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Everything related to your osu! account. Read below to find out if there's a suitable solution to your issue.


I've paid for a supporter tag, but still have not received it!

Depending on what payment service you used (PayPal or Xsolla), there may be a slight delay in the processing of your payment before it reaches us.

Usually, these issues resolve themselves within a few hours, and our systems will automatically apply your tag to your account.

If it has been over 24 hours and you still do not have your supporter tag, please email and let us know about your problem.

Make sure to include any receipts that you received during the process (PayPal transaction IDs, Xsolla receipts, etc) - these help us a lot in tracking down what happened to your payment!


What is "restricted" mode, exactly?

A person with a restricted account is temporarily or permanently prevented from interacting with the community in any meaningful way, including chatting, participating in multiplayer, and having their scores on leaderboards.

If your account has been restricted, you'll likely know why after a brief conversation with the support team.

In situations where we are absolutely assured that foul play or wrongdoing has taken place, we will ask you to wait out a period of three (3) months from the date of your last offence before we consider an appeal from you to let you back into the game.

Refer to Account Restrictions for more information on account restrictions and the appeal process.

Tournament bans

What is a tournament ban?

Tournament bans are as the name describes — a ban from participation in all officially supported tournaments.

Refer to the Tournament bans article for more information on the topic.


I've forgotten my username and password!

Please use the password recovery page to reclaim your account automatically, provided that you still have access to the email you registered with.

If this does not work for you (or you do not have access to your registration email), please send an email to our support team with as much information as you can think of to help us identify you as the owner of your account.

Good information to include in this email would be:

  • The email address that you registered the account on, or any other email the account has been associated with since
  • Any receipts for purchased osu!supporter tags or other items from the osu!store
  • The last date you can remember being able to access your account normally
  • Any other identifying information that you think could be helpful (excluding scores or replays, those do not help us very much!)

My account has been stolen!

Try using the password recovery page to see if your account's email is still valid.

If this succeeds, you will be able to reset your own password without the assistance of the support staff.

If this does not work for you, please send us a support ticket immediately to with as much identifying information as possible that will help us identify you as the owner of your account.

Emailing from your registration address is a huge bonus here, as well as any other information you can provide that only the holder of the account would know.

Please do not include replay or score data in your ticket — we cannot use this to verify your ownership of the account.

What is this 'Bancho authentication error' I keep receiving?

This typically happens when there are network issues between you and our servers.

There are a few things you can try to resolve this issue:

Have you entered your password correctly?

If you've forgotten what your password is, you can use the password recovery page to recover access to your account.

Are you using any proxy servers or VPNs?

Disabling these before attempting to connect again will likely fix your issue.

Some VPN providers and proxy servers simply do not work with osu! for whatever reason.

I'm still getting the error!

We'll need a network.log file from you to figure out what's going on if neither of the above solutions work.

For information on how to get a network.log file to send to us, see Help Centre § Log files.

Rarely, you might need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to inquire about these problems. Certain ISPs have historically had issues connecting to osu!, usually due to poor routing.

The website is telling me that I have tried to sign in too many times!

This is a temporary protection measure after repeated failures to access your account. Try signing in again after 10-20 minutes.

If this happens to you, simply wait for a while and try to sign in a little later.

A couple of hours, at the absolute maximum, will clear the status for most people and allow them to sign in again.

I'm not receiving any emails from osu!/I forgot my email address!

There might be an issue with your account's current email address.

If you remember your account's attached email address, or think you do, try visiting the Email section in account settings page to change your email address. Fill out the necessary fields and click Update when you're done.

If you have lost your account's password and are not receiving any password recovery emails, or you really cannot remember what email address you were using, please contact us at Any information you have about your account (your username, any screenshots that show you signed in to the client, past transactions through the store or supporter payments, etc.) will be helpful!

Lastly, we are aware that some providers do not accept automated emails from us. If you are using any of these providers, please contact us by email and we'll change your email address for you:


Name Changes

Can I change my account's username?

Yes, absolutely!

If you have purchased (or been gifted) a supporter tag at any point, you will be able to change your username once for free. This username change can be redeemed at the osu!store page.

At any point thereafter, you may purchase a username change to change your username to whatever you wish. However, each change will become progressively more expensive — the second will cost $8 USD, the third $16 USD, and so on, up to a cap of $100 USD. We do this to prevent people from abusing the system to change their names in rapid succession.

Please note that usernames must abide by our community rules in that they must not be broadly offensive to other users, overly provocative or otherwise inflammatory in any way. In addition, usernames that impersonate or assume the identity of major public figures (such as celebrities, politicians, etc.) are not allowed and will be forcefully reverted once we find out about them.

If you are only after minor capitalisation or grammar/spelling changes, you can email to request a free name change to fix these issues. We will not charge you for these sorts of name changes, but you MUST do them through a support email. Keep in mind we will only perform this a limited number of times, so make sure you really want it!

Can I take another player's username?

Yes, but only under certain circumstances.

If a player has not signed in for at least 6 months and has no plays, their username may be claimed via the osu!store player name change page for the standard fee associated with username changes.

If that player does have any plays across all game modes, a non-linear function is used to calculate how much extra time is added to those 6 months. This is to prevent people from stealing the usernames of active or recently retired players.

Also, usernames of players with ranked beatmaps or profile badges cannot be taken.

Is it possible to change my name back or revert to my old username?

Yes, but only under certain circumstances.

We grant free reverts for a user's direct previous username. Simply contact and request your name change be reverted.

Changes to any other previous names must be purchased via the store.

Username reverts are limited to one per year, so please consider carefully before requesting!

My username has been changed back/reverted!

We only force username reverts for usernames we deem inappropriate or abusive.

If you find your recent name change has been undone, it may be because the username you changed to was abusive, inappropriate, or considered offensive. We will not perform the change again even if requested, but if you purchased it at the osu!store, we will offer a free change to replace it.

If the change was done with the free change that comes with a supporter tag, we cannot offer to change it again.

Can I remove my previous usernames/delete username history?

Under certain circumstances.

Your profile will show all your previous purchased name changes, but we only selectively remove the ones that may be an issue for you. If one of your previous usernames breaches your privacy (for example, if it contains your legal name) or can lead to your privacy being breached (via other websites), contact to request it removed.

Other issues

Can I change the flag/country on my account profile?

Yes, under certain circumstances.

If you have been consistently connecting from a country that differs from your account's country over a long period, you will be prompted to change your account country in the account settings page.

Can I make more than one account?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot.

If we were to allow everybody to make and play on multiple accounts, the ranked scoreboards would be nearly worthless!

Other games encounter this issue a lot with what is commonly known as "smurfs" - accounts with low playtimes and totals that inflate the rankings and prevent other users from playing competitively.

In osu!, we are very much against users having multiple accounts, and we enforce a strict rule of only one account per person, ever. You get to play on the first account you ever registered with us, and that's it!

If you currently have more than one account, please contact to get things sorted out.

Is it possible to start over or have my account's statistics wiped?

Not at the moment.

We are considering extra 'score reset' purchases from the osu!store for the truly hardcore players who wish nothing but perfection in their stats, but as it currently stands, we cannot wipe an account's statistics for you.

This doesn't mean you can make a new account to do the same thing, either! Having multiple accounts is against the rules, and we will disable any such accounts that are brought to our attention.

Can I delete my account?

For more information on account deletion, see: osu! privacy policy § Your rights and control.
Caution: Account deletion is permanent, and therefore cannot be undone!

Yes, any user can request for their account to be deleted by sending an email to Keep in mind that deleting your account is final, meaning that it cannot be reversed or undone. Deleting your account does not mean you can create a new account, as having multiple accounts is against the rules. This means you will no longer be able to use any of osu!'s online features.

I no longer want to keep playing, but I don't want my account to be deleted!

Any user can request their account to be locked by sending an email to The account's associated password will then be scrambled and its email address blanked out, locking the user out of their account. There is a one-week cooldown after an account is locked in this manner before the user can request it unlocked in order to prevent abuse.

A locked account will remain publicly visible with no changes to information available on its profile.

To unlock the account again, send an email to, from the same email address used in the original account lock request, expressing your intent to unlock it.

This feature is not to be abused. Locking an account should be one of the last resorts for those players that don't want to leave osu! forever, but need dedicated time away from osu! for a legitimate reason.

You may lock yourself out of your account by changing your email and password to random words or letters you will never remember and logging out. This is essentially the same process as locking. Once you are ready to come back into the community, send an email to requesting a password reset. Make sure you use the email address previously used by your account.

Can I play on a computer that another osu! user has used before?

Yes, absolutely. This includes shared PCs like netcafes or PC bangs.

So long as you are playing on only your own account, you can play osu! anywhere!

If you are playing from a public place, make sure to keep a close eye on your account security. Shared computers are often prime targets for malicious software.

Can I get a list of all maps I've played or downloaded?

You can see all maps you've played on the website.

If you have an active supporter tag, you can see all maps you have submitted a score on by going to the beatmap list page, clicking More Search Options, then selecting the Played filter. Alternatively, you can access the filtered list of beatmaps directly.

Unfortunately, we do not keep track of all maps a user has downloaded, so it is impossible to get a list of them. The closest you could be to it would be using the aforementioned filter to recover at least the maps you've played before.