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Double Time (mod)

DT mod iconDouble Time (DT) mod icon

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See also: Nightcore (mod)


  • Abbreviation: DT
  • Type: Difficulty Increasing
  • Score Multiplier:
    • : 1.12x
    • : 1.12x
    • : 1.06x
    • : 1.00x
  • Default shortcut key: D
  • Caption: Zoooooooooom.
  • Compatible game modes:
  • Variant: Nightcore


Note: The method used to increase the speed does not increase the pitch of the song.

The Double Time mod is a game modifier that attempts to increase the difficulty of a beatmap by increasing their overall speed (BPM) by 150% (1.5x), reducing the length of the song by 33%, and increasing the approach rate (AR), overall difficulty (OD), and health (HP).

The Double Time mod is widely regarded as one of the best mods used for gaining large amounts of performance points on easier difficulties in osu!.


In osu!taiko, the hit leniency is greatly reduced when the Double Time mod is enabled due to osu!taiko's already strict overall difficulty along with its considerably more difficult-to-hit slider ticks. Because of this, the Double Time mod is widely regarded as the hardest mod in osu!taiko and is seldom used.


In osu!catch, there is no overall difficulty to increase. Thus this mod only increases the BPM and AR. As a result, it is only worth a 1.06x multiplier (as opposed to 1.12x multiplier for every other mod).

Although this mod does greatly increase the hyperdash leniency, making fruits require hyperdashes that are near impossible to catch in some cases.


  • When the Double Time mod is enabled, the Length, BPM, and Objects values are coloured in a light red with the new values. (Pictured below.)
    • The Objects value is coloured a light red even though no change in value is actually made.
  • The AR, OD, and HP values will have a superscript triangle next to their values indicate a small increase in their values. (Pictured below.)
  • The name "Double Time" could be labelled as a misnomer, as the DT mod does not actually increase the speed of a beatmap by two times (200%); it speeds up beatmaps by 1.5x (150%).

Changed valuesScreenshot of beatmap values being changed by the Double Time mod