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Taiko LMS: Shift Cup 2

TLMS:SC2 logo

The Taiko LMS: Shift Cup 2 (TLMS:SC2) was a worldwide 4v4 double-elimination osu!taiko tournament hosted by Backfire and Lno. Teams would gather a team of 4 (with the option of 2 back-ups) in a 4-on-4 knock-out style match. This was the second instalment of the Taiko Shift Cup and part of the Taiko LMS tournaments.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Registration phase 2020-03-28/2020-04-18
Live drawings 2020-04-19 (23:00 UTC)
Group stage 2020-04-25/2020-04-26
Round of 16 2020-05-02/2020-05-03
Quarterfinals 2020-05-09/2020-05-10
Semifinals 2020-05-16/2020-05-17
Finals 2020-05-23/2020-05-24
Grand Finals 2020-05-30/2020-05-31


Placing Prize
Gold crown Unique profile badge for each team member

TLMS:SC2 winner badge


The Taiko LMS: Shift Cup 2 was run by various community members.

Position Member(s)
Organizer Backfire, Lno
Mappool selector Backfire, Dayzeek, Lno
Referee Akali393394, Boaz, Catulus, Deroo, Element118, ITotallyGetThat, Kasumii-sama, Nurend
Streamer Deroo, Element118, ITotallyGetThat, Sayira
Commentator AuroraPhasmata, Beat43210, Catulus, Drecksackblase, Ethaaaan, frukoyurdakul, Heam, Raphalge, Vaf
Designer Micro
Statistician Kasumii-sama
Wiki editor fajar13k


Team Members
100% taiko juice night_flower, te2035, Don Omar, CaesarSalad99, BananaW, beary605
a BamgoeSN, Konpaku Sariel, oL0, POCARI SWEAT, Lamery, TWIL1GHT
abibibubibui frz, frukoyurdakul, jleste, janitore, HiroK, Xay
cloudfag's harem cloudfags, TwinT, Catgirl, bernard351, pestoszx, Den4ik228
Dancing Pallbearers apaajaboleh10, ketiduran, Aesa, Nishizumi, Naverlyn, Katdon_donKat
Easter Egg DemonWaves, Mokip, Chernobog, Madeline, kamaboko117, Ladybug
EuroGamers -Jaye D3kuu, Ikkun, AlvaroYL, goheegy, Mew, CreepyDuck
juju on that Beat43210 Beat43210, HoopWheat, ThatTaikoGuy, Obama Taichou, Ethaaaan, Shyguy
loli meme patrol Nozdormu, Vysha, Akonine, Voenkom, Naninub, Starger
Los Panas Gamelan4, Ulqui, Skull Kid, Coryn, Foxeru, Kyoumo
null gekiowata, izu_illya, 4sbet1, nuzojon, 4mehibiki, Quantom_osu
Pokochin Brothers Yoroiari, tamakagi2000, nyanmi-1828, Maeda, Maimaing, KuroKuroKuro
Remii and the E-Girls dad come back, Tsubasa2, r1chyy, acid
RJ is a furry cheese salad, R J, Whulf, Loopy542, ChurroChef, AuroraPhasmata
Syria Drecksackblase, quickvik, 3san, giyokon, BossPlays, X a v y
the bros 3 Genjuro, closed, Kqrth, i like trap, Horiizon
United Kingdom B Metzo, Teezel, Daniels, Moonwake, hammygames, _DUSK_
Where is JDrago1-13? Raphalge, Peaceful, JDrago14, coed, Colorojo12, LordEnder
Windjammers Sayira, [TaikoTori], Ak1o, Mikalodo, QEpicAce, Zetera
Yona and the Macacos Mikudayo, Yona, Berg, A-40, LZD, Lazarento
ヴぇ Six b0xes, syaron105, miki308, kvgyubh, konohahakase, remiria3150


Group Top seed High seed Mid seed Low seed
Group 1 ヴぇ a Syria Easter Egg
Group 2 Where is JDrago1-13? Pokochin Brothers 100% taiko juice the bros 3
Group 3 Dancing Pallbearers Los Panas Yona and the Macacos United Kingdom B
Group 4 null abibibubibui RJ is a furry cloudfag's harem
Group 5 EuroGamers -Jaye loli meme patrol juju on that Beat43210 Windjammers, Remii and the E-Girls


This competition has come to an end and resulted in the following podium:

Placing Team
Gold crown Where is JDrago1-13? ( Raphalge, Peaceful, JDrago14, coed, Colorojo12, LordEnder)
Silver crown abibibubibui ( frz, frukoyurdakul, jleste, janitore, HiroK, Xay)
Bronze crown EuroGamers -Jaye ( D3kuu, Ikkun, AlvaroYL, goheegy, Mew, CreepyDuck)


Grand Finals




Download the mappack here! (94 MB)

Round of 16

Download the mappack here! (90 MB)

Group stage

Download the mappack here! (133 MB)

Match results

Grand Finals

Saturday, 30 May 2020:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
abibibubibui 7 5 EuroGamers -Jaye #1

Sunday, 31 May 2020:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
abibibubibui 0 7 Where is JDrago1-13? #1


Saturday, 23 May 2020:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
null 0 7 abibibubibui #1
ヴぇ 6 7 Dancing Pallbearers #1
Where is JDrago1-13? 7 5 EuroGamers -Jaye #1

Sunday, 24 May 2020:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Dancing Pallbearers -1 0 abibibubibui win by default


Saturday, 16 May 2020:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
null 6 4 Pokochin Brothers #1
Dancing Pallbearers 1 6 Where is JDrago1-13? #1
RJ is a Furry 0 -1 a win by default
EuroGamers -Jaye 6 1 abibibubibui #1
Juju on that Beat43210 0 6 Los Panas #1

Sunday, 17 May 2020:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Yona and the Macacos 0 6 ヴぇ #1
null 6 2 RJ is a Furry #1
ヴぇ 6 3 Los Panas #1


Saturday, 9 May 2020:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Dancing Pallbearers 6 1 a #1
ヴぇ 2 6 abibibubibui #1
Los Panas 0 6 EuroGamers -Jaye #1
RJ is a Furry 0 -1 100% Taiko Juice win by default
Syria 3 6 juju on that Beat43210 #1

Sunday, 10 May 2020:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Pokochin Brothers 0 6 Where is JDrago1-13? #1
loli meme patrol 3 6 null #1
Windjammers 5 6 Yona and the Macacos #1

Round of 16

Saturday, 2 May 2020:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
juju on that Beat43210 0 5 Where is JDrago1-13? #1
loli meme patrol 3 5 Los Panas #1
100% taiko juice -1 0 abibibubibui win by default
Syria 1 5 Pokochin Brothers #1

Sunday, 3 May 2020:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
null 0 5 EuroGamers -Jaye #1
Yona and the Macacos 2 5 a #1
Windjammers 2 5 Dancing Pallbearers #1
RJ is a Furry 0 5 ヴぇ #1

Group stage

Saturday, 25 April 2020:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
ヴぇ 5 1 Syria #1
Where is JDrago1-13? 5 1 the bros 3 #1
Syria 3 5 a #1
Dancing Pallbearers 5 0 Yona and the Macacos #1
ヴぇ 5 0 Easter Egg #1
Where is JDrago1-13? 5 0 100% taiko juice #1
EuroGamers -Jaye 5 1 juju on that Beat #1, #2
juju on that Beat 3 5 fine lady meme patrol #1, #2
RJ is a furry 1 5 abibibubibui #1
RJ is a furry 5 0 cloudfag's harem #1
EuroGamers -Jaye 5 2 Windjammers #1
EuroGamers -Jaye 5 0 fine lady meme patrol #1
100% taiko juice 5 4 the bros 3 #1
Syria 5 0 Easter Egg #1
Yona and the Macacos 1 5 Los Panas #1
null 4 5 RJ is a Furry #1

Sunday, 26 April 2020:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Dancing Pallbearers 3 5 Los Panas #1
Remii and the E-Girls 1 5 fine lady meme patrol #1
Dancing Pallbearers 5 0 United Kingdom B #1
Windjammers 5 0 Remii and the E-Girls #1
the bros 3 0 5 Pokochin Brothers #1
null 5 1 cloudfag's harem #1
EuroGamers -Jaye 5 0 Remii and the E-Girls #1
Easter Egg 0 5 a #1
juju on that Beat43210 5 0 Remii and the E-Girls #1
ヴぇ 0 5 a #1
Where is JDrago1-13? 5 1 Pokochin Brothers #1
null 0 5 abibibubibui #1
juju on that Beat43210 2 5 Windjammers #1
Yona & the Macacos 5 1 United Kingdom B #1
abibibubibui 5 0 cloudfag's harem #1
Windjammers 3 5 fine lady meme patrol #1
United Kingdom B 1 5 Los Panas #1


General rules

  1. Taiko LMS: Shift Cup 2 is a 4v4 team tournament, with the aspects of knock-out rules, and double-elimination bracket.
  2. The maps for each round will be announced by the mapset selector in advance on the Sunday before the actual matches take place.
  3. Match schedule will be settled by the Tournament Management.
  4. If no staff or referee is available, the match will be postponed.
  5. Usage of the Visual Settings options are allowed.
  6. If the game ends in a draw, the tiebreaker will be played.
  7. If a player disconnects, their score is treated as being 0.
    • Unless the disconnected player has a screenshot with their final score, or the server saved their score before disconnection, so we can compare it to the others.
    • The second exception is when the player is disconnected in first ten seconds of a map. In that case, there will be a rematch. This may only occur once per map, and once per player.
  8. Maps cannot be reused in the same match unless the game was nullified.
  9. If less than 4 players attend, each Revives will be limited by 1 less, per the round.
  10. The Revive System functions are as follows:
    • Players can only revive other eliminated members of their team.
    • Players may not choose to revive themself if playing as the last member (1 vs 4, for example)
    • Players may swap freely between each other for each map
    • More information to the Revive system are in match instructions.
  11. Revives are always assigned to the active player.
    • During Group Stage and Round of 16, each team is given 1 Revives.
    • During Quarter Finals till Semifinals, each team is given 2 Revives.
    • During and after Finals each team is given 3 Revives.
      • If a player loses a map they are knocked out and cannot participate in the same match unless revived.
      • The player who is revived may not participate in the match on the same turn they are revived, except in the instance that the team waits to use their revives after all players have been eliminated.
      • Each player may only be revived once per match.
      • (Elimination Stages Only): Revives may only occur after that round's map has been chosen.
  12. Lag is not a valid reason to nullify a map.
  13. Unexpected incidents are handled by the tournament management.
  14. Any modification of these rules will be announced.
  15. Note that the players who get knocked out during a match is only gone temporarily, during the match. If their team advances, they can participate in the next match their team plays in.

Tournament registration

  1. Each team needs at least 4 players to participate.
    • The maximum size of a team is 6 players.
    • Teams are not bound to country and can include players from various countries. Schedules will give teams with single or close time zones higher priority over ones with several, spread-apart time zones (for example having a team with players from America, Europe and Asia will be low priority).
    • The team must name a captain who will represent the team.
    • Every player will be informed via PM about the team registration. Don't register teams without all players agreeing!
    • Teams are limited to only having 1 player from the Top 50, if they choose to pick one, and may pick freely from anyone else.
  2. The Tournament Team involved directly with the map pool may not participate as players in this tournament. This does not include referees, streamers and commentators.
  3. The maximum amount of teams is 32.
  4. For a team to sign up, they must use the Google Form located at the beginning of the forum post and adhere to all rules/guidelines.
  5. To ensure valid registrations, any registrations and changes will be checked.
  6. All successfully registered teams will be published once they have been confirmed with the captains.
  7. At the end of Registration, teams will be Seeded manually via a Panel of Unbiased Players/Staff Members, to decide how the Bracket will start (in Group Stage).

Match instructions

  1. A referee (or tournament manager) will create a multiplayer room 10 minutes in advance. Players must gather during this period.
    • The room will be locked. The password and multiplayer invite will be sent to the two captains as soon as possible.
    • Captains must specify the four members who will participate in the match before rolls. Team Size is 6, so choose 4, two must sit out. This is to ensure that teams have a back-up player, in case of emergency or sickness.
    • Room settings are Taiko, Team-Vs., Win Condition: 'Score V2'. Room name must be "TSC: TeamBlue vs TeamRed"
    • The team mentioned first in the room name must be the blue team, the team mentioned second in the room name must be the red team.
    • Blue team must occupy slot 1. Red team must occupy slot 2.
    • The setup at the start of the match must remain consistent throughout.
  2. Each team is allowed to select one warm-up map.
    • During Group Stage warm-ups must not exceed 4:00 minutes. In the following stages the warm-up can be up to 6 minutes long if both teams agree.
    • Offensive songs may be blocked by referees.
  3. Map selection will alternate between each captain selecting a map out of the map pool. Each captain must use !roll once in #multiplayer to determine which team selects and bans first. Roll winner may decide if they want to ban first and pick 2nd, or pick first and ban 2nd. Bans always happen before picks.
    • Each team is allowed to ban two maps out of the entire map pool with the exception of the tiebreaker, which cannot be banned. Each team has to use their bans.
  4. In case when one player lasts in both teams with no Revives remaining, the tiebreaker map must be played.
  5. Results will be published via the Statistics site.

Mappool instructions

  1. Each stage will receive its own mappool.
  2. Each mappool consists of 7 brackets: NoMod, Extra, Hidden, HardRock, DoubleTime, FreeMod, and Tiebreaker.
  3. Each mappool consists of 18 maps in total.
  4. Each mappool has one tiebreaker.
    • The tiebreaker will be played without mods activated.
    • In the freak event of a tie on the tiebreaker, the tiebreaker will be replayed under FreeMod conditions.
  5. The NoMod & Extra bracket will be played with no mods activated.
  6. The Hidden, HardRock, and DoubleTime bracket will be played with the respective mods activated.
  7. The FreeMod bracket will have FreeMod activated. The players can pick Hidden, HardRock or both. Players are required to play with a mod.
  8. The size of every mod bracket will be 3 across all stages of the tournament.
  9. The mappool will be released after the last match of the previous stage has been played.

Scheduling instructions

  1. Each stage will be held on a single weekend.
  2. Stages past RO16 may consist of multiple rounds for teams in Loser's Bracket.
  3. Scheduling will be handled by the Tournament Management. Schedules and mappools will be released on the Sunday before the first matches of the actual stage. The Tournament Management will try to create the schedule to respect the participant's time zone.
  4. Captains are responsible for their teams’ availability. The greater team size exists to ensure every team can provide at least three players for each match.