Beatmap editor menu


File menuFile menu

Name Description
Clear All Notes (Ctrl + N) Remove all hit objects of the difficulty.
Open Difficulty... For Editing: Quickly switch between difficulties. For Reference: (osu!mania only) Overlay the selected difficulty over the currently opened one.
Save (Ctrl + S) Save current changes (both .osu and .osb)
Create a new Difficulty... Save the current changes as a new difficulty. The old difficulty is preserved to its last saved state when reloaded.
Revert to Saved (Ctrl + L) Return to the last saved state of the difficulty and storyboard.
Revert to Saved (Full) (Ctrl + Shift + L) Return to the last saved state of the difficulty and storyboard, and reload all files (sprites, sound samples, etc.).
Test Beatmap (F5) Test the difficulty, offering to save changes beforehand.
Open AiMod (Ctrl + Shift + A) Open AiMod.
Upload Beatmap... (Ctrl + Shift + U) Upload the beatmap to the Works In Progress forum.
Export Package... Export the beatmap as an .osz archive for self-distribution, and open the Exports folder that contains it.
Extract Map Package Extract an .osz2 beatmap into a temporary folder to override its files during modding.1
Import from... bms/bme: Open a .bms/.bme file to be imported as an osu!mania difficulty.
Open Song Folder Open the beatmap's folder, which contains relevant game files.
Open .osu in Notepad Open the file for the currently selected difficulty in MS Notepad.
Open .osb in Notepad Open the beatmap's storyboard file in MS Notepad.
Exit... (Esc) Exit the beatmap editor, suggesting to save recent changes beforehand.2


Edit menuEdit menu

Name Description
Undo (Ctrl + Z) Undo the last edit.
Redo (Ctrl + Y) Repeat the last edit.
Cut (Ctrl + X) Cut selected objects.
Copy (Ctrl + C) Copy selected objects.
Paste (Ctrl + V) Paste selected objects.
Delete (Delete) Delete selected objects.
Select All (Ctrl + A) Select all hit objects.
Clone (Ctrl + D) Copy selected objects and paste them one beat after the selection.
Reverse Selection (Ctrl + G) Reverses the direction of the sliders and reorders hit objects in time, making the last one the first and so on.
Flip Horizontally (Ctrl + H) Mirror the selection across the Y axis of the playfield (left and right).
Flip Vertically (Ctrl + J) Mirror the selection across the X axis of the playfield (up and down).
Rotate 90° Clockwise (Ctrl + >) Rotate the selection 90° to the right around the playfield centre.
Rotate 90° Anticlockwise (Ctrl + <) Rotate the selection 90° to the left around the playfield centre.
Rotate by... (Ctrl + Shift + R) Rotate the selection by a custom angle around the playfield or the selection centre.
Scale by... (Ctrl + Shift + S) Scale the selection by moving its objects further from the playfield or the selection centre, across one or more axes.
Reset selected objects' samples Remove hitsound additions from the selection.
Reset all samples Remove hitsound additions from all hit objects of the difficulty.
Reset combo colours Remove all combo colour overrides from all hit objects of the current difficulty.
Reset breaks Reset custom start/end times of all breaks, placing them next to surrounding hit objects.
Nudge Backward (J) Move the selection one tick backwards, based on the active beat snap divisor.
Nudge Forward (K) Move the selection one tick forwards, based on the active beat snap divisor.


View menuView menu

Name Description
Compose (F1) Change active tab to Compose.
Design (F2) Change active tab to Design.
Timing (F3) Change active tab to Timing.
Song Setup... (F4) Open the Song Setup window.
Timing Setup... (F6) Open the Timing and Control Points window.
Volume Adjust the volume level of music or hitsounds.
Grid Level (G) Adjust the coarseness of the playfield grid used for object snapping.
Show Video/Storyboard Toggle visibility of the background video and storyboard.
Dim Background Dim the background in test mode, making hit objects more visible.
Show Sample Name For osu!mania difficulties, show keysound samples' names attached to the notes.
Snaking sliders Sliders gradually snake out from their starting point.
Hit animations Animate hit objects as if being clicked during gameplay.
Follow points Display and animate follow points as if during gameplay.
Stacking Stack overlaid hit circles as if during gameplay.3


Main page: Compose

Compose menuCompose menu

Name Description
Snap Divisor Change the granularity of the beat snap divisor, displaying more or fewer ticks on the timeline.
Audio Rate Change the playback rate of the audio.
Grid Snapping (T) Toggle snapping of the hit objects to the playfield grid.
Create Polygon Circles... (Ctrl + Shift + D) Create a regular polygon consisting of several hit circles, using the active beat snap divisor for circle placement.
Convert slider to stream... Replace the body of a selected slider with a stream of hit circles. By object count: use a specified amount of hit circles. By distance snap: use the exact distance snap between hit circles.
Enable live mapping mode (Ctrl + Tab) Place osu!/osu!taiko hit circles, osu!catch fruits, or osu!mania notes with gameplay keybinds while the song is playing.4
Sample import Open the Sample import window for osu!mania difficulties.


Main page: Design

Design menuDesign menu

Name Description
Move all elements in time... Move all storyboard commands by a given amount of milliseconds.


Main page: Timing

Timing menuTiming menu

Name Description
Time Signature Select the time signature for the current timing point, between 4/4 (common) or 3/4 (waltz). For other time signatures, use the Timing Setup window.
Metronome Clicks Toggle ticking sounds of the metronome on the Timing tab.
Add Timing Section (Ctrl + P) Add a new uninherited (red) timing section.
Add Inheriting Section (Ctrl + Shift + P) Add a new inherited (green) timing section.
Reset Current Section Reset the BPM and offset of the current uninherited timing section for retiming. Saving the difficulty will delete these sections if unmodified.
Delete Timing Section (Ctrl + I) Delete the current timing section (both inherited and uninherited).
Resnap Current Section Resnap all hit objects in the current section according to the active beat snap divisor.
Timing Setup... (F6) Open the Timing and Control Points window.
Resnap All Notes Resnap all hit objects of the difficulty according to the active beat snap divisor.
Move all notes in time.. Move all hit objects by a given amount of milliseconds.
Recalculate Slider Lengths Automatically resnap5 all slider ends to the nearest timeline tick, potentially shortening them and requiring manual rechecking.
Delete All Timing Sections Remove all uninherited and inherited timing sections of the current difficulty.
Set Current Position as Preview Point Use the current timestamp as the preview point for the website and song select screen.


Web menuWeb menu

Name Description
This Beatmap's Information Page Open the beatmap info page on the osu! website.
This Beatmap's Thread Open the beatmap's forum thread.


Help menuHelp menu

Name Description
Show in-game help Show the help overlay with key bindings and short explanations.6
View FAQ... Open the Beatmapping wiki article.


  1. This action is disabled for regular osz beatmaps. 

  2. This action sometimes ignores changes made in the Design tab. 

  3. The stacking behaviour is controlled by the stack leniency setting of the difficulty. 

  4. osu!, osu!taiko, and osu!catch use the osu!taiko key bindings. 

  5. Useful if the BPM or slider velocity has been changed. 

  6. This action does not work anymore.