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osu! Catch the Beat World Cup 2014

CWC 2014 logo

The osu! Catch the Beat World Cup 2014 (CWC 2014) was a country-based osu!catch tournament hosted by the osu! team. It was the third instalment of the osu!catch World Cup.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Registration phase 2014-04-11/2014-04-20
Live drawings 2014-05-03 (14:00 UTC)
Group stage 2014-05-17
Round of 16 2014-05-24
Quarterfinals 2014-06-01
Semifinals 2014-06-08
Finals 2014-06-15


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown 6 months of osu!supporter, unique profile badge, osu! merchandise
Silver crown 3 months of osu!supporter
Bronze crown 1 month of osu!supporter

CWC 2014 winner badge


The osu! Catch the Beat World Cup 2014 was run by various community members.

Position Member(s)
Manager Loctav, p3n
Mappool selector CLSW, Deif, Drafura
Streamer peppy, shARPII
Commentator Ephemeral, Kitokofox, Loctav, -Ryuujii-
Statistician Marcin


Country Members
Argentina NightWar, Gundisalv, Litooo, musicguy007
Austria [ K a z u ], Raaban, xXMarcelXx, Zuyanta
Bolivia donjuan_217, brian_rqc, gakupoXD, Zen Youkai
Canada Kitokofox, Kitsunemimi, Sumaki
Chile disbanded
China Dusk, hy1hy1hy, Ibuki Suika, MisakaMikoto
Croatia Meikyuuiri Tsumi, Animewolf, TinTin
Denmark -Crab-, FlowHomie, jacoblemming12, TheCo0k1e
Estonia fanatik, KostjaSun, warstape
Finland YERTI, Mianki, MrSake, Static Noise Bird
France disbanded
Germany DeathXHunter, NoteKuroi, Nyan-Zapo
Hong Kong alienflybot, [_NaGI], HineX, longkitang, XXXZ
Indonesia Shurelia, - Rii -, _EliteYud_, Deceitful, Yoshida Haru-
Japan uppia, giru HD, Lafollia, Magiyu, rullu, sekirei
Malaysia -Rin, kho keng chung, QHideaki13, Rick--, Shadow Fear
Mexico Lostty, blacklotus, ChibiOzed
Netherlands Givralii, CakeAndBanana, Greaper, Nebux, wesley221
New Zealand IQ166, JakeCC, Nibble147
Norway Kiwikun, Azeidith, Hakkun, lanki33, Zerzxes
Peru disbanded
Philippines disbanded
Poland WujekGrzyb, Kosmit, Scorpionek, wampir
Singapore Accel, He Ang Erika, Kagayane, Otaku_MQ, Ridicule
South Korea Spectator, dae6254, Frobe, Kuzino, Last Bubble
Spain SK Eternal, Raimon, RAMONLINKK, Nokeru-Chan, sarkras
Sweden Yukiteru Amano, -Airi-, Negri_sk, Suzuki, Walterx8
Taiwan disqualified
Thailand boomngong, 0814587134, Nansugumi
United Kingdom destructor966, bubbz, Nanomight, DarkKanaki, Phlo10
United States Zak, -itsy_v2-, -Kurisu-, Minky, -Ryuuji-, TenguKing9
Uruguay Themaster155, quique95, S3B4, Truxxxton


Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H
Philippines Hong Kong Taiwan Austria Mexico Spain South Korea Argentina
United Kingdom Poland Netherlands France Denmark Peru Germany China
Thailand Chile Singapore Malaysia New Zealand Finland Canada Uruguay
United States Estonia Norway Japan Sweden Croatia Bolivia Indonesia

CWC 2014 bracket


This competition has come to an end and resulted in the following podium:


All mappools can be downloaded via this link! (1.05 GB)


Download the mappack here! (246 MB)


Download the mappack here! (205 MB)


Download the mappack here! (258 MB)

Round of 16

Download the mappack here! (178 MB)

Group stage

Download the mappack here! (186 MB)

Match results


Sunday, 15 June 2014:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Sweden 6 5 Japan #1
Germany 3 6 South Korea #1


Sunday, 8 June 2014:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Sweden 2 6 South Korea #1
Germany 6 1 Japan #1


Sunday, 1 June 2014:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Finland 4 5 Japan #1
South Korea 5 2 Indonesia #1
Sweden 5 4 Singapore #1
United States 1 5 Germany #1

Round of 16

Saturday, 24 May 2014:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
United Kingdom 0 5 Finland #1
Sweden 5 0 Malaysia #1
Spain 2 5 Singapore #1
Indonesia 5 0 Thailand #1
South Korea 5 1 Poland #1
Hong Kong 1 5 Germany #1
Japan 5 1 Mexico #1
United States 5 4 Uruguay #1

Group stage

Saturday, 17 May 2014:

Team 1 Team 2 Match link
Austria 0 4 Japan #1
South Korea 4 0 Bolivia #1
China 0 4 Uruguay win by default
Thailand 0 4 United States #1
United Kingdom 0 4 Thailand #1
Taiwan 4 2 Singapore #1
Argentina 0 4 Indonesia #1
Poland 4 0 Estonia #1
Denmark 0 4 Sweden #1
Netherlands 4 2 Norway #1
Germany 4 0 Bolivia win by default
Spain 4 0 Finland #1
Germany 4 1 Canada #1
Spain 4 0 Croatia #1
Mexico 1 4 Sweden #1
Argentina 0 4 Uruguay #1
United Kingdom 0 4 United States #1
Mexico 4 0 New Zealand #1
Canada 4 0 Bolivia win by default
South Korea 4 2 Germany #1
China 4 3 Indonesia #1
New Zealand 0 4 Sweden win by default
Malaysia 1 4 Japan #1
Denmark 0 0 New Zealand nullified
Taiwan 4 0 Netherlands #1
Indonesia 4 0 Uruguay #1
Hong Kong 4 3 Poland #1
Singapore 4 2 Norway #1
Taiwan 4 2 Norway #1
Austria 0 4 Malaysia #1
Argentina 0 4 Canada win by default
South Korea 4 0 Canada win by default
Finland 4 0 Croatia #1
Netherlands 1 4 Singapore #1
Mexico 4 0 Denmark win by default
Hong Kong 4 0 Estonia #1


Tournament rules

  1. The osu! Catch the Beat World Cup 2014 was a country-based 3v3 team tournament.
  2. The maps for each round will be announced by the mapset selector in advance on the Sunday before the actual matches take place. Only these will be used during the respective matches.
    • One map will be given as Tiebreaker map. This map will only be played in case of a tie.
    • There will also be a Hidden, HardRock, DoubleTime and FreeMod bracket.
  3. Match schedule will be settled by Tournament Management (see below).
  4. If no staff or referee is available, the match will be postponed.
  5. Failed player's score do not get added to the team score.
    • Reviving and surviving during a map gets consideres as passing it.
  6. Use of the Visual Settings options are allowed.
  7. If the game ends in a draw, the game will be nullified.
  8. If a player disconnects, they get treated as if they failed the map.
  9. Maps cannot be reused in the same match unless the game was nullified.
  10. If less than 3 players attend, the maximum time the match can be postponed is 10 minutes.
  11. Exchanging players during a match is allowed.
    • You may exchange only one player once per map.
  12. Lag is not a valid reason to nullify a map.
  13. In Group stage, 'Win by default' will be considered as win by 4:0, +1.0 score difference ratio.
  14. Unexpected incidences are handled by the tournament management.
  15. Any modification of these rules will be announced.

Tournament registration

  1. Your team needs at least 3 players to participate.
    • The maximum team size is 6.
    • You must specify a captain who will represent the team.
  2. Each team represents a nation. You must form a team with players from the same country.
  3. For team sign ups, fill out this form. Then, verify your registration by sending a PM to Loctav titled “CWC Registration”
    • Captains may change their setup by notifying the management.
    • You get a confirmation reply in case your registration successfully arrived. Your registration is in pending then.
  4. To ensure valid and serious registrations, any registration and change will be checked by the Tournament Management.
  5. The total amount of teams is 32.
    • Depending on the amount of registrations, the total amount might change.
  6. All successfully registered teams will be published after Registration Phase.
    • Captains will get notified in case their roster has been accepted or rejected.
  7. Mapset selectors may not participate as a player in this tournament.

Stage instructions

  1. In the first stage (Group Stage), the teams will be divided into 8 groups of 4 teams.
    • This might change according to the final amount of teams
  2. All the teams from each group will face each other.
  3. Rankings of each group are determined by sorting the results of each team's performance in the following priority:
    • Most matches won.
    • Have higher {(the number of maps won) - (the number of maps defeated)}.
    • Most maps won.
    • Have higher ∑{(total score difference) / (maximum score)}.
    • Winner of the rematch.
  4. The top 2 teams of each group will move on to the Knock-Out Stages.
  5. Following stages are Knock-Out Stages. This means that the winner moves to the next stage and the losing team gets kicked out of the tournament.
  6. Winning conditions:
    • In Group Stage, you need to win 4 maps to win a match. (Best-of-7)
    • In the Round of 16 and the Quarterfinals, you need to win 5 maps to win a match. (Best-of-9)
    • In Semifinals and Finals, you need to win 6 maps to win a match. (Best-of-11)

Match instructions

  1. A referee will create a multiplayer room 20 minutes in advance. Players must gather during this period.
    • The room will be locked. The password and multiplayer invite will be sent to the two captains as soon as possible.
    • Room settings are Catch the Beat, Team-Vs., Win Condition: 'Score'. Room name must be "CtB World Cup 2014: TeamBlue vs TeamRed"
    • The team mentioned first in the room name must be the blue team, the team mentioned second in the room name must be the red team.
  2. Players are free to select up to two warm-up maps.
  3. Map selection will alternate between each captain selecting a map out of the map pool. Each captain must use !roll once in #multiplayer to determine which team selects first.
    • The captains may select maps out of the NoMod and FreeMod bracket freely.
    • Selection out of mod-specific brackets is limited. Each captain may only select one map from each mod-restricted bracket during the match.
      • Selection out of FreeMod bracket is unlimited.
    • In case of a tie, the Tiebreaker map must be played.
  4. Results will be published via Statistics site.

Mappool instructions

  1. There will be 1 mappool for the Group Stage, 1 mappool for Round 16, 1 mappool for the Quarter-finals, 1 mappool for the Semi-finals and 1 mappool for the Finals.
  2. Each mappool consists of 5 brackets: NoMod, Hidden, HardRock, DoubleTime and FreeMod
  3. Each mappool consists of 23 maps in total.
  4. Each mappool has one Tiebreaker
  5. The NoMod bracket will be played with no modes activated.
  6. The Hidden, HardRock and DoubleTime bracket will be played with the respective modes activated.
  7. The FreeMod bracket will have FreeMod activated. Every individual player can pick Hidden, HardRock or no mod at all.
    • You can use more than one mod.
    • When playing a FreeMod map, at least one player of each team must have one mode activated.
  8. The Tiebreaker will be played under FreeMod conditions.
    • When playing the Tiebreaker, no one needs to have a mode activated.
  9. The size of the NoMod bracket will be:
    • 10 in Group Stage
    • 6 in Knock-Out Stages
  10. The size of the mod-specific brackets will be:
    • 3 in Group Stage
    • 4 in Knock-Out Stages

Scheduling instructions

  1. Each stage will be held on a single weekend
  2. Matches in Group Stage may overlap.
  3. All Knock-Out Stages will be held on either Saturday or Sunday (refer to Tournament Schedule).
  4. Scheduling will be handled by the Tournament Management. Schedules will be released on the Sunday before the first matches of the actual stage.(e.g. on the 4th May for Group Stage). Tournament Management will try to create the schedule to respect the participant's time zone.
  5. Captains are responsible for their teams availability. The greater team size exists to ensure every team can provide at least three players for each match. If teams can not provide three players for a match, the match will be considered forfeited.