Handling foul play

Why am I restricted?

A user may get restricted if they do any of the following:

  • Continuous misbehaviour regardless of how many infringements they accumulate.
  • Circumventing a punishment by making a new account.
  • Sharing their account with other users.
  • Multi-accounting.
  • Hacking or cheating (see below).

What is considered multi-accounting?

Each user may only use one account. Creating new accounts is strictly forbidden. First offences will be punished with a silence of varying length depending on the number of accounts made. Users that continue creating new accounts despite previous warnings will be restricted.

What is considered cheating?

The rules state that any form of manipulation of the client such as score hacking, macro-enabled full-combo sequences, auto-aim and anything else that plays the game for the player is considered cheating.

This is a one-strike rule. Cheaters will be restricted on their first offence for an indefinite amount of time. The support team may decide to lift their restriction if they successfully appeal.

I have been restricted for cheating, but I didn't cheat!

osu! uses automated metrics combined with manual confirmation. If you don't know why you are restricted, contact

Prove that I/they were cheating! Tell us how you know!

The support team will not provide any "proof" regarding restrictions, but all are placed with well founded suspicion. Normal users are extremely unlikely to be targeted by such actions.

I'll make a video to prove my innocence!

Sorry, but if you have been restricted, the support team is already sure you are cheating. A video will not help, because even these can be also doctored.

I found someone who is definitely cheating. I can tell by their replay/score! What should I do?

Stay calm and don't discuss their plays in public chat. Don't give them undue attention or ask others to spectate them.
You should report the user and not mention them anywhere. There are three ways to do so.

User profile

This is the preferred way for reporting suspected foul play, as it provides the most information to the support team members.

On the user's profile, a Report button will appear when you click on the three dots next to the Message button. Write any information that can prove that the user is doing misbehaviour.

Take note of the selected game mode before reporting.

Beatmap page

This way of reporting is also as effective as using the profile page for voting, the reports go to the same endpoint.

In beatmap pages, you can report a user in the top leaderboards by clicking the Report button on the far right of their score.

In-game chat

This way of reporting is not encouraged because in-game reports are mostly chat related.

Use the !report command in any public channel to inform the chat moderators. Other players will not see your reports in chat.

Format: !report <username> <reason>
Example: !report this_user suspected cheating

Your help in spotting foul play is much appreciated. We review every report we receive, but that does not mean that all of them will lead to us taking action! You can also send an email directly to for a relatively fast response.

Is using specialized hardware considered as cheating?

Peripherals such as tablets and touchscreens are fine. Anything which decreases the skill required to play (e.g. using fidget spinners on a tablet) or cancels/defeats the effect of the game modifiers are not. This means that using multiple PCs, input splitters or anything of that kind is considered a no-no.

How can I appeal my restriction?

Wait three months after the latest issued restriction before appealing. Address your emails to and use a subject of Restriction Appeal: <username>

The support team expects users to give a full history of their actions and give reasons why they won't be reoffending in the future.

It might take time for us to reply to your appeal, but no appeals will be ignored.

What can I do if I've broken the rules?

If you've broken the rules and you'd like to come clean, please contact and explain what you've done. Honesty is very much appreciated and this will likely not result in a permanent punishment.

How can I avoid being silenced or restricted?

Carefully read and follow the rules.