the disconnection occurs within 30 seconds after beatmap begin, the beatmap is replayed. If it occurs after 30 seconds, the score on the match link is valid.
    • The player will be given 10 minutes to reconnect. If the player fails to reconnect in 10 minutes, or frequently disconnects during the match and reconnecting takes too long, the player will be excluded from the match.
  8. Beatmaps cannot be reused in the same match.
  9. All players are supposed to be ready on time for the match. For the players unable to show up on time, match can be postponed for 10 minutes. If it exceeds, the specific player(s) will lose by default.
    • If both players are unable to attend, players will be blacklisted and the match will be postponed to a further date. Blacklisted player(s) will be eliminated if the same situation occurs twice.
  10. All players and referees must be treated with respect. Instructions of the referees and tournament Management are to be followed. Decisions labeled as final are not to be objected.
  11. Disrupting the match by foul play, picking inappropriate warmup beatmaps, insulting and provoking other players or referees, delaying the match or other deliberate inappropriate misbehavior is strictly prohibited.
  12. Players that are suspected of cheating during the tournament will be disqualified from the tournament.
  13. Tournament hosts hold the right to exclude any player from participating in the tournament at will.


  1. Every user interested in joining the tournament will sign up individually.
    • Any form of registration, other than the registration form provided in related channels, will be disregarded.
  2. Participants must join the Discord server for the duration of the tournament.
    • In order to join the tournament, users should type ?register in any channel in the server, then click the link provided by the bot in PMs.
  3. Excluding commentators and streamers, tournament staff cannot participate in the tournament.
  4. Upon the conclusion of registration period, the list of participants will be submitted to the osu! Support Team for screening. Participants that fail the screening procedure will not be able to participate in the tournament. Please refer to here for more information about tournament screening.
  5. All players eligible to participate in the tournament will be published after the Registration period ends.

Stage instructions

  1. In the Qualifier stage, each seed will have a specific pool designed by the map selectors.
  2. The pool will contain 4 brackets: NoMod, Hidden, HardRock, DoubleTime. There will not be a tiebreaker for this stage.
  3. Each of the Qualifier pools contain 9 maps. There will be 3 maps under the NoMod bracket and 2 map for the other mod brackets.
  4. No warm-ups will be entertained during this stage.
  5. Players will have to play the map pool once at a designated time.
  6. Players will have the option to choose the multiplayer room they wish to play. If a room happens to be too empty, remaining players will be navigated to the other rooms.
  7. Latecomers can be admitted to the room, but they have to commence playing from the part where the others are at.
  8. If no players will join the room, the match will be aborted. No points will be awarded to the absent players.
  9. First 32 players with the highest overall score will get through to Double Elimination stages. If there will be more participants than the predicted number, player(s) placed the last will be eliminated.
  10. During the Double Elimination stages, the winner moves to the next stage and the losing gets moved to the Losers bracket.
  11. Winning conditions:
    • The Round of 32 and Quarterfinals will be best of 9 (first player to 5 wins).
    • The Semifinals and Finals will be best of 11 (first player to 6 wins).
    • The Grand Finals will be best of 13 (first player to 7 wins).

Match instructions

  1. A referee will create a multiplayer room 15 minutes in advance. Players must gather during this period.
    • Room settings are osu!, Head To Head., Win Condition: 'ScoreV2'.
  2. Players can select up to two warm-up beatmaps that should not exceed 4 minutes. Players are free to not to pick a warm-up, but have to play if the opponent wants to.
  3. Each player must use !roll once in #multiplayer.
    • The player with the higher roll picks first.
    • The player with the lower roll bans first.
    • Each player will be given 2 minutes to decide upon picks or bans. If first player fails to provide an answer, other player takes the turn.
  4. Each player can only ban 1 beatmap for the whole tourney.
  5. Beatmap selection will alternate between each player selecting a beatmap out of the mappool.
  6. Players map pick freely from any mod pool.
    • In the case of a tie, the tiebreaker beatmap will be played.
  7. Match results will be published on the tournament website.

Mappool instructions

  1. There will be a new mappool for every stage.
  2. Each mappool consists of 5 brackets: NoMod, Hidden, HardRock, DoubleTime and FreeMod.
  3. Each mappool has a specific size depending on the stage.
    • The Round of 32 mappools will have 4 NoMod maps, 3 DoubleTime maps and 2 maps for each of the remaining mod brackets.
    • The Double Elimination stage mappools will have 5 NoMod maps, 3 maps for each of the remaining mod brackets.
  4. Each mappool has one tiebreaker.
  5. The NoFail mod may be selected on any map.
  6. The NoMod bracket will be played with no mods enabled at all (other than NoFail).
  7. The Hidden, HardRock and DoubleTime brackets will be played with the respective mod enabled by all players.
  8. The FreeMod bracket will have Free Mods enabled.
    • Possible mod choices are Hidden, HardRock and Hidden+HardRock.
  9. The tiebreaker will be played under FreeMod conditions.
    • When playing the tiebreaker, there are no mod requirements.

Scheduling instructions

  1. Match schedule will be planned in accordance with weekly schedule-planning forms.
  2. Matches will be scheduled and announced according to the Turkey Time (UTC+3).
  3. Players may ask for a reschedule upon agreement with the opponent(s) if the current schedule does not work for them.
  4. Reschedules will only be considered if both players agree to a time at least 24 hours before the first match in that particular stage.
    • If players wish to change the scheduled time within 24 hours until the match, they have to seek for an available referee for the rescheduled time. Participants cannot use this opportunity more than once.
  5. If it is certain that participant(s) is/are unavailable for the scheduled time, they are obliged to inform the tournament staff beforehand. This is required in order not to waste the time of staff and other participants.